Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Hai RAABTA (chapter 5)

The scene starts at the hospital where Deep is taken care by Arohi. They have a long friendly chat and both fall into laughter.

Arohi: enough of talking and laughing…now it’s your time to take these medicines, once u consume them u are going to be fine in no time.( She gives him water and medicine)

Deep: Arohi, tell me why are u doing all this.

Arohi: u yourself told me that we are friends. So as a friend I can at least take care of u.( She smiles and turns )

Arohi ( thinking) : bhaiyya,what a game plan….
She reminisces bhaiyya calling her and informing her about Deep’s accident before she arrived to the hospital.

Bhaiyya: listen, Arohi I feel that Deep’s accident is done intentionally by someone or it may be Deep himself.

Arohi: how can u be so sure?

Bhaiyya: I was traveling by the same road and Deep’s car didn’t face any damages even though it seemed that the car had hit the tree pretty roughly.

Arohi: what do u mean ?

Bhaiyya: someone wants to scare u or gain ur sympathy…. Think for once, he used to say he thinks about Tara most of the time and spent his childhood with her. But since u came in his life he forgot about Tara. Isn’t that strange. Moreover over he is always behind u …..u know what, I think he has a doubt on u .

Arohi: oh ,thanks for informing me bhaiyya but now I am going to go with the flow and show sympathy, shed some tears and take care of him. This way he will sure be fall in my trap. Then I can make him vomit out the truth.

Bhaiyya: what ever u do , be careful ….and I forgot to inform u about the picture of the prescription of the medicine u sent me yesterday. Arohi, that medicine had been banned ever since it’s side effects were known.

Arohi: I think I might know who is behind all this.

Bhaiyaa: who?

Arohi: Dr bhandari , he is the family doctor of this house and I am sure he is giving those tablets to momji..

Bhaiyaa: oh….anyways, remember to take care of yourself Arohi and call me if u need any help.

Arohi: thanks bhaiyya, bye.


Later Arohi takes Deep home in the evening. She makes Deep lie on bed and applies homemade ointment on his leg.

Deep: what are u doing Arohi? What’s this?

Arohi: applying my special homemade ointment on your leg so that the pain reduces.

Deep: u don’t need to do all this…. already u are doing a big favor on me and my family.

Arohi:I agree but I can’t see anyone like this. Oh which reminds me I have to go to mom ji and give her meds.( She leaves )

Deep: Ms Arohi, until how long will u run away from me… This is just the starting, and very soon u are going to be mine ….only mine. ( He calls someone)

Man: your work will be done…

Deep: ok …make sure no one knows about this. ( He smirks sarcastically)

Meanwhile Arohi reaches Roma’s room when she hears something from outside the room and gets worried. Maya and prithvi discuss about Deep’s accident .

Maya: prithvi, I am telling u that girl Arohi is up to something…

Prithvi: I am still not understanding how did she reach the hospital before us.

Maya( remembering something): oh… Do u remember that girl on motorcycle, I think she was Arohi.

Prithvi: ya maybe u are right..( Arohi hears that and gets tensed . Before they could say anything more , Arohi enters Roma’s room)

Arohi: mom, here is the water and your medicines. Pls have th…( She looks at the room and finds only prithvi and Maya sitting)

Arohi: where is mom ?

Maya: she’s in the hall.

Arohi: thanks Maya mausi.( Arohi leaves)

Arohi: this game is getting way more complicated and confusing day by day…first Deep, then Dr bhandari , and now Maya and prithvi….oh God pls help me . She goes to Roma and gives her medicines and leaves.

Later at night Arohi comes to her room and sees Deep reading a magazine. She goes to washroom and changes and comes out wearing a blue nightgown. Deep keeps staring at her as she comps her hair from a mirror. Arohi then comes to Deep and asks him to sleep on bed and she will sleep on sofa.
Deep: I can’t let u sleep on sofa when I am sleeping in bed…u can also sleep on bed . I will keep pillows between us.

Arohi: but…

Deep: no buts, u will sleep on bed and that’s final.( Arohi reluctantly agrees)

Arohi: oh I forgot to give u your medicines. ( She goes and brings water for him and sees him sleeping.)

Arohi keeps standing with meds and she keeps the glass of water on the side table.
Arohi feels tired and sits on the floor and sleeps with her head on the edge of the bed. Deep then wakes up and walks towards Arohi and picks her in his arms and
Lays her on her side of the bed.
He then lays next to Arohi and gets mesmerized seeing her beauty while she is sleeping.

Deep: u know Arohi, u have striking looks…and your behavior and caring nature can make anyone can fall on their knees. . Tara was not even close to u, I was suffocated in that relationship which was very demanding. I do agree Tara was a nice and would be ready to do anything for me …but she didn’t have that spark that I see in ur eyes . Look at u… even though u said that u don’t trust any stranger, still u are doing a lot for us. Day by day, I am falling for u and I can’t control myself from making u mine…( He comes close to Arohi and kisses her on her forehead and slowly moves her hair aside and comes close but then stops…

Deep: no…. first I have to make u Mrs Arohi Deep Raichand and then I can proceed. He holds her hand when suddenly Arohi hits him with her fist ✊.

Arohi( pretending to be dreaming): I will not leave u goons, u were going to touch me right , now see how I make u touch the dirt on the ground with your nose. She starts to hit Deep and eventually kicks him out of the bed and he falls down .

Deep( shouting ): Aah… My back.( Arohi pretends to be waking up from sleep,)

Arohi: Deep, what happened why are u sleeping on the floor?

Deep: I wasn’t but u made me lies on floor and my back is hurting.

Arohi ( quickly helping Deep to stand): I am so sorry Deep, I didn’t mean to. That’s why I wanted to sleep on sofa. U see whenever I see a bad dream I start to hit people…that’s why even my friends are scared to sleep next to me in any sleepover .

Deep: oh.. it’s ok Arohi, I am fine . And u can still sleep on bed, I won’t mind.

Arohi: ok ,( she lays down and turns the other side.)

Arohi( in mind): accha maza chakhayi…ab toh yeh Deep sapno mein bhi mujhe choone ki liye das baar sochega.( Taught him a good lesson…now Deep is going to think 10 times before touching me again even in his dream)

Deep( facing the opposite side and thinking): nice trick Arohi, but …the more u try to make me away , the more I get attracted to u. I will see how long can u stay away from me.

Arohi( in mind): even I don’t want to stay away from u …I have to stay close to u like a shadow and know your each step…( They both then fall asleep.)

In the morning, Arohi thinks she has to do something about Maya and prithvi…she calls her bhaiyya and informs him about them knowing that she is Arohi.

Bhaiyya: don’t worry I will handle them but do as I say…( He tells her a plan that is muted)

Arohi: but do u think they will be trapped? They are very clever…

Bhaiyya: I am sure ….just relax.( Arohi disconnects the call . She hears Deep calling her)

Deep: Arohi, u are in that washroom for half an hour now …pls come out.( Arohi comes out and he gets mesmerized seeing her wet hair )

Arohi: Deep u said there is going to be a party tonight

Deep: oh yes and there are going to be many guests. Some of my friends are also coming….if u wish u can also invite ur friends.

Arohi( getting excited): really !! Thanks…( She hugs him intentionally and Deep smiles and hugs her back when Maya arrives…)

Maya( entering the room turns seeing them hug): ahmmm…if u both wanted some privacy then u should have close the door properly.( Deep and Arohi move apart )

Arohi: wo actually maasi,…

Maya: bas bas, u don’t need to clarify anything…I just came here to tell u that bhaisab is calling u both downstairs.

Deep: yes , we are coming …( They both leave )

Papa ji discusses about some arrangements to be made and everyone gets busy working. Arohi finishing her part of the work heads towards her room and invites her close friends to the party.

Friends: we will surely come Arohi…and we will handle everything u don’t worry.( Arohi disconnects the call)

Arohi( to herself): tonight there is going to be a big blast … It’s a do or die challenge for me now…that would either elevate a step for me to find the culprit or it would cause me to leave this family, house, or maybe from this WORLD forever.

Precap:Arohi and Deep dance… someone targets Arohi and is about to shoot her….
……Deep: Arohi open your eyes , if u don’t open your eyes I am going to end my life…( Everyone looks on shocked)

Deep walks towards ……. everyone try to stop him.

I ,Sanaa would like to thank you , who had been supporting me through their comments. So guys as a treat the next episode has too many surprises for you so just watch out.


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  1. Salley145

    I was laughing on what Aarohi did to Deep pretending to dream, haha, nice chapter, I wonder who’s after Arohi…I m loving ur ff, what’s ur opinion on my ff?

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Hahaha…thanks Salley sis, I was tired of writing revenge plans so I thought of making this chapter a bit comic. It made me also laugh when I was typing it….salley di pls pls read the next chapter once it’s published. It’s filled with surprises.

      1. Salley145

        It was very funny

  2. Sapnabhat

    Awesome update
    Deep made his own accident.
    He wasn’t in love with Tara.
    Arohi’s acting were superb.?
    Deep landed from bed to floor??.
    Pls continue soon

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks Sapna di, well I had submitted the next episode so just have a look at it once it’s published.

  3. Fantastic epi ?, I literally fell off from my bed too unable to control my laugh???. Pls continue

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks saloni, glad to make someone laugh. Keep commenting.

  4. Nice epi and a funny one too indeed

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks kirti dear, and tune in for the next episode.

  5. Nice episode?

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      Thanks dear and keep supporting through your comments ?

  6. Awesome & damn funny episode

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks Niyati dear..

  7. Good episode and funny ardeep scenes .I loved the part when deep said :nice trick Arohi, but …the more u try to make me away , the more I get attracted to u. I will see how long can u stay away from me .

    1. Sanaa.khan

      Thanks Sonakshi, even I like funny scenes but in the serial it’s only revenge, drama and romance …so thought of adding some funny scenes between ardeep

  8. Good episode and funny ardeep scenes .I loved the part when deep said :nice trick Arohi, but …the more u try to make me away , the more I get attracted to u. I will see how long can u stay away from me .
    Btw when will the next episode will be updated.

    1. Sanaa.khan

      I have already updated the next episode. Pls have a look at it dear.

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