Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Hai RAABTA (chapter 3)

The scene starts with Arohi and Deep talking while they are heading for the Raichand mansion.

Arohi: by the way who are the members in your family?

Deep: this is of Tara’s family. I was an orphan when her family gave me shelter to stay and made me a successful man and got me married to Tara.

Arohi: u mean u married her against your wish?

Deep: yes…but then I was bound to fall for her otherwise she could have harmed herself.

Arohi: so u don’t love her and was carrying a responsibility of a dutiful husband and a son in law.

Deep: yes…but still I stayed with her from childhood and I can’t forget her memories. She was fine and healthy just like you until one day don’t know what happened and she fell from stairs and lost her mental balance. After that she became stubborn and did whatever came to her mind.

Arohi: oh….anyways u didn’t tell me who are there in her family?

Deep: mummyji , papaji, Maya masi, prithvi this house’s manager , bindiya and her dad who are the servants of this house and..

Arohi: and who?

Deep: Viraat… Tara’s brother.

Arohi: interesting…so u are the one to manage the entire household matters and official issues.

Deep: yes…well Arohi I met your bhaiyya and bhabi but what about your parents?

Arohi: just like u I am an orphan and I don’t have anyone except my Bhaiyya and bhabi.

Deep: looks like we have some sort of connection….oh look we have arrived. Remember to act like Tara in front of everyone.

Arohi : why ??…I thought only to act for ur mummyji

Deep: if others come to know that u are not Tara then they may not let you stay and I don’t any more complications .

Arohi: ok fine ..

They get off the car and press the calling Bell. There is a pooja going in the mansion and prithvi asks Maya to open the door.

Maya get up to see who came and opens the door only to be shocked

Maya : bhoot , bhoot, bachaao
( Maya runs and bumps with prithvi )…..

Prithvi what’s wrong?

Maya: wo…wo… Tara.. Tara ka bhoot .

All look towards the door to find Arohi and Deep standing at their doorstep.

Arohi and Deep enters their house and looks at the hall where they had kept pooja.Arohi looks at her reflection on Tara’s photo frame that has flower garland over it.

Papaji: Tara…u are back. ( He comes to Arohi and caresses her face. Arohi remains as a still not understanding what to say)

Deep: yes she is our Tara but she has lost her memory after jumping from that balcony.

Maya: then who’s dead body was that down the mansion.

Deep: I don’t know as the dead body’s face was smeared and we couldn’t recognize it.

Prithvi: how do u know that she is our Tara?

Deep: she doesn’t remember anything that happened before 2 years. I found her near a park playing with some kids and I was as equally shocked as you . But I got to know who she really was after meeting with her guardians who took care of her after she fell from the balcony.

Papaji: whatever the issue is, the most important thing is that Tara is back. Let me go and get Romaji, she is going to be extremely delighted to see Tara.

Arohi ( whispering to Deep): Deep your family is such a dramatic one.

Deep: shush…just do as I asked you to.

Papaji brings Roma in wheelchair.

Papaji: look our Tara is back.( Roma was dumbstruck…. she tried to stand up and walk to Arohi but stumbles…just then Arohi rushes to hold her.)

Arohi: mom, are you alright?

Roma( nodding her head):….Ta…ta…Tara ( she caressed Arohi’s face and Arohi gives her a hug.)

Arohi: … Deep told me about your condition

Roma: Tara…M-e-ri bacchi ( she gets teary eyed and gives a kiss on Arohi’s forehead)

Deep: Tara let’s go…u are soaked in rain and u need to change otherwise u will catch cold.

Maya: from when did Tara started to like rain?

Deep: Maya mausi, she has lost her memory and she even didn’t recognize me so it’s very normal for her to like rain. I had to tell her the entire story and showed our photo and then she agreed to come with me

Papaji: oh ….I am glad that I got my daughter back. Now u both go and change.

Deep takes Arohi to his bedroom. Arohi is astonished seeing Tara and Deep’s pictures hanging on the wall.

Arohi: otteri….Tara is so modern , look at her she has such loud make up. It’s only her face that matches mine and everything else is exactly the opposite.

Deep: you are right….here..this is Tara’s wardrobe. You can choose anything to wear.

Arohi: chheee… I am not going to wear such revealing clothes. Don’t you have any simple and ethnic wear?

Deep takes a wrapped gift box from his side of the cupboard and hands it to Arohi.

Arohi: what’s this?

Deep: I always wanted to see Tara in this…but before I could give it to her she went away… You can wear it for now and when I have order your other dresses, you can change.

Arohi: thanks…( She smiles and heads towards the bathroom)

After some time she comes dressed in a beautiful red saree with there hear long hair left open. Deep enters the room and gets awestruck at her beauty. Arohi without noticing his presence comes near the mirror and tries to tie her blouse’s string but in vain …just then Deep comes near her and helps her in tying the blouse’s string.

Arohi: thanks …. Deep

Deep:u are looking very beautiful in this saree. let’s go down everyone must be waiting for us in the dinning table.

Deep and Arohi come down the stairs when everyone looks at them being surprised.

Maya: Tara , u have again surprised us by wearing a saree.

Papaji: u are looking lovely Tara.

Arohi: thanks Papa

Deep: come let’s have dinner…I am starving

Everyone heads to have dinner when Arohi asks prithvi to pass an eggplant curry.( Prithvi gets shocked but still passes curry)

Prithvi ( in mind): this can’t be Tara…the thing that she hates so much she wants to eat it… unbelievable. There is some other side to this memory loss story and I have to find out)

Arohi: thanks…(she eats many roti curry in a hurry and while eating some of the food gets on the edge of her lips. Deep sighs her but she doesn’t get it and he comes closer to remove the left over food.)

Maya: look at them …even after Tara not remembering anything , their romance still continues…( Arohi feels uncomfortable and leaves from there and heads to Tara and Deep’s bedroom.)

In the bedroom Arohi looks at Tara’s photo and talks to her
Arohi:…even after being dead u didn’t die as everyone considers me to be Tara. I never trust people so easily and coming here is a part of my plan. So even before I came here I told bhaiyya personally about me coming to Raichand mansion with a motive and until I get that get accomplished I have to stay here.( Deep hears her standing at near the door )

Deep: what were u saying ?

Arohi( getting worried turns around): Deep, the thing is I can’t share a room with u , everything is strange for me and I how am I going to stay here for a month …

Deep: don’t worry, and as for staying in this room..you can sleep on bed and I can sleep on sofa.

Arohi: thank…but it’s your room and….

Deep: it’s ok , I am not giving it to u forever, it is only for a month….now go to sleep .( Arohi nods and goes to change.)

She comes back from the bathroom to find Deep sleeping on sofa. Arohi looks at him lovingly but then remembers her motive and grabs a knife ? and walks towards Deep.

Arohi( looking at Deep): no…till I find out the truth I can’t kill you…I am not Tara I am Arohi. A single mistake can ruin my entire plan. She goes back to the bathroom and secretly calls her bhaiyya….

Arohi: bhaiyya , everything is going smoothly as we planned.

Bhaiyya: did u find out the culprit?

Arohi: not yet… I still need to find the person responsible for all this …

Bhaiyya: whoever it is he is very clever so be careful and take care … goodnight

Arohi: good night ( she disconnects the call and comes out of the bathroom)

She walks back to the bed and pretends to sleep as Deep wakes up slightly and comes near her.

Deep( looking at Arohi sleeping): u look much cute and innocent when u sleep but I don’t know why I have this feeling that I know u for ages and I have some connection ( raabta) with u . Every time I come close to u I have the same feeling of attraction that I used to have with Tara. Why am I saying this…. u are not my Tara and maybe I am feeling this only because u have the same face as Tara’s.

Arohi hears that and gets emotional but controls her tears. ( Deep goes back to bed and falls asleep)

Next morning Arohi wakes up early and sings bhajan hearing which everyone wakes up and comes near the house temple.

Maya: Tara ….itni subha subha yeh Kya tamasha laga rakha hai…( What’s all this drama early in the morning..)

Papaji: I am happy that our Tara changed for good.( She gives everyone the prasad)

Arohi: mom , how are u feeling?

Roma: main..main…theek hu…( Arohi smiles)

Arohi: aajse main aapki dhyan rakhoongi …( From today I am going to look after u)

Arohi( in mind thinks from today the actual game will start and smiles looking at Tara’s big photo hanging on the wall)

Precap: Arohi is searching some papers when she reads something really shocking…

At night Arohi gets up and goes towards Maya’s room when someone suddenly covers her mouth pulls her.

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