Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Hai RAABTA (chapter 10)

The scene starts next morning when Arohi wakes up and remembers about the diary that Sapna gave her.

Arohi: where is the diary? Where did I keep it? (Arohi searches for it and finally finds it under the bedsheet. Arohi then begins to read)

I had everything that any happily married woman could ever wish for. My husband Dilip Singh Raichand is everything for me…

Today is a special day for me because I am going to inform him about my pregnancy. He going to be super excited.

My cousin sisters Roma and Maya also returned from New York today….

Arohi further reads:

KALYANI’S POV : I am extremely happy that my husband is taking good care of me after knowing about my pregnancy…

It’s been 6 months that I am pregnant and I am hopeful that it’s going to be a girl…but Dilip ji thinks it’s going to be a boy.

Anyways both of us don’t care about gender but we do care about our child’s health..

Arohi ( turning the page)

KALYANI’S POV: today morning I gave birth to a boy ….I am extremely delighted. My cousin sister Roma and Maya also came to meet me at the hospital and we had a great time.

After a lot of arguments on deciding the baby’s name,we finally decided to name our boy Aniket.

Arohi reads further…

Aniket has been 36 months old and today it’s his routine check-up at the hospital and also for his vaccination.

Arohi turning the page…
KALYANI’S POV: who would have known that I would be loosing Aniket in the hospital. Dilip ji and I both searched a lot for him but it was in vain.( A tear fell off from Arohi’s eyes on the page as she continues to read)

I was in depression for about 3 whole years until I realized that I was again pregnant with my second child. This child is a ray of hope for me in my dull life.

Arohi turns the page….

KALYANI’S POV: I was extremely happy with the birth of our little angel. I call her AROHI… but Dilip ji calls her TARA.( Arohi gets shocked)

She was only 3 months old when we decided to go out for a vacation in Goa…we booked a hotel. Coincidentally I met my cousin, Roma… Roma was more than a cousin sister to me ….she was my bestest friend…who helped me to come out of depression.

Everything was going on fine when one day I saw something that made me shocked.. unable to believe my eyes, I quickly grabbed by little Arohi and ran as fast as I could until…

Arohi turns the page and gets shocked seeing the page torn.

Arohi: what happened next? Somebody had torn this page purposefully. ( She gets thinking)

Arohi quickly rushes to her Bhaiyya and tells the entire story…
Arohi: bhaiyya…your biological mother is Kalyani Raichand and u are the son of Mr Dilip Singh Raichand.

Bhaiyya:I can’t believe this..how is this possible?

Arohi: read this diary …( She hands the diary to him and he gets teary eyed)

Arohi: bhaiyya, at least u got to know who are your real parents….I still haven’t found out how I am related to all this…

Bhaiyya: where is my mother..I will go to Mr Dilip Singh and seek answers from him and ask him where did he hide my mother…( Arohi stops him)

Arohi: no bhaiyya,I don’t think he or Roma did anything …I have a doubt on Maya and prithvi, they always had a doubt on me and I guess they both have planned all this… anyways I am going to get married today and once I enter that house I can solve all the mysteries step by step…u just relax and control yourself.( Her bhaiyya nods)

Later in the evening Arohi comes at the wedding altar dressed in a red bridal lehanga. Deep looks at her and gets awestruck at her beauty.( Ishq mein marjawan plays on the background)

He holds her hand and brings her downstairs.

Pandit ji: bride and groom take your place…( He chants the wedding mantras… Deep and Arohi take the wedding rounds…. Deep ties the mangalsutra and applies Vermillion on her hairline.)

Pandit ji: the marriage is complete and u both are now husband and wife. You both can now take blessings of your elders.

Arohi and Deep goes to her bhaiyya and bhabi who look at her emotionally…

Arohi( crying and hugging both her bhaiyya and bhabi): I am going to miss u …

Bhaiyya: what’s there to miss? We will keep visiting u often. Ok…( Arohi wipes her tears. Deep and Arohi then take blessings from Maya, prithvi and papaji and Roma)

Paro: mumma, why are u sad? I am with u…don’t be sad. Now pls smile for me( Arohi looks at her and smiles )

Both Deep and Arohi head towards the wedding car when Paro stops Arohi.

Arohi: mumma where are u going?

Maya: Paro, your mumma and new Papa are going to their new home…u also come..

Paro: why? They can stay in our house with my mamu, mami and nikku bhaiyya and me.

Papaji: yes they will stay someday but now they are going to another house…you are also coming with us.

Paro: no I won’t go anywhere…I will stay here.( Arohi looks at Deep and Deep bends to adjust his height to Paro’s)

Deep: I promise that if u come with us to our new house, I am going to bring u to here to play with your nikku bhaiyya very often. I also have got lots of toys for u to play with over there…..pls agree for me…

Paro: ok I will come…

Deep: that’s like my little princess. ( He kisses Paro on her cheek and picks Paro and holds Arohi’s hand and they both leave in the car)

Later that night Arohi enters Deep’s room and looks at the decorations. She looks at Tara’s photo and tears roll down her eyes.

Arohi: Tara or Arohi ….what should I call u?…where u had left your journey, I started mine. The only difference is I have my daughter with me which is my only weakness and also my strength..I still doubt that Deep loves u and he sees u in me. Don’t worry I will complete the task u left incomplete.( She wipes her tears and looks at the balcony decorated beautifully with flowers and lights.)

Arohi comes to the edge of balcony and holds the railing.( The woman covered in shawl laughs evilly and pushes her . Arohi is about to fall but holds on to the fabric hanging from the balcony… The woman then leaves)

Arohi: Deep, Deep…help help..help.( Deep hears her and enters the room. He gets shocked and comes to her rescue…he gets her up)

Deep( hugging Arohi): Arohi, are u alright?( Arohi nods and faints)

Deep lays Arohi on bed and calls the doctor.
After sometime the doctor arrives and all the family members gather around in Deep’s bedroom.

Deep: doctor, what happened to her? Is she alright…she was so scared when she….

Papaji: when she what?( Deep looks at him and remains silent)

He then notices Arohi gaining consiousness and helps her to lay properly.

Doctor: Mr Deep your wife has very low bp due to which she fainted. It seems like she didn’t eat anything since the morning. I am prescribing some medicines and make sure she consumes them on time after each meal.( The doctor leaves)

Maya: Arohi, u should take care of your health otherwise how are u going to manage the responsibility of the entire mansion as Roma didi is still not completely fine.

Papaji: yes, and Deep what were u saying how did Arohi get scared?

Deep: actually Arohi…( Arohi interrupts)

Arohi: I saw a cockroach and I got scared…

Papaji: oh… tomorrow I am going to inform the pest control service and then all the insects shall leave from here for good. U take care beta. ( They all leave except Deep)

Deep closes the door and comes close to Arohi.

Deep( holding Arohi’s hand): Arohi, why did u lie to papaji about u almost falling down the balcony?

Arohi: just like that…I didn’t want him to be worried for me.

Deep: Arohi,you are saying something and your eyes are saying something else…pls tell me what’s the matter…( Arohi gets up from bed and heads to go when Deep holds her pallu of her sari)

Deep: Arohi pls tell me what’s bothering u.

Arohi: it’s nothing.. Arohi gets free from his grip and moves away …

Deep: Arohi, I promise i will try my best to help u with the matter. ( Deep comes closer and closer to Arohi until she touches the wall. Deep blocks her ways and comes closer until he could hear her breathe…. Arohi looks at him with teary eyes).

Arohi: Deep.. actually……


Precap: Maya: bhoot …bhoot.

Prithvi: Maya there’s nothing over there

Maya: no, u are lying…look behind u..( prithvi turns and gets shocked and screams. He then runs and hugs Maya).

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