Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Hai RAABTA (chapter 1)

“Tara”, kyun chale gaye tum?…Deep said looking at the stars at night sky .

Deep:” it has been 2 years that u went and look at me …I am all incomplete without u.
All my happiness lied within u and ever since u went I can’t even have a peaceful sleep so I sometime have a drink and fall asleep…good night tara.” (He drinks wine and falls asleep )

Next morning Deep was hurrying to go to office as he got up late. He was rushing down the stairs and saw a woman on a wheelchair crying.

Deep: mummyji, why are u crying. ( He wiped her tears)
A man also came down wrapped in a shawl with a walking stick and looked at them

Man: what else she can do except cry ….ever since Tara went she took away all the happiness this house had. Look at Romaji …she has been in coma for 3 months and after Tara’s death she gained consiousness she would be looking at Tara’s photo and cry. Today is Tara’s 2nd death anniversary and she won’t stop crying easily. I wish Tara was here as she could bring Romaji out of shock. I can’t see her like this.

Deep: papaji, Tara had left us by her wish and didn’t think what would happen to us in her absence. So I think we should move on and don’t waste our precious tears on her who’s dead.

Papaji: but Deep….are u able to move on ?

Maya : how will he be able to move on when he works all day to keep himself busy and at night drinks wine to lessen his pain.anyways Deep…

Prithvi(intertrupting):Deep I think u should be going to office as u r already getting late.

Maya: but Deep come home early today cause bhaisab has kept a puja on Tara’s death anniversary.

Deep: okay.. ( he leaves for his office )

At office deep after attending a meeting calls home to tell papaji about a new deal when he notices Tara’s photo at his mobiles wallpaper.

He looks at her pic and remembers the incident that took that made Tara away from him forever.


Tara was a happy sweet girl who’s only weakness was Deep. Just like deep would fulfill all Tara’s wishes, Tara would also try to fulfill Deep’s desires .

One day they both went shopping when they noticed a lovey dovey couple with their baby.

Tara: Deep look …that couple looks so happy with their baby. Deep… I also want to have our own baby…after all we are married for a year now.

Deep: why not …but first I think we need to do some tests.

Tara(smiling): ok then…Tomorrow itself.

Next morning Tara and Deep go to hospital for some tests.

Doctor: tomorrow u can get ur reports. Deep and Tara smiles and leaves. On their way home Tara and Deep expressed their views on having a baby.

Tara: deep I want to have a boy just like u…

Deep: but I want a girl …who is very beautiful and sweet like u.

Tara: what if we have twins?

Deep: then, u will have a very,very large tummy and would need to go gym to reduce ur weight after ur delivery.

Tara: deep…( She playfully hits Deep)

Next day Tara heard the calling Bell and rushed to open the door with Deep following her. Tara opened the door and signed the form and got the report.she was very excited and until she opened the mail and read the report her smile vanished.

Tara: deep …. Deep ,this report ….this report

Deep: what’s the matter? ( He took the report from her hand and he was as equally shocked as Tara.)

Deep: this can’t happen….I am sure this report is fake.
Tara: no it isn’t…u can’t change the truth…and the truth is I can’t never be a mother.

Roma who was doing aarti of papaji also was in shock and dropped the aarti plate.

Roma: Tara, this can’t happen…I will get u treated to the best doctor from abroad. You don’t worry.

Tara: mom…this is the punishment that I am suffering for accidentally driving over an innocent child in front of his mother. His mother couldn’t beat the shock and cursed me that just like I took her child away from her, I would never be able to become a mother.

Roma: but it was an accident.

Tara: a mistake is a mistake whether done intentionally or unintentionally. ( Saying this she goes up to her room and remembers Deep’s wish on having a baby girl)

Tara( to herself): Deep u have granted even my the smallest of my wishes and I even cannot give u a happiness that u have the right on…. That’s it…I can’t let ur wish be only a wish…I will have to free myself from this relation so that u can have ur happiness. (She writes a suicide note and jumps of the balcony)


Deep: oh I forgot…today I have to reach home early.( He takes the car keys and leaves)

On his way home…his car stops working at the middle of the road…( Get got off and tried to fix it but it was in vain)

He decided to get a mechanic when he noticed a girl in red anarkali playing with kids near a park. He followed the girl and tapped her on her shoulder. To his astonishment , the girl was a look alike of Tara. He couldn’t believe his eyes and pulled her closer and gave her a tight hug. The girl was totally in shock.

Girl( pushing Deep off): hello, who are u and how dare u to hug me ?

Deep: Tara, it’s me ur Deep

Girl: excuse me i don’t know any Deep and who’s this Tara? I am AROHI …Arohi Kashyup.

Deep( being surprised and thinking ): I think I heard of that name before somewhere….but where

Precap: Arohi: just stay away…don’t come near me…

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