~?Broken Relationship?~

Swara’s POV

“Yippee yahooo…!!”, I exclaimed in happiness. When the deal get finalised before time. Those people said that they are imperessed by my work.

They have to be as I am Swara Sanskar Maheshwari. I have come out for some project leaving my sanskar alone. After knowing well that he cant stay away from me. I am missing him so much!!…

It has been 2½ months I saw him! The project was supposed to get completed within 3 months. But my good luck. It completed before 15 days.

Now I will go and surprise Sanskar. I want to see his expressions watching me suddenly. Now I’m standing all alone in my room thinking of Sanskar.

I called my driver and asked him to get ready as we are leaving for mumbai tonight. I love travelling specially at night!!… It enhances the beauty of nature and those lights on road attracts me as if trying to speak that ‘their is always a light hidden in dark, a hope in pain and….’ hehe… I’m sounding like a philosophist now.

I mentally slapped myself and started packing my bags….
Aftrr 2 hours I was done with my packing. OMG!!!… It only took 2 hours.

“Well done swara”, I said patting my own shoulder. Then after 1 hour nearly about six I started with the journey.

“Mumbai I’m coming just 4 hours…. I will be there”, I said sitting inside the car. Then the journey started and then I kept on looking outside the window. My favourite hobby!!!….

Waise I have a lot of hobbies like dancing, painting, singing but amongst all singing is my favourite!!… Oh!!.. Swara keep quiet for some time….

Sanskar says true that I talk continously…. I’m so stupid talking to my ownself….?? and that to without any break. Then scolding myself for non stop chatter I kept my head on the window and started thinking of my and sankar’s cute moments…..


Third person’s POV

A park is shown. A girl is seen jogging. She was running while listening songs. Suddenly she falls down may be collided with some one and…. ….ooopppssss!!!……

She removes her earphones and looks up, only to find a handsome young man giving her his hand to her. But she was so lost in his brown eyes. She came back to her senses when…..

Boy- Are you okkk….????

Swara- Ya ummm…yeah…..( giving her hand to him and he helps her in standing..)

Boy(scratching his hairs shyly)- mmm….I’m sorry I have not seen you.

Swara-No need. Mistake was mine also…really sorry…..and thanks..

Boy- my pleasure and be careful!!!…

Left the place smiling.

After he left…

Swara-(in mind)- Oh god!!….Swara!!!! Why are you staring him like this??….
Bad manners…. But he is soooo smart???…. good, kind and his eyes, smile….oh god!! save me….. Please!!…
But I like him….. ( saying this she hit her head with her hand and continued her jogging this time with a big smile…..)

Then she went to her home and got ready for College. It was the first day of her college.. she was extra excited… she took her sccooty and left to college. But when she was about to park her scooty, she bumped it into a car and the same guy came out of the car and saw her in amazement!!..

Boy(rudely)- Why always u keep on bumping in one thing or other….???

Then he saw his car….his favourite car….it seems he will cry any moment…

Then another guy came forward nd kept his hand on her shoulder….

Another guy- Sanskar its okkk….We will get it repaired but he left the place without answering anything.

Swara was seeing all this, amused! and started laughing loudly….thinking of his love for car but she felt bad as he talked to her rudely….??….

But still thought to ask for apology….

***Flashback ends***

I came out of my memories when the car stopped suddenly with a jerk.
“Mam I think tyre got punctured” driver said irritating me.

What the hell.??? I wanted to meet sanskar but this stupid car….Holy shit! it will take more tym for me to reach there….

“Dada how much tym it will take to repair…???” I asked him calmly.

” Woh madam we dont have extra tyres and I don’t think so we will get from nearby…. I will call my son he will bring some help….means it will take about 2 hours more…” he said.

Wow…just great!! what else can be better than this ….?? I am fed up seriously…I just wanted to run and hug sanskar as fast I can but now??….

O god why me…??? I felt like crying but somehow managed myself…. Then something struck my mind… I called and booked a cab…Thanks to this online facilities…otherwise I would have been struck here and waiting for help as in daily soaps..??…….

Then the cab reached in next 20 minutes…. I asked dada to take care and left in the cab. Oh God! sanskar for meeting you I have to do a lot of hardwork….??….are using brain is also hardwork!!……

Aftrr 1 hour I reached outside my home…..

I saw it from outside and my eyes welled up wid tears thinking of my memories with Sanskar…. I missed my home soo much…

I without waiting, got inside…. I thoght to surprise Sanskar. I went direct towards our room thinking he must have slept till now…..

I shouted “SURPRISE” wen I reached the door of the room having a bright smile on my face…. But I don’t understand that was a surprise for him or for me??….

My smile changed into a frown and tears started rolling down my cheeks.

I saw…..I saw… chiiiii…. the room was messes up completely, clothes were lying on floor, my sanskar was lying half naked on the top of a bl**dy woman. I felt lifelesss seeing the scene I wasn’t able to believe that the man I loved the most whom I trust blindly will betray me ever!!…


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  1. OK now understood….. I liked it…. Plz continue ???????

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      Vidhi!!… Thank you ??

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  3. Speechless dear..no words to describe…loved it…it was an awesome part…continue soon…waitng fr nxt part eagrly

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      I’ll update asap

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  6. Risha khudko Swaragini samajte ho app dono.Ridima-ragini and Anisha-swara.Total nonsense.

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      Offcourse yes…
      That’s why we are writing it together!! ?

      1. Swaragini ki aisi bezaati na karo phir.

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        Waise swaragini toh sirf nam ke hay!…
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        Tumhe kuch AchA likhna na aye to Pls don’t comment…
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  7. Wah… This is soooooooooooooo amazing… Mein toh speechless reh gayi… Upload soon… This Pagal Bachcha is waiting ???
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    Omg..awsum..poor swara..she was soo happy bt at end..she was shattered..ohh god..hope its jst a MU anyrning else..cnt see swasan separate. .continue soon plzz

    1. RiSha

      Yeah…. Will upload asap….
      Goldie???… Are you the same Goldie from Swasan the world of Fan Fictions???…
      I’m jaf a.k.a Anisha

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  10. Is this is the story of mere pehli mohabbat is same Anisha or different Anisha , what ever like it

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      Same Anisha…… But it’s RiSha now!!
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      1. Sure I will read it hope this time u didn’t stop this and we want fast updates yar

      2. Anisha

        No this time will entertain you non-stop…..??
        Will update asap….
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  11. Tamanna

    Nice… Finally you didn’t stop this ff…I really like it… Thanks for continuing it…
    Waiting for next one… Update soon

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    Wow wow wow!!!!!
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    You have no idea how happy i am after reading it ???
    Well i personally like the present track rather then flashback!.to be honest i find that Flashback boring! 😛
    Sorry to hurt u but this was what i felt!

    1. Anisha

      It’s kk… Dua!!!…..
      I didn’t feel bad. ..
      It’s just how they met that’s it!!
      Thank you for so much of support guys. Seriously thank you so much

      1. Duaa

        Well waiting for the next update! :))
        And Thanks For continuing the story!.??

      2. RiSha

        I must thank you all….. ????
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        Thank you to you too…
        This is what made me write the story again….

  14. awesome….

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      Are you Samaira??

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    Awsm…. Keep up the good work….lots of love

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      For loving my ff….

  16. Arunika

    Amazing…ur starting it from the beginning again?

    1. RiSha

      Thank you ???
      And yeah….. I’m starting it from the beginning again!! ??

  17. Awesome…!! Loved it..!! Even after knowing the story… I still felt like reading freshly..!!

    1. Anisha

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  20. Actually i wanted u to continue frm whr u left i.e. episode 10. I know it contained some creepy and pathetic kav-san scenes (sorry, if i hurt u) but it was necessary to convince readers that swara should not forgive sanskar after that betrayal but u r fast forwarding thats y may be readers vl want swara to forgive sanskar wch is not possible for any woman. I want this ff to be totally different. Even i m a die hard fan of swasan but there r some morals in life also. I want this ff to be logical. Again sorry if my comment hurts u.

    1. RiSha

      Not at all priya!! ??
      Thanks for showing ur POV….

      1. Pls post next part soon. I cant wait anymore…

      2. Anisha

        Will update… Tonight

      3. Thanks…..

  21. U r back !!! Really missing u and ur ff but now can’t wait post next one sOon

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