~~💝Second Chance💝~~

Swara’s POV
This 8 months weren’t easy!!.. Obstacles were there but it depends how we face it. After everyone left me, it was more difficult to live. Me, Annapurna aunty and Durga Prasad Uncle left for Bangalore instantly after that incident none knew about us. I pursued detectives to find out the reason behind the accident that finished our lives. After almost a month of investigation, I was informed that the incident wasn’t an accident it was planned. Planned by our rivals. Now, I am doing my responsibilities. Responsibilities of a mother as well as a daughter. I’m new as a mother but I’ll try my best to be a good daughter this time. Life is giving me a second chance and I’m surely not going to miss it!!..

I was stuck in my thoughts when MA entered my room. It was her daily routine to message my head. It felt like heaven when Ma brushed her hands through my hairs. The feeling I missed for 2 years. Sometimes I miss mom but keep quiet when I look onto Ma’s eyes. She loves me like I’m her daughter even though she is just Laksh jiju’s mom. We don’t have any blood relation but I never felt out of the world with her. She feeds me when I’m hungry, she looks after my health, makes me eat, makes my workless by cleaning up my room even if I insist her not to do…

“What happened Shona? Is anything bothering you?” she spoke as she rubbed my hairs to and fro.

“No Ma, I was just thinking will I be a good mum for Ansh? I mean the way you take care of me, will I be able to do the same with him? Will I be able to approve for every wish of his will I be able to love him like you do to me Ma? The care, the warmth a mother needs to provide her child? When di said I agreed but now I am really tensed. I myself isn’t that matured and these responsibilities will I be able to??..”

“Shona! Bas itni si baat??” I nodded “Then I must say you are a splendid mother. You should never underestimate yourself Shona! See you are the best mother Ansh would ever get. I swear on God!!.. Even Ragini would never had taken care of him as you did! Looking after him after a tiring day in office isn’t easy. But you know my daughter is very strong she takes care of herself, her business, duties as well as takes care of her family and baby!!.. Swara you have took care of Ansh since last 5 months now what happened so suddenly? Look Swara you are the best mother and if you forget your duties ever I’m there na? I’ll pull your ears and teach you. I have that right no?”
“Ha Ma!!.. you have full rights on me do whatever you like.. ok??”

“Hmm,, That’s like my daughter. Now coming on to another point. Swara I want you to marry..”

“Ma but!!.. “

“Yes Yes!!.. I know what had happened wasn’t right Swara. But think about your future, about Ansh’s future. Don’t you think he needs a father figure??..Don’t you think he needs a name??”

“Ma, he has a name. Jiju’s name, Ma why is it necessary to marry? Why? I’m happy, Ansh is happy, we all are happy and what do we need more”

“Swara just think when Ansh will grow he’ll ask for his father what will you do? Will you break his heart by saying that his father is dead? If Laksh’s name comes then Ragini’s name will come out too. He’ll know you aren’t his real mother. Moreover, a child always needs a father’s love its needed. The care a father can show none can show that love!!.. and think about Ragini as well she also wanted this no? Swara move on the more you stuck to your past the more it will hurt you”

“But Ma what if I marry and Ansh isn’t happy with it? What if he doesn’t love Ansh the way I do? Or a father does? What if? I can’t bear all this Ma”

“Shh… Swara I promise. I’ll find such a person for you who will love you as well as Ansh and will protect you as well. You are a good daughter as well as a good mother and will be a good wife as well!!.. dekhna I’ll find a perect boy for you.. Who will look after you both. Ok?”

“Now you sleep. I have some work in the kitchen. Will take a look and sleep ok? And yes Ansh will sleep with me only. You rest here” she rubbed my hairs for the last time and got up.

Am I ready for this? Am I doing right? Let time come. Lets see what’s destiny’s plans!!.. I starred at the celeing and fell asleep.
I got up looked for the clock and it showed 9!!.. shit! Shit! Shit! I’m too late for office. Just then Ma called me up.

“Shona! Beta someone has come to meet you” mom shouted.

“Coming mom” I shouted back. Mom, or most probably Jiju’s mom. But she loves me as if I am her own daughter!! It’s rightly said blood relations doesn’t always matter!!..


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