Kavita’s POV

It’s been a week to that incident. I still remember that night!!.. The worst night of my life!!..

**Flashback starts**
Third person’s POV

The rain and storm blowed heavily. In a corner remained Kavita! Heart throbbing, tears flowing out…. She had realized a bitter truth!!.. The truth that she wasn’t loved whom she had loved!!.. She was left alone once again on those empty roads!!.. She was selfish! She agreed but she didn’t want to ruin anyone’s life! Was it her fault? Or was it destiny that was so cruel with her? She had cried that entire night and thought about her life. She had destroyed everything, every single thing!!..

She has pointed out such a person for her and she couldn’t blame anyone, neither did she want to!!… She just wanted his embrace till she’s alive and what was wrong with that??.. She had loved him selflessly and had expected nothing! Nothing in return!!.. Just a piece of his heart!!.. That’s it!

She kept crying the entire night thinking about her faults, if she has done anything, till everything went black.

The next time she awoke was in Hospital! She wondered who brought her here??.. She never thought that Sanskar would do something like this! That was unexpected! Obviously, after a fight who would ever expect him to come to her! She thought the same, he would never return, that wasn’t impossible but wasn’t expected!!…

With him stood Rohan too. Rohan was a good brother, he had never left her, a good example of ‘Blood Relations Don’t Matter’. Sanskar sat next to her and gave her a bear hug. That was what she was in need!!.. The warmth of his body made her stable! She had been hospitalized because of cold she caught sitting there on the terrace. Rohan feared seeing her at the terrace and brought her here. Doctors warned her of complete bed rest for a month. She had a hole in her heart and that made her health even worse.

Sanskar arrived the moment he got alerted. His anger grew!!.. Kavita was after all a human and a good friend!!.. When he was depressed she had given him support, pleasure and a friendly talk. Just like Swara!!.. She would do anything possible to make him calm! And now he had her responsibility as well!!.. To return that…. He didn’t like debts!

**Flashback ends**

Kavita’s POV

He knew what I wanted! Love and care but he wasn’t ready to make up his mind. I wanted to make him mine I want to I love him so much!!..

“Sanskar, I still love you” I kissed him.

Sanskar’s POV

“Sanskar, I still love you” and she kissed me.

I want to push her apart but I was worried as well!!… She wasn’t well enough! She withdrew when she found no response!!..

“You don’t love me anymore!” she said with a faint smile.

That wasn’t her. I hate that horrible smile. It just kept her thoughts aside and revealed a bold one. Which she wasn’t!!..

“Baby! You sleep please! You are still not okay!!…”

“I’m more than okay! You go” the tone to which she spoke was something which I knew!!.. I had got her hint!

“I am here. I don’t need to go. You stay calm and sleep!” I said as I made her lay down again.

“I asked you to go Sanskar!!.. It’s good for you. I love you and will keep loving you! But I don’t want you to loose someone whom you love! Go I said” she ordered.

“But you??.. I can’t leave you alone and..”

“And what?? Go I said and bring Swara with you! I’m here waiting for you to return. We won’t have the same relation although but does that mean we’ll no more be friends??..”

“No. Will be friends always!” I smiled.

“And I am fine what happened to me??.. Nothing! But I have a condition!” she spoke waking up from the bed and playing with my shirt buttons.

“What??..” I choked. I didn’t know what will she ask. I hope she doesn’t asks what I fear for.

“A kiss. Just one, a lovely one, a last one too” she said coming close to me.

I was shocked.

“Please! Only one…” she looked into my eyes and placed her mouth upon mine.

“I want you to join too” she whispered while kissing.

I participated. It was a last one and I didn’t bugged on. I didn’t want to!!.. She wasn’t well!!.. Arguing wouldn’t give profit.

“I love you” she said and slept hugging me. I made her lay on the bed and closed the door behind her.

Kavita’s POV

He shut the door and I got up crying. This wasn’t easy. Letting your love move out of your life isn’t easy! Especially, the person you love the most!!.. I lost him. My love, my life but I’m happy because he’ll be happy with not me but someone else!!.. I kept my hand on my belly, this was new!

I let him go off but I had him inside me now. He is inside me, his blood is inside me!!.. Our symbol of love or MY symbol!!… Whatever is it I don’t care. I’m a month pregnant!!..

Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m going to be a mother but for that I don’t have the support beside me! But I won’t force you Sanskar. I will never!!.. But will never stop loving you!!..

“I love you both” I kept my hands on my belly feeling blissful feeling that something is growing inside me!!.. But tears didn’t stop….


How was the part?
I know its short and not up-to the mark…
But sorry…

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  1. enough of this kavity.want swasan face off.its the punishment of kavity to ruin swarz mqrried life.sorry to say but she is a bit**h..chiiii..hate girls like her

    1. Anisha

      Harini??.. Why are you so hot headed!??..
      She isn’t anything like that!!..
      Don’t use such explicit words…

  2. sanky(swasan)

    lol.ria why u care 4r kavita. sanky ko suffer karna chahiyeh bt kavita ne tu jan buj iss ristey paa diya tha.kavita ne 2nd din jan gaya tha sanky married hai.jo pati apne wife sor sakta then usko bhi sor sakta.then kyun kavita ka bare soche.iss ka ans hai apke pass.apne iss fiction ka para hai yeh nahe I don’t knw.anisha apko yeh fiction kisi aur ke opur likhna chaiyeh tha.sanskar ka character apne khrp kar diye.why u write this fiction on swasan. apko other person choose karna chaiyeh. tha.plz don’t mind.I am die heart fan of sanky.main sanky ko iss character main nahe dhek sakti

    1. Anisha

      Writers pov……

      We know u must not like kav….san in the story….
      Truly speaking even i m nt a kav…san fan…i hate them as much as all doo…..
      Bt this story is nt only abt kav…san aur swasan… this story is the reality of nearly evey house in this century….. we jst potrayed in front of u….
      Extra marital affair….. this is a small word bt gives lots of pain to evryone… realisation takes a lot of tym…..

      I will nt take ur lots of tym….jst wanted to ask whom do u think is at fault….???

      Kavita sanskar aur swara…?????

      I think thrree of them……

      Sanskar- he betrayed his wife who left everything for him….. nd chose smeone over her…. this is mostly done by many man….i have myself seen around the world men likke him who are shame to society…. he chose lust over love to get satisfaction…..bt now this taughts are hauting him…. all peace from his life has been snatched….. he can never live a peaceful life after breking smeone heart…..

      Kavita- everyone is saying her home wrecker…. bt is she alone at fault…. why she did that no one thought oncee….. bt evryone taught she is kavita so she has to be bad…..as per serial…. even i hate kav….san…
      Nd i will nt say wat kavita did was right…..that was nt less then a sin….. bt a person devoid of love gets love suddenly….wat will be his reaction…??? He will loose abilty to think nd become selfish….
      For her it was always love….
      Wat she did wid swara…..cme back to her….
      She spoiled her life ….bt now kavita is facing the sme situation….
      Her mistake was to trust a wrong person….

      Swara….- u all must be feeling sad for herr…..
      Bt she is also at sme fault….. she got betrayal bcz she betryaed her family for smeone else….
      She eloped wid a person….leaving her family may be nt thinking of them once…..
      If she would have first thought abt her family nd told themmm…..may be she wud hve nt suffered this much…..


      I jst wanted to say here a single person is nt at fault…..evryone has a fault or anothrr….

      1. Anisha just read your pov but for swara u r story and pov are different swara said to his father he loves sanskar but he didn’t listen and with ni option she eloped but kavitha and sanskar are different they know they are wrong and first sight kavitha loves sanskar and intimate with him there is no love in kavitha just attraction and same case sanskar not really loves swara if he really loves he can’t cheat her sorry If I hurt u I really likes u r story

    2. dear…m not caring for kavita..here everyone z blaming kavita so m jst saying…sanky z at fault in dis story.. kavita z also but not more than…even I also lyk swasan a lot..nd m also not lyking kav n San together..

  3. may i ask u truly..are u really a swasan fan or is it tht u want kavsan bt people may nt lik it so u r writing abt swasan story..

    plzz don’t do ths..write abt whom u lik; othrs may lik may not lik bt u wil lik n b hppy..

    bt dnt write its swasan n giv kaviita puraan n sanskar story..



    plzz dnt tk it in a wrng way;i m jst wht me or jst lik me..people feel n think lik ths..

    1. Anisha

      I’m a SwaSan fan and Pls! Stop this….

  4. I have no words to describe.. I am addicted to your write ups.. waiting for more

    1. Anisha

      Thank You so much ??
      I never knew I have such wonderful readers!!
      Feeling blessed!!..

  5. Hey can you please give me the links of previous chapters???

    1. Anisha

      Yeah! But you’ll find chapter 5 or 6 missing…
      You’ll find it out in chapter 6’s comments do check it


      1. Mica

        nope.. all there, in complete chapter

      2. Anisha

        Complete hai???

  6. Ur a amazing writer love ur ff ?ur pov is truly correct Kavita n swasan they all are at fault? don’t think about bashers yr u continue ur ff plZ n why you are not posting Meri pehli mohabbat ff??

    1. Anisha

      Thank you so much
      Meri Pehli Mohabbat is deleted by TU
      Just check… ??

  7. Arunika

    Amazingggg…..I’m totally addicted 2 ur ff Anisha di….upload asap!!!!

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?
      Next part next month!!…
      Have to wait…

      1. Arunika

        Oh GOD….NEXT MONTH??
        :O 🙁

  8. Mica

    i read you opinion as writer POV in comment..
    i disagree for some point..
    Kavita is homewrecker…. her true love for sanskar won’t covered the fact that SHE IS HOME WRECKER, we can hide behind LOVE for every a bad doing.
    She made love to sanskar in their first meet, and still continue it to next 2 month until swara back…. she is cheap dear ( i can forgive for their first ML, but for the next.. it’s biggest betrayal of marriage and she soo called true love)..
    for every extra marital affair, it’s woman decision, if Kavita didn’t say yes, Sanskar wouldn’t even try to rape her too, rite ?
    swara betrayal ? sanskar betrayal ?how could you comparing them both ? it’s different case
    Swara betrayed her family as her family betrayed her first…she forced to get married..
    swara betrayed her family because there wasn’t any option to do…
    Kav-San betrayal…..
    is there any circumstance to said that it was a forced betrayal ?
    there was VALUE MARRIAGE that should keep in their mind.. just if they have brain to digest that precious words
    your FF is awesome, whatever will be happen, it doesn’t matter to me..
    but your opinion, somehow made shock, you want give a reason for kavita’s bad deed, but it shown that you stand in kavita’s side…
    i’m not talking… i’m typing 😛

    1. Mica

      please talk to me !! let’s me blabbering to you ! pleeaseee….

    2. Anisha

      Check out my comment once again ….
      And take it from a positive side!!..
      You’ll understand my POV better….
      I’m not taking Kavita’s side!!..
      Babe…!! …
      I’m not talking even??

      1. Mica

        i know!!… but it’s shown as it was…
        don’t blame my swara for their bad deed… *covering my mouth
        see… i’m not talking ><

      2. Anisha

        I’ll ??
        She is my SwarA too….
        Mica!! ???
        I’m not talking even… ??

  9. First of all your way of writing is good except the storyline. When you are uploading a ff in public platform, readers will read it. Some will appreciate and some will criticise. Dear! Healthy criticism is always appreciated to be a good writer. Whoever is bashing you, you must ignore them but when I read your replies to some real criticism, I felt like you are being way more rude. Sorry if it hurts you but you need to take critics on table when you are writing something. And coming to KavSan/Swasan, I don’t have issue in pairs but ya truly your justification for kavita is not acceptable.. As what Kavita did on first meeting itself is purely s*xual desire and that’s not love.. Craving for love and bodily needs are two different things. And ya coming to Sanskar’s only love is swara? Do u think so dear? In love, you can never cheat your partner. When you cheat, it shows that’s only attraction , not love… Sorry if it hurts you. But again I m repeating I m not against pair but ya against the way you try to be judgemental…

    1. Anisha

      Thank You so much J…

      1. Anisha

        Do read those comments!
        They are using slang words too…
        So I have to comment a way rude!
        I didn’t feel bad really!!…
        Because I have stopped feeling bad after I have come across such comments since I started the story…
        So it doesn’t Matter any more now!!…

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?

  10. superb

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ??

  11. Nice part, waiting for mere pehli mohabbat eagerly please update that, that seems to be very interesting

    1. Anisha

      Hmm… But will be late!!..

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