Sanskar’s POV

I entered my Cabin. It’s 12 at midnight and I’m here in my office!!… It wasn’t a wonderful day at all. Worst birthday ever!!..

**Flashback starts**

Today morning after reaching here, I slept on the couch, thinking about what I was and what I am now! The days and nights with Swara were insurmountable!!… I and Kavita had just that physical relation but Swara’s and mine was much more than just that!!… We never need to have s*x! s*x was different from what we had!!… It was love…

Suddenly Rohan entered my cabin. What was he up-to now? He was the one who encouraged me and now I was in this dilemma!!.. After so many days? Or shall I say months?

“Sanskar? What’s all this?”

“About what?” I tried to sound cautious.

“I want to talk to you about Kavita!!” he said in harsh voice.

“And how do that matter to you? I don’t talk about my personal life anywhere, to any random person here! So excuse me please!” I didn’t really want to share anything! What does it matter to him? Why does that matter? Why to involve with Kavita? What’s going on?

“Don’t tell me she found out you! And you liked her! Well you offered her to me on that day and it was sweet indeed but…. Now…..”

“I knew that! Mr. Maheshwari” I could see his fringed face and red poppy eyes “I encouraged you but not Kavi! I never knew it was her. If I would have I would have made sure you never did that!”

“Did what? And what are you trying to speak? You’re my friend or her’s? And what does it matter to you? If she had find you?” the next moment he punched me hard across my face.

“You blo*dy cheat! I am not like you. I agree I encouraged you but never did I know she was Kavi, you know every girl is different. Kavi is not like those others who hang around for money. She has craved for love all these years and now you are betraying her…”

“And you Mr. Roy how come you know that? I’m using her? May be I love her!” I spoke shooting daggers at him.

“I know you Sanskar, I have seen you since college. You can cheat on every one but not me. You and Swara are meant to be….. Kavita is just an another woman for you and I know that!!.. You may not be able to recognize but I’m there. I still remember your years with Swara. How can you easily forget her? Her sacrifices??.. Don’t look at me like that! Ya, I know we never had made up good together. But this time this isn’t about some bet, some prank it’s about lives. Why are you destroying Kavi’s life? The first time I saw her after 2 months, I wasn’t happy but I made myself happy thinking about her! She was so happy, her face was glittering but today no glow nothing just a pale one. Sanskar it’s first and the last time I am warning you” he held his hand upwards and pointed out me.

“and who are you? Don’t you warn me!!..”

“I’m your friend and her brother” he shot a glare onto me.

“Huh?” I couldn’t believe. What was he speaking? He was the only son of Sushant Uncle.

“She is my sister, rakhi sister and I meant what I said. But the worst think is I couldn’t save her. I warn you just get out of this. Got it? You better do that because I can’t help. She is mad for you. I hope it will be fast!!..” with that he closed the door shut and went out.

**Flashback ends**

I won’t deny what he said. I duely agree!!.. Kavita wasn’t my love and can never be!!.. How in this world can I just forget Swara? The sole reason of my existence, existence as Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari….

I cried at the thought of loosing her, that slap came onto my mind the next instant!!… How on earth can I slap her??.. How could I??.. I banged my hand on the rough worn out desk and blood came out as it shot over S sharp edged point. I don’t know when I slept on the floor hugging my scattered files.

The next morning I got up when something hit my stomach. I screamed in pain as I saw Rohan. What on earth was he doing? Why the hell is he kicking me??…

“Ro…. What??..”

But he wasn’t stopping.

“How dare you Sanskar?? How dare you?…”

And he kept on kicking me.

I slammed him next to the door not waiting more and we fought. Punching and kicking each other we were badly bruised, blood oozed out from the corner of my mouth and we shot glares.

“What the hell are you doing? Ha? Have you gone mad or what?”

“You cheap!!.. What have you done with her, with Kavita??… Do you know how’s she? She is in the hospital. What the hell did you do? What did you do spit it out damn it!!..” he shouted “She is severe and it’s all because of you”

“What the hell are you talking about? Have you lost it!!.. Nothing had happened!” I spat back.

“Then why is she ill? Why isn’t she well? I came to your house today morning and found her locked up at terrace. How could you stoop so low? Hmm? I just can’t…. ” he held his head in frustration and walked out.

I stood there numb again. Not able to digest what he said. My world started revolving again. A conclusion I made after so many attempts ended finally!!..

Whom to choose?? Swara or Kavita??
The one whom I love or the one who needs me now!!..

I don’t know what to do but for now I have to be with her! She needs me! Kavita needs me!!


Whom do you want Sanskar to choose? Swara or Kavita? Whom will he choose? Keep guessing!

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  1. Maha6

    He don’t deserve swara. He even don’t know the value of love. Don’t make swara suffer again. But make him realise his mistake n love n sufferings swara had beared.

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?

  2. Really awesome Anisha☺… loved it..
    Sanskar is guilty ,, thats what i want… make him realise what he looses!!!! n Kavita what is she up to?????..nxt part soon dr.

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?

  3. Awesome but when ll swasan meet??

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?
      Obviously, they’ll meet!!..
      Because it’s a SwaSan Fan Fiction ??

  4. Mica

    hmmm.. you are bullshit Sanskar !!!!!
    declared Swara as your dearest wife, your love, your soul, but able to cheated her just about 15 days of her absence in your life.. bullshit! bullshit!! bullshit!!
    i ever found soo much married men without love feeling toward his wives, but still they have faithfulness even though separated more than a year.
    Now, what the hell you think ? you want to choose Swara? back to Swara ?
    you had choose kavita those time/ slapped swara and kicked her from the house.
    and now after you get boring on kavita, you want back to swara ?
    blo*dy cheapo Sanskar gggrrrrrrrrr
    Anisha, i don’t talk to you yet typing the text 😛 😛

    1. Anisha

      Neither did I!!..
      Talk to you Smarty Pants! ??

  5. No Woder. He’ll Surely Choose Kavita. Bcz She Needs Him Nw Na? Selfish Bastard! Swara Shud Never 4gve Him.

    1. Anisha

      I don’t know what he’ll choose but I’ll make sure! You will see a guilty Sanskar, a bold Swara and a…..
      Ah! Actually, you all will fall in love with Kavita!!…
      Wait and watch!!… ???

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?

  6. Swara pls

    1. Anisha

      Wait till the next part comes up!!.. ?

  7. U r writing this ff realistic so i thought as real life sanskar and swara are divorced so he has no option he choose kavitha ,swara not only swara a women can’t accept again sanskar

    1. Mica

      once they facing each other, he slapped swara, and he had ever said to kavita that he choose her over swara.. soo.. eat that sanskar!!!

    2. Anisha

      Wait and watch!!..
      The next part will come up asap!!

  8. MOU


    1. MOU

      Is awesome

    2. Anisha

      Thank You so much ??

  9. Plss…choose swara

    1. Anisha

      Wait!!.. Till the next part!!.. ??

  10. G.Chandu

    Superb…!! Your question is really difficult…!!Both are right..!! Kavita needs him..!! and he loves swara…!! It’s better if he choose kavita I feel..!!

    1. Anisha

      Hmm… Thank You Chandu!!..
      Will see… ??

  11. Rekha

    Awesome as always….

    1. Anisha

      Thank You!! ??

  12. Deeksha gupta

    Awesome dear ….but make sanskar realise his mistakes . He should suffer same as swara has suffered …make him realise her value …but dont make swara forgive him so easily …

  13. Sammykapoor

    choose swara but he has to help kavitha as ahuman as a friend

    1. Anisha

      Hmm… Thank You ??

  14. Tanya842

    hey anisha this is the first time i am commenting on your ff actually i am new here and writing swasan: a singer and his fan…! it was a jhakasssssssssssss fabulous episode…! first let sanskar suffer and swara become bold..! and what is kavitha upto??…! something is not wrong how can this be possible i think kavitha is going to do something big maybe i think so sorry if i guessed wrong “puppy eyes”
    love you anisha i am 14 years how many years you are???….! take care….!
    #be happy and #stay blessed….!
    loads of love #tanya…..!

    1. Anisha

      Thank You for reading dear!!
      It means a lot ??
      Well I didn’t read your ff….
      I’m really busy with my studies nowadays…. So I hardly get time to check TU but when I post my ff that they I’m available!! ??
      To read the comments of course!!.. ?
      If ever I get time I’ll read…

      Welcome to TU… ??
      You will come to know soon about what she is Up-to… ??
      If I can post the next part today ??

      I’m 17 dear!
      And ha stay blessed too!! ????
      Love Ya!! ??

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?

  15. Kaynatk01

    are waah waah anisha dii ab mere sanskaar ko samajh aaraha hai sab usse aise dekh toh skti nhi magar he deserve it well you wrote it amazingly and now update next part soon am waiting

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?
      Will update asap ??
      Hope I can??

  16. nice,, he realised his mistake.. no doubt he choose kavita only.. i want bold swara and guilty sanskar.. but what is kavita upto

    1. Anisha

      I don’t know ??
      Wait till the next part!!..

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?

  17. hey I’m commenting for the first time…. ur writing skills r really good…. plz make sanky suffer same as swara…. he deserves it….. n post the next part soon

    1. Anisha

      Ya will surely do!! ?
      Thank You ?
      Will post tonight I guess! ?

  18. Arshaanya

    He can choose any1 who cares! ?
    Bt swara shud not choose him nw?… no women in real lyf wil go bck 2 men lyk sanskar?… i knw its fctnl bt here also swara shud not go bck sanskar dan it wil b a wonderful ending?… let him suffer dan rlze… how cum achanak sd hez rlzng..
    Cuming 2 chapie its gud..?

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?
      Will make sure he deserves that!!..

  19. Speechless..my mind has stopped working…pls update next part soon…n ya did is my 1st comment on dis ff

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?
      Well will post asap!!… ??

  20. Hi,I had doubt the kavitha will do for something big for his love. But not this he choose only swara,because last time kavitha ask the same question but that time he choose kavitha for his only satisfied his list,but now he want to choose swara for his love. How dare to behave rohan like that he only encourage sanky in this for go to fun with other girls,now he fight because kavitha is his rakhi sister,so what all the girls have brother u can spoil her life for satisfied ur fun of s*x,please rohan it is the kavitha first drool over him not sanky. What a friend he is rohan,he encourage the friend to cheat the wife,now u dare not open ur mouth and call sanky as a cheap,cheater how can be he talk like this,first of all he is not a good friend, or good person. How dare he talk like that cheap person rohan chii

    1. Anisha

      Chill the next chapter I’m posting it now!

  21. nice..continue soon..

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?

    1. Anisha


  22. Arunika

    Amazingg….Sanky repenting…this is wat I wanted!!!

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?

  23. It’s difficult to choose….. Bt ya episode was awesome….

    1. Anisha

      Thank You ?

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