Yay! Silver Jubilee!!….. Finally?? I wrote the 25th chapter!!..

Varun awaited, calm and patient. Though he wanted a reply to the confession, he did a minute ago, he was much more eager to know whether she forgave him. He wanted to know her answer. Swara never showed her love neither did she show any attention or affection towards him. Eventually, he thought he did wrong.

Swara was puzzled what to say. This wasn’t easy for her, she was confused what to reply!!.. The tension of silence aroused in the atmosphere and it turned awkward!!.. Not prepared, she didn’t what to say in return and he kept quiet not to embarrass or disappoint her with his sudden move. He was finally happy! He did it. He confessed his feelings!!..

“Varun actually…” Swara started and kept quiet again. Varun kept waiting, figitating his fingers. His face turned pale as Swara moved and sat down on the car. Swara kept thinking what Sanskar said.

**Flashback starts**

Third person’s pov

“Thank You, Varun” Sanskar shook hands and hugged each other.

“I did it for my sister, Sanskar. I never knew where Kavita went and finally here. I found her in Sparsh” Varun spoke caressing Sparsh’s face.

“Where is my chocolate, uncle?” Sparsh said and jumped on Varun.

“Come I’ll get you one” Varun took Sparsh away.

“I hope you will sort out the things” Sanskar sighed “I know what is going on between you two. I know you had problem of Varun bringing Sparsh to you. I know you Swara. From when did you turn like this? I know you hate Kavita but for what do you hate her?” Swara stared at him confused “I mean you hate her because you think she ruined your life? Your past, she made you miserable and your past? Isn’t it?” Swara nodded.

“Listen, Swara. We should only expect something from them, whom we know. You knew me and what I did after that you didn’t forgive me, it’s totally correct! I was the one who initiated, I slapped you. If the one you believed the most, you acknowledged about, you trusted upon didn’t even think about you then how can you expect some other person to think about you, when she even didn’t meet you? How could you expect Kavita to not love me, to not have a relationship with me, to think about you before sleeping with me? Then if you can forgive me, why not Kavita? If you can forget what I did then why can’t you forget what Kavita did? Why do you bother about Sparsh? Sparsh is a kid, Swara. He knows nothing! He’s innocent but you punished him. You didn’t think about Varun? About his happiness? He loves Sparsh, he is his sister’s son! He may not love the person who did this to you but he loves his sister, he loves his sister’s son. I won’t say you are completely responsible but still, you have to understand” Swara nodded.

“Without siblings you get quite a skewed vision of yourself and of the world. I always felt I didn’t understand how it worked. I remember feeling quite lonely because bhai was quite elder to me” he sighed “After we get married, does it mean that we stop loving and caring for our family? Does that mean we should forget our family, that has given us so much? Does that mean our priorities are only our soul mate? Our life partner? No. Swara, family means a lot. Everyone attribute all his success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from their families. All that we are, or hope to be, we owe to our family, our parents and our near and dear ones. No one succeeds without effort… Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance. We definitely love and care for all the relations we have but that doesn’t means we should forget our family our friends. We should maintain both. Both are our priorities” Sanskar handed his flight tickets on her hand.

“What’s this?” she stared at those two tickets “You are going back, Mumbai isn’t it?”

“No. I’m going back Kolkata” tears brimming out “After 8 long years” he smiled remembering his days in Kolkata “I know everyone would be angry. But I know them, Swara. It’s my family and I had to return one day. So I’m returning. I’m returning back to Kolkata. Dad wouldn’t even let me enter the house but I know he needs me now and when I’ll be there, touching his feet, he would forgive me”

“Your wish” Swara shrugged and kept a hand on his shoulder “All the best”

“Thank you and to you too”

“Me? Why are you wishing me?”

“You have to say this to Varun. You have to ask sorry” she nodded “You both need to understand, the problems, the situations and then deal with it”

“Yes! I’ll” she smiled.

Their trance broke when Sparsh yelled “Dad, I got my choco. Lets leave”

Sanskar smiled and took Sparsh in his arms. Swara stared at the father son leaving, a satisfactory smile curving her face.

**Flashback ends**

Varun stopped the car as they reached home.

“Why did you stop the car?” Swara asked.

“We’re home” Varun pointed out. She sighed and looked around. She reached home, finally!!..

Swara got out of the car and Varun parked it. Swara looked around for Ansh but he was no where.

“Where is Ansh?” Swara asked Varun as she thought Ansh was with him.

“He preferred staying with Ma. He wanted to stay there and I obliged” Varun said and Swara sighed.

“It’s good! You don’t need to bother about him now. At least you can get time for yourself and whomever who wants to come and stay home. It’s okay! After all my house has become charity!” she poured a glass of water for herself.

“Swara… I…”

“I know… What you want to say” she drank the glass of water and rolled her eyes. She sat on the floor.

Varun sighed and continued “Why don’t you look at yourself, Swara? From when did you become selfish? Sparsh was like family, didn’t you feel that? Look how happy Ansh was and how he’s now!!.. But you won’t understand” he sighed “Okay! Do one thing. Tell me what you want?” she sat beside her on the floor.

“Okay! Let me be clear. Why did you think about divorce?”

“I was irritated by your behavior, Swara. The way you behave, with Sparsh. The way you took everything! Swara I was wrong, I know! I shouldn’t have given divorce papers but I was so angry. You know, how much uncontrollable I’m when my anger reaches peak? I just thought of scaring you. It’s… It’s just that!!..”

“And you thought of divorce? Was it so easy for you? You promise to love me, to care for me but only this much love you have for me?” Swara cried.

“Shh… Don’t cry” Varun whispered, soothingly.

“Why won’t I? And why shouldn’t I?” she shrugged her hands from him “You made me cry all night this one month, two weeks and two days” she was crying like a child now. Varun couldn’t control but laugh.

As he laughed, she started admiring him!!.. His laugh, those lips, those… Urrghh! What was she thinking? She hit her head by her hand and pressed her hand on his lips.

“Don’t laugh that much. You are looking like a kid. Be serious, I’m serious can’t you see?” she spoke, smirking.

“Oh! I see” he laughed again and she hit him hard on his head. She kept hitting him with the magazine she found beside the table.

“Ouch! Are you planning to make yourself widow?” he rubbed the injury.

“Shhh…” she shushed him coming closer “Never say that. I’m sorry, Varun. I know I’m wrong!”

“No. I’m wrong. I gave you those divorce papers then even after knowing your past…. I….”

“Shhh… Past is past and we should never move back and look at it” she pulled herself up from the floor and walked to her room. After a couple of minutes, she was back with some papers.

“What are these?” he asked as she handed him.

“Read it yourself! Are you illiterate?” her hands folded across her chest.

He saw the divorce papers and looked at her “I’m sorry for being your misery, Swara” he looked down. Swara gave him a questionable look and glared at him.

“Because of me you were crying and then because of my sister your past….”

“I said no? Past is past!” she smiled and hugged him “I’m happy, I got my best friend back”

Both smiled looking at each other. Varun lit up the matches he carried in his pocket and then burned the papers up.

“From when did you start smoking?” she asked curiously, lifting herself up from his arms.

“I didn’t smoke” Varun said biting his tongue as he lied.

“Huh? Again lie” she sighed and rolled her eyes.

“Ah! Okay sorry. I was grief stricken” Varun acted to be really a suffering, miserable person. Swara laughed whole heartedly and Varun smiled at it. He saw her smiling after years, openly, lovingly!!.. Swara sensed his gaze on her and continued.

“I’m sorry Varun. I should have known your love for Kavita as I too have a sister. Instead I misunderstood you and all these…ahh!! Sparsh”

“I understand” Varun interfered “And it’s okay! Raat gyi baat gyi” he comforted her.

“No it isn’t okay. I must have understood the way, Ansh is my responsibility, same goes to you for Sparsh and..” Varun pressed his fingers on her lips.

“Keep quiet, Swara. I said leave it. I really don’t want to talk about it. I am sleepy” Varun acted and Swara laughed.

“We are looking like two drowsy drunk persons” Swara laughed.

Varun stood up, took her in her arms and left for their bedroom.

“I missed our room” Varun spoke and kissed the top of her head. Swara smiled and held his hands.

“Sleep, it’s late” Swara spoke.

“You sleep. I’ll freshen up and come” she nodded.

After he entered the room, he glanced Swara and sighed. He recalled the happenings in these two years and what happened today!!.. He laughed at their madness. He lied down beside Swara and saw her with all his love.

“I love you, Swara. Good night” he shifted to his side and slept.

“I love you too”Swara uttered in her sleep, smiling and turning towards the otherside.

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  1. awesome..tc..

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  6. Mica

    uuughhhhh.. i hate this Sanskar again… he tried to defense kavita ?????? ooh God!!!!!
    i know some of his words was rite, but woman should think about other woman, She knew that sanskar married man, she is the one who initiative first, like a whore…
    as i said before, in every affair, there is woman fault only. (except rape case)
    Man is man, they are mostly like a cat which demand fish (if we talk about s*x)
    but woman is the one who can decide to say YES or NO in the affair.
    if only Kavita respect herself, if only Kavita respect other,.. she won’t do that..and the affair won’t be happen…

    uuuugghh Varuunnn!!! you said that you just want to scared Swara with divorce paper ???
    it obviously that you doesn’t have respect to your marriage.. that’s all, really you disappointed me…though you even didnt consider that you love Swara..
    you think about Sparsh only oohh Good!!!
    why every men here underestimate Swara, didn’t understand Swara..
    -Sanskar blaming Swara to have hatred to Kavita..
    -Varun didn’t respect his marriage relationship with Swara cause of Sparsh, Kavita’s son..
    poor Swara,,, i’m really crying for this part Anz!
    but what to say… Swara can accept that..

    1. Anisha

      Micz!!.. Why do you all don’t see that part… That Swara also had brought up Ansh isn’t it? Then why can’t Varun do that? And why cant you accept Varun? Varun is also right Sparsh is only a child. He did nothing to Swara. And as Ansh is Swara’s responsibility, Sparsh is also Varun’s responsibility. Why are you guys not getting that part I don’t know.

      Varun was just carried away & gave divorce. He was angry and he asked sorry and sorted out everything. Sorry if I disappointed you.

      Anyways!!.. I missed you lots in the last two chapters ???

      1. Mica

        ??? i didn’t blame Varun about Sparsh in this case, but his decision to divorced Swara by those silly reason..aaarrgghhh he just really disappointed me to the core..this is DIVORCE PAPER ,BABE!!! never play a game with divorce paper..
        and he said that he angry about Swara behave to Sparsh rite ?
        Swara did behave wrong to Sparsh mostly about her distrust rite ?, Varun brought sparsh as his nephew, but without revealed his sister identity (based swara knowledge that he has no sister), so, for Swara, she can’t accept Sparsh as Varun’s nephew, that is the problem those ages.
        (i understand why Varun didn’t reveale kavita, but he didn’t realized that it give more pain to Swara)
        huh! i didn’t disappoint to you, i disappointed to Varun 😛 😛
        don’t say he did nothing to Swara,, he gave pain to Swara.. but what i can do, Swara loves him, Swara forgives him…rite ? sad but true 😀 😀

        even me.. i’m soo behind in many Swasan ff nowadays, this works killing my time….
        but happy, this morning i can read this ff 3 in raw, yay!

    2. Arshaanya

      I totally agree wid ur each n evry word mica… m dispntd wid varun
      I cnt tolerate him nw wid swara i dun knw y… nobody undrstd her… she was alwaz loyal in her evry rltn bt evrybdy gve only pain to her…. sanskar wat r u saying man.. not agree wid his evry wrd huh… swara hs evry rite to hate swara….
      N Anisha swara mistreated sparsh coz of varunz lie… she knew he dun ve any sister dan how can she trust him…
      As u r showing nw he explnd swara evrythng he shud ve done bfre… bt wat he did in angr he gve her divorce

      1. Mica

        Arshuuu!!!! hahahhah, yeah we again bugging Anisha!!! i love you babe!
        we are just waiting Varun punishment, then if we don’t satisfy with varun punishment, let’s we punish Anisha! ahem ahem…
        Anz! ty for compliment dear! :3 :3
        even i missed you, ummaahh…

    3. Anisha

      Yes! Yes! I know! I know! Ur PROBLEM??
      I missed you ??

  7. Awesome
    I just loved it
    And thanks for not making sanskar as a villain
    U just nailed it dr

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    Hey Anisha
    I read dis part last nite on ur ff page n msgd u dere…
    Sorry to say bt I dun agree wid sanskarz evry wrd here… n varun m vry dspntd wid his chrctr… as he expnd swara nw abt sparsh he shud ve done bfore… it wud ve taken tym for swara to undrstnd bt kuch krta toh varun… instead of explng suprtng swara wat he did?? Gve divorce paper,, gve pain,, avoided for 1year…if he dclrs dat he love her truely n all he shud ve atlest tried to tell her truth dat tym…
    M sorry if i hurt u bt i will not trouble u nw frm my comments as m not satisfied wid varunz chrctr … n wid our comments u must b feeling hurt… so sorry for dat bt u knw v love dis ff… from chappy 1 we r w8ng k sumthng gud wil happen wid swara bt she only got pain… hd lots of expctns frm varun bt…sorry once again tc

    1. Mica

      Arshuuu…. huh! after your statement, now i taken back my support to sanskar :D, huh! yaa..
      he was defense kavita in every words by blaming himself…

      1. Arshaanya

        Ya exactly d way sanky was defending dat cavity it was luking hez madly n deeply in love wid cavity…. n see varun wat he did wid swara…
        Micu me 2 feeling now sanky ia bttr dan varun ???? hahahahha…
        Both r making swara guilty wid dere wrds huh

      2. Anisha

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        You’re comments are making me ??????????

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  13. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Hi, how are you asanskari swasan ki fan asanskari anisha????Oh God dude, you are writing so hot scenes that my room AC is falling weak in front of your hot scenes… But..But…But I am loving it???.
    About chappy,uff,sanky kabhi nehi sudrega??…And varun….In some points he is right,and some points he is right ??…And yeah, one more thing, I need hot and intense romance between swarun(everybody have same rights so why not swarun. If they patch up)…So, keep writing like this… Waiting for nxt…
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

    1. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

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        It’s an old name babe!! ..

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    But what to do cannt imagine anyone else than Sanskar with Swara..but its ok…

  17. OMG…!! First I didn’t expect varun to confess this suddenly in last episode…!! I am soo happy that sanskar got changed…!! Those dialogues about family…again you rocked…!!! After that…when he said he was going back to kolkata…and back to his family…and his father needs him…I felt like woww…!! It touched my heart…!! I loved sanskar’s whole convo today…!! I loved today’s episode the most…among all till now…!!!
    And how are you now???!!!

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