KUCH TOH HAI TERE MERE DARMIYAN – Episode 24 (The former readers who stopped reading pls read the note


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Varun’s POV

I am standing with Swara and Ansh at the airport. We have come to see Sanskar and Sparsh off. Yes!!.. They are going away. Going to their place.

I can see a different spark in Sparsh’s eyes. The moment he saw Sanskar entering in our house, he just ran into his arms. He was missing him badly. No matter what Sanskar did in life but the fact was Sparsh loved his father to the core. Sanskar responded with equal intensity. It was clearly visible in their eyes how much they craved for each other. Sparsh got his guide back!!.. Seeing them so much happy I was sure of one thing I could have never been able to replace Sanskar in Sparsh’s heart. But there was someone who was heart broken on his departure. My champ.. My Ansh

In these 2 years both of them had developed an inseparable bond. I really adored their brotherhood. Whenever Swara ill treated Sparsh, it was Ansh who gave him support and cared for him in my absence. They both were hugging and crying. We elders decided that we will not involve the kids in our personal fights and would allow them to talk and Skype. We somehow consoled the kids.

Me, Swara and Sparsh stood outside watching them going. I sighed.. Sparsh, Son of my step sister whom I loved deeply but she never reciprocated the feelings. Sparsh was like my own son. In Sanskar’s absence I felt it was my responsibility to take care of him. I thought everything will be alright but I was wrong. So much happened after his arrival. But now watching him going happily with his father I can feel everything is now falling into place. I glanced to my left and saw swara. Immediately reality hit me. Not exactly everything was alright. I need to woo my lady love…

Realisation started hitting me about my past deeds which caused her only pain and nothing else. I was a stupid of not understanding her. She suffered so much and I had promised to give her happiness throughout life but from past 2 years I’m the reason of her agony. No no.. It’s wrong… I need to rectify my mistake as soon as possible

Yes..  I will confess to her on reaching home… But my mind said “kaal kiya so aaj kar, aaj kiya so ab”  (watever u will do tomorrow, do it today and wat u plan doing today, do it now) (i hope i translated it correctly ?)

So it was a do and die condition for me.. I could not wait for us to reach home…

Varun’s POV ends

Third person’s POV

After Sanskar and Sparsh went out of their sight. Swara sighed and glanced towards Varun who was already staring her. She looked away taking Ansh with her and started to go but stopped listening to Varun.

“Swara” Varun intervenes.

She stops but doesn’t turn. She closed her eyes praying to god not to hear something which she doesn’t wants to!!.. Varun came infront and asks Ansh to go and sit in car saying that they are coming shortly. Ansh complied and left.

After Ansh left swara looked at him questioningly. He took a deep breath.

“Swara.. I want to say something”


“Not here”

He held her hand and took her to a lonely corridor.

“Varun! What do you want? Why have you brought me here?”

“Swara..  I m sorry” Swara looked at him confusingly.

“Swara I know I did wrong with you. Whatever happened in last two years gave me pain but I know more than me its you who suffered the most. Already you were heart broken due to Sanskar and then grief of your family, sudden responsibility of Ansh.. You even got married to me forcefully. I am ashamed of myself of not keeping my promise. I promised you to keep you happy always but its me who gave you agony in last two years by bringing Sparsh and not telling you his identity. I became selfish in love of my dead sister and nephew that I forgot about you and when you protested I behaved rudely with you. But I was so much blind in Sparsh that only one thing revolved around my mind that you didn’t trust me ignoring the fact that you hav faced such a bitter past so developing such doubts was natural. But trust me Swara I didnt wanted to hurt you that’s why I didn’t tell you his identity. I hated myself more when I gave you those divorce papers but I was angry and now I’m regretting. Please forgive me swara (a lone tear escapes his eyes) I know you consider me as your best friend but swara (looking straight in her eyes) I love you.. I love you from the day I saw you. I don’t expect you to reciprocate this feeling but I want everything to be settled between us like before. Please forgive me Swara. I am sorry!!..

All this while Swara was numbly listening to him and after listening to his confession she was dumbstruck. She just stood their expressionless without uttering a word confusing Varun further.

This part is not completely by me but my Friend Riddhima Kapoor wrote it. Thank you ? #Ridz and yes! Varun’s punishment would come up only after Swara confesses her feelings.

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  1. Simin

    Finally he confessed wooohhhoooo
    Everything will be on track soon

    1. Anisha

      Super happy? Next episode is gonna be sad?
      Let’s watch your expressions then?

      1. Simin

        Dont worry anisha rabia di ki wajah se mujhe shocks sehne ki aadat ho gayi hai i will handle it

  2. Anishaaa.. Im happieee that now swarun is coming to the track.. Gonna see some awesome love track i guess.. Was soo busy these days so couldnt read ur last part.. Its now i cmpltd reading both ur episodes.. As usual i loved it..Waiting for next update to see some swarun nok jhoks.. Thanks ridhima for ur update

    1. Anisha

      Thank you! Will update asap!

  3. Nice but short

    1. Anisha

      Thank you and sorry! Next part will be longer

  4. Dharshini

    Awesome dear..Too Lovely…

    1. Anisha

      Thank you!

    1. Anisha

      Thank you

  5. Kakali

    Reality hit him since Sparsh left him… i dunno why my mind revolves around all this stuffs but still i think Swara is second option for Varun..2nd priority.. uf Sparsh would have been here,, he would never say all this which he confessed just a minute ago..

    Hmmm though i can understand Varun’s state of mind.. he is too strong to handle both of themm.. he was also helpless..
    Anyway love it Anisha..
    Thnk u… n Ridhima too..(she n her tenant ff writer rit?)

    1. Anisha

      Thank you
      No this Riddhima is different. The Riddhima who wrote previous chapter’s of kthtmd is the she n her tenant writer but this is Riddhima Kapoor. She never posts her FF’s on TU

  6. Arshaanya

    Nyc chappy…
    Bt y varunz punishmnt aftr swara z confssn…
    Swara was alwayz loyal in her evry rltn…bt nobody undrstood her…Varun wat is dis if sanky hd not cum bck for sparsh dan u wud ve lft swara…
    Sparsh z gone nw he wants swara bck huh…

    Sorry anisha i alwayz trouble u wid my comments bt m not satisfd wid dis varunz chrctr…

    1. Anisha

      U will know!
      Thank you
      So sorry! I hope I can make you Varun correct in ur eyes again….

    2. Dhara

      I agree with you.. If Sanky woudn’t have come back Varun would not thought of Swara. But I agree that Sparsh was his priority 🙂 Anisha you wrote very complicated ff till now.. I hope everything will be resolved at d end..

      1. Anisha

        Yes! I’ll resolve it ?

  7. Rekha


    1. Anisha

      Thank you

  8. awesome..tc..

    1. Anisha

      Thank you

  9. Superbbbb

    1. Anisha

      Thank you

  10. Mica

    the note was for me ha ? *hammer in hand..
    Same thought with Kakali and Arshaanya, that Sparsh always be his first priority, but hmmm, i remember he was planning to send Sparsh to boarding school without Sanskar existence, by that fact, at least he ever try to think about Swara…. not more than 40 %… 😀

    feel lil bit emotional to read Varun’s words for Swara…it’s true that sometime we tried to not giving pain to someone but the fact we give them more pain.
    thank you Anz! concern more with your health, please.. and ty for Ridhima.. this part awesome..*run to next part.. uughh marathon

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