I’m thinking of ending the ff in the next episode shall I?

Swara’s pov

It’s been months since I’m coming here for Sanskar. It’s good he’s improving and I’m being patient for him, tolerating his nuisance. But with Sanskar, I’m noticing a lot of things together. When I think of helping Shona in some kitchen work or any other work, I see her staring Sankar.

“What’s going on?” I asked her when I noticed her staring Sanskar, standing at the entrance.

“Noth… Nothing” she fumbled and gripped her hand bag tight “What does it matter to you?” she spoke harsh and moved out in attitude.

I sighed and went to meet him. As usual he was calm to me, complaining that Ro and Shona would kill him. Schizophrenia isn’t an inheritant disease but with a man going through depression, anxiety and frustration it’s common. I know what Sanskar has gone through but mine was also not less!!.. Difference was just that he was in guilt and I wasn’t!!…

Shona used to turn her face sometimes and look at me as if she’s gonna haunt me.

“Are you planning to kill me? Why are you so jealous?” I said coming to her and poking her.

“Jealous and me? No never” she turned her face.

“Do you want to accept him after knowing what he has done to me? Will you be able to accept a person who has been never truthful? Will you be able to accept him?” I asked as I placed a hand on her shoulder.

“I had already accepted him Swara. I don’t know anything right now. But I know I love him. Did you see his condition? Do you think he’ll do this again?”

“If you are okay then I don’t have any problem. Analyse and then think about it. Okay! Bye have to pick up Ansh” I turned to leave.

“You still love Sanskar?” he question bound me again.

“No, he’s my best friend and that’s my duty. He had helped me a numerous times so today’s my turn” I smiled and left from there. I reached home and Ansh already there.

“You cane so soon?”

“Yes mumma, dadda brought me” he said munching the chocolate with Sparsh beside him. I just can’t tolerate this boy?

“Swara, you were late so I brought him with me” Varun spoke.

“Hmm…” I nodded and looked into him.

“Where were you?” my shot up. What should I answer?

“I?.. I…. I… Was in office” a lie.

“But Arun said that you weren’t there. I called you so many times but you didn’t receive. Were you that busy?” how could I forget to switch on my phone. Now what shall I explain?

“Are you doubting me? Are you trying to show how much loyal you are and I’m not?” I spoke in attitude. I didn’t want to show that I cared for him or his questions, like he didn’t care for me.

“Swara, when someone lies this is how it sounds. Better don’t lie and yeah! I think you’re the one doubting me” he taunted “Anyways I came to ask when are you going to sign and give me those papers? I want them”

“What papers? I don’t have them!” I said and tried hard not to smirk. I knew what he was talking about.

“Swara, don’t play games with me. I said sign the papers and give it to me now” he yelled and held my shoulder tight.

“I said I don’t have” trying hard not to shriek.

“You don’t have the divorce papers?” he asked me again.


“Okay I’ll get new ones and make you sign right in front of me” he yelled.

“I said I won’t sign” I pushed him back.

“And may I know why won’t you? MS. Swara Gadodia?” anger rilled up.

“Why the hell do you want me to sign? Did you get another one for yourself?”

“Swaraaaa…” he yelled.

“Don’t shout! I too know how to do that. Ansh take Sparsh with you and go to your room”

“Why shouldn’t I shout? When I’m being accused of what I didn’t do”

“And who knows, may be you did”

“Swara, I never doubted you and will never do. It’s better you don’t repeat that”

“I’ll” I yelled again “Why are you divorcing me then?”

“Because you’re not trusting me. A relationship is based on trust” he held his head “I know you don’t love me and you can’t but why don’t you trust me?”

“Then why did you bring Sparsh here? You know about how it has been these years. You know how much I had suffered then? How could you ever think of bringing Sparsh here?”

“So you trying to say Sparsh is my son? You are saying that I’m not trustworthy? Every men aren’t same”

“Every men are same. Okay I agree what you said he’s your sister’s son. Tell me where from your sistet came when you have no one left in this world?” I asked pushing him back against the wall.

“I said my sister had eloped and so I didn’t know her whereabouts! She’s no more now” he lied again.

“And what if I say. I don’t believe!” I shaked my head “I even asked aunt and she didn’t tell me. She doesn’t know anything about your sister”

“Swara, you believe aunt more than me?” I turned my face.

“Okay! I’ll tell you the truth. Do you have the guts to listen and stand still? Will you be able to accept me then?” was he really betraying me? The thought of betrayal brought tears onto me. I didn’t have the strength to bear anymore!!.. I just nodded.

“So he’s my sister, Kavita Oberoi’s son. You know Kavita?” I nodded negatively “Sparsh bring Mumma’s photo”

Sparsh brought the photo “Okay, so don’t panic. I knew you don’t know her. I guess after seeing this photo you may recognize” I nodded and watched keenly.

As soon as I saw the photo ,my hands touched my mouth closing it not to shriek.

“She is Kavita?” my hand trembled “That means… Sparsh is…”

“Sparsh is Sanskar’s and Kavita’s son” he completed. My eyes grew red as I looked onto the photo and then Sparsh.

“Just like I hate his mother, I hate him as well” I spoke after gaining my senses “Because of her I had to spent so many miserable years. Because of her I lost my every single thing. My love, my family everything!!.. She taught me not to trust and brought a Swara whose life was just more than miserable. I just hate her and him” I pointed out Sparsh, threw the photo apart and threw him out of the house.

“Swara, what are you doing? I know what Kavita did was wrong but what did Sparsh do? He’s innocent. Open the door damn it!” he shouted.

“Oh yes how can I forget even you too are her sister. Just like I hate her, I hate each and everything related to her” I wiped my tears, opened the door and pushed Varun out “This is what you deserve! Just get out! I hate you. I hate you even more” I yelled and closed the door on his face. I was so angry that whatever I found near me, I broke them up.

“I hate you” I murmured and fell on the ground as everything went black.

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  1. nice..bt dnt end it so soon..

    1. Anisha

      Thank you

  2. Rekha

    So sad…

  3. I think u should end this coz i dont think u are interested in writing this and plz start with meri pehli mohabbbat i am waiting for that

    1. Anisha

      Thank you
      But why do you think so? ?

    2. Hey its rude!!!

  4. Mica

    aaahh Varun forget 1 thing…. relationship is based on trust and understanding..
    he asked Swara trust.. but didn’t understand her pain..
    be frank.. i think Swara better being alone, she was happy with Ansh only..
    knowing her past , thought Varun love her so much then he ready for every consequence of her trauma..
    i think Swara got nothing from Varun but another pain…

    1. I agree with u dear she can only happy with ansh only. There is no need of varun sanskar in her life

  5. 🙁 I’m upset with swara today….. Atleast she could listen to varun… When she can forgive sans then why not Kavita??? And what did that little boy do???… But from swaras side is this I guess its not that easy…. Anyways love ur epi…..

    1. Anisha

      Thank you

  6. Awesome……. Continue soon……

    1. Anisha

      Thank you

  7. I dont know sorry if i hurt u but i think its just messed up plzdont take me wrong

    1. Anisha

      Ya I need someone to guide me… If you can pls

  8. Oh plzzxx now don’t separate them plzzxz and ya plzzzzz continue yaar plzzxx

    1. Anisha

      Thank you
      Will continue

  9. I really dont find it any more interesting this swara Behaviour what she want. Ok i agree sankar cheat her, he has completly repenting it watever she demanded he gave her diverose then during her marriage she told to leave her that he done never interfered again Wat else she want. in period of 6 years now wat gurdge she have left if she dont love him from 6 years. Now i think she never loved sanskar if she the she must have tried to save her marriage. If she thinks sankar os doing nuisance then y to show off, ofcourse that she dont do. And wat funny she said he is her best friend when they become. And i really don’t care about swara and varun relationship ofcouse yaar seperating from more than 1 year now suddenly she is having feelings for him. Its really a crap.

    1. Mica

      saving her marriage when she saw his beloved husband had s*x with another woman ? in the same time she got slap and his husband humiliated her ? it’s too painful to handle dear!… just too painful..
      in other ff, many Sanskar done cruel thing to Swara, most of them for revenge’s sake, but not for LUST.
      here, in this ff, Sanskar betrayed her for LUST.. the cheapest reason ever.
      we can’t blame writer of course, because it’s kinda fabulous idea….

      1. Anisha

        I don’t know I’m getting miserable ??
        Thinking about this ff

      2. Mica

        that’s why we love it soo much 😀 😀
        huh! i mean i love this ff… 😛

  10. Varun doesn’t understand her pain…he told abt trust…what abt the pain she had gone through these years…first Sanskar left her for Kavitha…now Varun gave divorce for Kavitha s son….everyone betrayed her……Swara s reaction is normal….

  11. Love can happen at any time…but realization of love happens when we go away from our love…..

  12. Tamanna

    Nice… But please don’t end….

    1. Anisha

      Thank you

    1. Anisha

      Thank you

  13. Arshaanya

    Anisha frankly saying m not njyng it any
    more… sorry if i hurt u… u knw m regular reader of ur stories bt m not finding it interesting anymore…
    For me varun will remain at fault alwyz… dere r many things… he shud ve tld her truth year bck n dan he shud ve tried his bst to show her love n care n make her undrstnd if he dclrs dat he love her..m really dspntd wid his chrctr coz v hve seen swara z suffrngs so i cnt blame her…she was bttr alone wid ansh..
    Dey were not even toking for 1yr n nw suddenly she strtd loving him… n varun he loved her alot fine bt gve her equal pain..

    1. Anisha

      It’s OK.. And thank you

  14. i think swara’s reaction is justified..it was totally unexpcted for her and dats why she reacted dat way..kavita was d reason for her broken marriage..so she hates her..no one is wrong in der
    pov..d situation is wrong..and every 1 is behaving according der situation..
    and dnt end it so soon..tc..

    1. according to

    2. Anisha

      Thank you

  15. Kakali

    Anishaaa !!! how sweet of u !!

    their fight was tooo cuteee but those scenes are going to haunt me in sleep… urghhhh !!!

    As a fanfic i don’t like their fight but somehow u shows reality here… this is lyf yarr… losing trust n being betrayed by our loved one it’s no easy to handle…if i woyld have been in her place ,, honestly speaking i’ll kick Varun out of my life…
    here we r saying make them together… do hell with them…
    i don’t want them together….
    Swara is not that much week ,, she was happy with Annsh… but again like took 360′ turn…

    U should stop this ff by showing Swara strong n living with Only Anshh… no Varun no love no Sanskar …
    cozz many women live like this…

    Thnk u … sorry if i hurt u by my words…

    1. Anisha

      Let’s see yaar! Im not sure & your comments make me confused. Hope for the bast

    2. Mica

      OMG.. it’s girl power!!! 😀 😀 😀
      haa.. you are rite..bitter past, painful present, unpredictable future (it’s writer’s wish for sure, huh! naughty writer!)
      but still i have a hope for Swarun…
      because this painful present made by soo called “misunderstanding”
      let Swarun still happen..
      Hei Anz! win-win solution.. let Sparsh live with Sanskar…

      1. Kakali

        Yeah Mica i also want them to b one
        .. but here m seeing something more then that… m just trying to put myself on Swara’s shoe…

        1st Sanskar betrays her for his soo called Lust… n satisfied him with Kavita…

        he didn’t care about her just for once n slapped her…

        she is in pain from too many years… her wonds are still not heeled but suddenly Varun comes n demand her to heel her wonds,, trust her understand her…

        now where is d trust… I know Sparsh has mistake in it… but still it haunts her.. how can she behaves normaly? it’s not easy for any women…
        it’s confuse me soo muchh…

    3. Mica

      Kakalii.. haa.. omg! you are soo rite..
      yaa.. Varun was demanding to heal Swara’s wound, but when it came to his own happiness, he ignored her pain.. how selfish..
      Sparsh is his own happiness, just his own happiness, his own dream ONLY..nothing left for Swara but deeper pain.
      1. Instead of gave any explanation first before bring Sparsh, Varun gave her shock by bring Sparsh in their home.. He was selfish already.
      2.Instead of understand Swara trauma, he demanded Swara trust him without any reason to trust..(he didn’t reveal about his sister), he was selfish
      3.Instead to show Swara how he loves her, they were acting as stranger because of Sparsh
      again selfish
      4.When Swara didn’t accept his own happiness, he divorced her soooo easily.
      selfish, selfish, selfish..
      So, when he ever think about Swara’s happiness ? NEVER!!!!
      that’s why somehow i give suggestion to let Sparsh live with Sanskar, after all, he is his father, and it good for Sanskar’s health..
      but, if Varun didn’t even consider about his mistakes or if he didn’t have so much love for Swara… Let Swara with Ans only and shout I’M SINGLE AND VERY HAPPY! 😀 😀 😀

      1. Anisha

        Yaar! Kakali!!.. Varun didn’t slap her..

      2. Kakali

        Yaar Anisha i didn’t said Varun slapped her… i said Sanskar(mask man) betray her for his lust n slapped her…

  16. I do agree with kakali but at the same time varun is not wrong he just want to keep the last memory of his sister ie sparsh with him and he really loves her

    1. Kakali

      Yes Simin i also agree with u ,, Varun has no fault in this .he is totally correct at his place.. .. but d situation is not rit…

      here i feel Swara soo week … it’s like she is none… only her haunted past ,, painful present ,, n future … i dont think she has… in d story we will love to read that .. but d realite is damn crural…

      soo let Swara live with Ansh … noo need of Varun… she can handle herself
      .. girlz r not that week … again sorry if i hurt u…

    2. Anisha

      Will see yaar! BTW you both are right at your place

  17. Vaikha

    Anisha dear.. As usual i enjoyed ur update.. But i think will stop this and continue with rest of ur super duper ffs.. I dont think u need to wrap up at the earliest.. 2 or 3 episodes more dear.. I want a very adorable reunion for Swarun.. Dont know y but i just love ur pair swarun.. Plssss dear unite them and end it on a happy note.. Clear their misunderstandings dear.. Need a blissful moment.. Let sparsh enjoy his life with shosan.. Its just my suggestions.. U r d creator and all rights reserved for u.. What ever it is i will enjoy all ur updates and keep waiting for ur new ones…

    1. Anisha

      Thank you! Will surely do that

  18. awesome…!! Everyone is soo over thinking…!! Waiting to see things setting right soon…!!

    1. Anisha

      Yea !me as well

  19. Meghs

    What was that ani swara hate every one now? varun was not guilty too still?

    U go on.. write the way u feels its moving on right direction

    1. Anisha

      Thank you re???

  20. Sorry anisha if my comments confused u i didnt had that intention i am just unable to figure out whats going on but i am damn sure u will come up with something good

    1. Anisha

      Thank you!

  21. No kakali u r right girls are not weak and they can handle themselves without anyones support and i am sure swara will do this for herself and ansh

    1. Anisha

      Yes! this is also correct! BTW still confused…

    2. Kakali

      Thnk u Simin… n Anisha!!! sorry for confusing u… but u do whatever ur heart says,,, do what u think is correct dear… thnk u..

      1. Anisha

        Thank you

  22. Amazing

    1. Anisha

      Thank you

  23. See anisha just close your eyes and think the reason why u wrote this ff there might be some plot in your mind where the story will go and what will happen just think about that and i am sure u will get your answers

    1. Anisha

      Thank you

      1. Kakali

        Anishaa !! don’t take my previous comments seriously…
        at last i wanna say something…

        U introduced Shona(new character) to us.. n we all know she loves Sanskar n wants to accept him with all his flaws then she has no problem with Sparsh… as he is Sankav’s son.. she can accept him also…
        so let Sparsh live with Sanskar … for this Sanskar will get well soon.. Shona n Sparsh’s bond will also become strong… then trio can live happily…

        N about Swarun(i really don’t want them together ,, but for ur sweet fanfic m saying to make them one).. n there will be only Swara, Varun n Ansh…*only in this story*…..

        Hope u understand my point….

      2. Anisha

        Yeah! I got it and I am making them

  24. Hi anisha di
    I’m new in TU & a crazy fan of swasan
    I want to read ur ff & I want the link to all previous episodes
    It is a humble request

    1. Anisha


      Take it…

      Chapter 5 is missing. It’s in chapter six’s comment box.. Do read and tell me

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