Kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyaan (a new start) part 2


The episode starts withAamir: raj you’ve to be on set from Monday at 9 am sharp
Raj : sure sir I’ll be there
Koyal pinches raj, raj shouts and speaks in a voice audible to her only
Raj : oye kya kar rae hai!?everyone is looking *raj winks*
Koyal : shutup and ask him if I can come with u
Raj :Aamir sir can I take anyone with me at shooting?
Aamir : han sure but only one person
Aamir leaves.. While paru announces
Paru : is khushi main you all have to come for dinner at our home tonight

(At koyal’s home)
Everyone busy in preparing paru gives money to shobu and asks him to get gifts for raj , shobu in shock says : maa kya hogaya hai 10,000 for raj? Wha wha and laughs sarcastically paru holds his ear and says: shutup he’s ur jija don’t take his name this way and listen talk to him properly with respect
Shobu laughs loudly and teases paru
Paru enters kitchen : Durga Durga itna kaam hai! Koyal work faster jamai babu ane wale hain
Koyal laughs loudly meanwhile gosh passes by
Paru : Gosh babu our jamai has to come today and you’re relaxing han!!??go and work on decorations

(At raj’s home)
Shobu rings the bell sanjana opens the door shobu holds her hand and pulls her out and holds her both hands sanjana tries to rescue but he blocks her way
Sanjana : shobu let me go I’ve alot of work
Shobu : shh let me look at u
They have eye lock of 2 mins then shobu kisses her on cheek, just then sanjana pinches him he tries to shout but she covered his mouth with her hand
And says :what happened aj itna pyaar?
Shobu : pyar tou roz ata hai but tum bhag jati ho.
They both laugh..shobu :Acha come along me to buy gifts for raj
Sanjana : ok I’ll go and change you wait
Shobu :no you look pretty let’s go
They both leave for buying raj’s gift

(At mady’s place )
Leela : madhvan why u so sad?
Maddy : amma I told u that I don’t want to marry right now I’ve to work on my business I’ve to settle
Leela: don’t lie to me i’m ur mom I know you don’t want to marry because if koyal, trust me beta meera is a nice girl
Maddy : amma please
Leela :I’m calling her at our home tomorrow at 6 pm and you’ve to be at home early or else om not going to talk to you
Maddy: but amma
Leela : get ready we’ve to go to paru’s home
Leela leave his room in anger, meanwhile maddy lost in thoughts and his good days with koyal

 Precap: dinner at koyal’s home

Credit to: Ilyana

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  1. Nice story.. I hope ki apki yeh story ekta Kapoor ne banaya hota toh kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyaan aj super hit rehti..aur serial ki TRP bhi increase ho jati

  2. Hey guys till 4 January 2016 no fan fictions can be uploaded so I’ll upload all the parts from 3 to 10 together

  3. I love this don’t stop writing
    Ekta should read this :/

  4. Where are u? I’m a silent reade though

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