Kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyaan (a new start) part 1


Hey guys this is my first story on any serial I’m  really disappointed with the current track n I know others must be too… so I hope you will like mine ff

In this story shobu won’t die,the story begins with he’s taken to hospital and everyone reaches there he’s still serious and raj is arrested; paru and gosh are against raj and claim he tried to kill their son while on the other hand koyal and maddy didn’t agree to them..

(In the hospital)
Paru : why don’t u understand koyal?still u trust that nakara raj who tried to kill ur bro?
Koyal: maa raj can’t harm anyone pls ma try to understand I know he is not that eligible as maddy but ma pls don’t blame him I was there too i saw everything
Paru : do whatever u want but if anything happened to my son I won’t leave u both
Leela: paru calm down she’s ur daughter she won’t hurt ur feelings
Paru : ha I know them all
Paru leaves from there as doctor arrives
Gosh: how’s my son?
Doctor : he is much better but he needs blood
sanjana: doctor mine and shobu’s blood group is same
Sanjana goes with doctor for donating blood

(At samar ‘s home )
Samar: you’re so pretty that I can’t describe
Tani : this is not time to talk abt this my bro is fighting for life pls do something
Samar :don’t worry he’ll be ok
And hugs her
Just then someone started banging door badly servants opens the door and asks that girl to leave she started shouting that she’s going to become samar’s child’s mom tani in hell shock looks at samar who was angry ro see ritika his ex-girlfreind there and asks her to go out but tani stops him  and  asks him to wait
Samar: leave her let her lie u knw baby I love u only
Ritika pushes servant and slaps samar and shows her pics and messaged of samar to tani, tani slaps samar and asks him not to contact her anymore samar tries to hold her but she pushes him away and slaps
Samar:I’ll fire your dad just wait and watch
Tani leaves in anger

( in hospital once again)
Paru : thank god mine son is ok or else I wouldn’t have leave that raj
Koyal leaves in anger maddy runs behind her

(Shobu recovered and told what happened and samar is arrested while raj is released from bars maddy and his family reunited and tani married surya happily and shifted to Newyork, while shobu and sanjana chemistry increases. )

 Raj shouting in the garden of their building and calling all
Koyal and other come there and asks him the matter
Raj : oye paru ,oye merii gulabo,bapo,or meri jan koyal
Koyal : raj stop this and tell us what’s the matter
Paru ignoring him and disliking him as always but…
Raj : han ruk na.. paru look here
Paru make angry face and say : damadh jii say whatever u want I’m not free like u why don’t u search a job as u passed exams with good grades too
Raj :I don’t need to find a job! My project came to me itself
Every one asks him to tell just then a big black car arrives everyone looked on…a man came out wearing strange clothes!glasses on his eyes, wearing hat and a writing pad in his hands
Man : hey raj
Raj : oh you here I was about to come to u.. and hugs the man tightly
everyone looked at eachother in confusion
Raj introduces him and tells : he’s Aamir Khan! Director of his new film I was telling u abt him
Aamir: nice to meet u all I’ve heard alot about u all from raj since these 3 months I’ve signed him as hero of my new film
Paru in hell shock other shouting and congratulating him

Paru: waese damadh jii when should we fix the date of your marriage with koyal
Everyone looks on
Paru :how will we get such eligible guy for u
Raj : oye teri khair

Credit to: Ilyana

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