Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 9th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 9th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, maddy asks koyal does she love someone else, koyal says no maddy i don’t i mean i am not ready now n maddy u are my friend u must be understanding right, i am not saying no to u but i just want to do something before marriage, maddy says yes koyal i understand u after all i am ur friend n who else will understand other than me right n since u cant say no to paru aunty i will say no come lets go home.
Panditji announces 21 nov as a good date, leela says lets send surya n tani Singapore for honeymoon, maddy enters, paru says maddy come the news is, maddy says paru aunty sorry i am not ready for engagement, leela asks what does that mean, maddy says sorry ma i don’t want to marry koyal,koyal n raj join them too, maddy goes to kitchen, leela goes

to him n says maddy i asked u abt it but what is this, maddy says no ma enough of marriage thing i don’t want to marry n i will talk to paru aunty n goes to paru n says aunty i don’t earn anything i am still studying n till i am able to take responsibility of koyal i will not marry her, first i want to get a job n i think koyal shd study too i am sorry aunty,koyal smiles looking at maddy, venkat says maddy but dates are, maddy says sorry appa i didn’t want to do this way but plz try understand my position.
Raj n koyal go out, raj says yar maddy acts so well, n koyal smile now ur all problems are gone now, koyal says no maddy n calls shobu n asks why did u hit him, raj says shobu was trying to sanju, koyal says raj if u want to hit , hit me but plz stay away from my brother , shobu u go home i know who is at fault, shobu leaves, n koyal abt to leave, raj says for a minute forget abt shobu n later we will talk abt it n good news is its party time n we shd thank maddy he is mindblowing, koyal says u spoil things n he will take care of it, thats what u do, i always wait for the day when someone will praise u but u don’t care abt it, but do u ever think that how i feel, why cant u become like maddy, like i want u to be, u are so lost that u didn’t even care that why i said no to maddy, raj says then u shd have said yes , do u want me to talk to maddy i will go n set things back, koyal says stop acting u very well know why i said no, i did so bcoz i love, raj says then just tell him, koyal says but that dumb person doesn’t even care.
Leela says maddy i think u shd talk to koyal, i know u said no for koyal, maddy says amma her parents wont understand her, leela says thats her problem why are u getting into it, koyal says raj tell when will u stop taking me as a joke, raj says means, koyal says i said maddy i don’t love anyone bcoz i had no guts to say that i, raj says yes u, koyal says i love the person who can say i love u to every single girl except me n he doesn’t even realise that i am dying to say that i love him, don’t u want to know who it is raj, raj says who.
Maddy says amma i know i let u all down, paru aunty plz understand i am not ready for marriage i am sorry n maddy leaves.
Raj pulls koyal near him, raj n koyal get very close to each other, raj sees paru coming n asks koyal to keep shut n says paru n leaves her hand, n goes away.
Paru walking sees koyal, koyal says ma if maddy wants to marry me i am ready, paru says he said no, koyal says how did he say no, raj says yes how could maddy reject koyal, koyal says i don’t want to talk abt it n leaves, paru says raj why do u do this, did she tell u she loves u n i know u two must have asked maddy to say no, maddy is so good that seeing koyal not happy he said no, why cant u see that n learn from maddy n why does koyal love u, raj says i don’t know, paru says u very well know koyal loves n u also know that she doesn’t deserve u, u are good for nothing, ur parents are upset abt ur behaviour too, sanju passing by stops,paru says bcoz of u koyals life is going hell, all bcoz of u, i ask u do u dare to marry koyal but u wont, u just want to take advantage of her, but the truth is u care abt nothing, selfish person n for u koyal is just an passing girl, n if u love koyal let her live her life happily n not with a guy like u, paru abt to leave, raj says enough paru i know koyal loves me, i will not let koyal go away from me n do whatever u want to do, she is mine n always will be mine n leaves.
Raj walking away, sanju stops him n says paru aunty was so right, if u will never let koyal go away why don’t u go n tell her, raj says plz go do ur own thing, sanju says bhai till when koyal will wait for u one day even she will get tried n leave, today it was maddy but next time n koyal u know she will get any guy how will u manage it next time n as a girl koyal wants u to take the first step , go tell her n now its up to u what to do, raj thinks abt how koyal was trying to say that she loves him.

Precap: koyal finds a file n seeing it she gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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