Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 9th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 9th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, sanju goes to meet raj, raj says sanju how are u n i will come out soon n u don’t worry, sanju says no bhai i pray that u never come out of jail,raj says what are u saying, sanju says i have seen ur hatred against shobu, u threatened shobu that u will kill him , raj says no sanju trust me i didn’t do anything to him, sanju says i don’t trust u, shobu had no enemies other than u, u were always behind shobu n u killed him for revenge, raj says no sanju i didn’t kill shobu n u are my sister cant u see ur brother is in trouble, sanju says n couldn’t u see that i loved shobu n koyal loves u so much but u did this to her, raj says no sanju i hated shobu because i thought shobu troubled u n i love koyal n i love u all too, sanju says no bhai i don’t

belive u n u already lost ur sister n soon will lose koyals love too n sanju goes away,
koyal missing shobu n remembers that paru blames her for shobus death, maddy comes n says koyal u didn’t eat anything since morning, koyal doesn’t look at maddy, maddy says koyal first eat something, koyal says no maddy i have to study please n will u please drop me, i mean if its fine for u and abt what happened in morning, maddy says koyal i don’t believe all tat happened in morning, koyal says maddy don’t u take me as the culprit, maddy says koyal see even after all that happened u still want to score good for ur mom n dad n this raised ur respect in my eyes n so now eat something, koyal says no maddy i have to study, n says maddy i always gave love first preference, fought with ma too for my love but now i have to prove my love n from now i will do everything for my family,for their happiness, maddy says n what abt raj.
paru holding shobus bat n missing him, amrish comes , paru says sorry i have no time for guests, my shobu is gone, he was murdered please leave me alone with my pain, amrish says bhabhi even we all miss shobu, paru says then first go punish ur son n then come join us in our pain, amrish says bhabhi my son is innocent n u will learn this truth soon n i am here to say that if koyal is pregnant i would like to take her along with me, paru says sure u can, she is no one to me, koyal comes n says one minute uncle, where will u take me n with what right, this is my house, she is my ma n i have no identity without them, ma is right please leave us alone, amrish says koyal always remember i will be there for u, when u need us just come without hesitation n amrish leaves
Paru says people associated my shobus death, i have no place for them n leaves, koyal remembers seeing rajs bike in front of college n police informing someone is robbing papers n seeing maddy n raj on terrace after shobus fall, maddy comes there n says koyal where are u lost see u look week eat something, koyal says maddy what happened that night, i heard raj saying u know the truth, maddy says i will get something to eat, koyal stops him n says maddy tell me the truth, u always said we always be friend come what may so tell me whats the truth, what happened that night
Inspector ask raj to confess, raj says no sir plz believe me i didn’t kill him, inspector starts hitting raj, koyal says maddy tell me speak something maddy don’t be quite, raj is been tortured to speak the truth, maddy says koyal the truth is bitter, u n no one even raj wont be able to face it, koyal keeps maddys hand on her head n says now u will have to speak the truth, maddy says koyal that night, raj went clg to steal papers, i tried to stop him, but he fooled me n ran away, n so i went behind him to stop him, in clg i searched for raj, in mean while police came to clg, i ran on terrace n saw raj holding someones hand n someone shouting, raj don’t leave me please save me n when i ran to raj, i saw it was shobu n he fell down.
Raj says sir plz believe me i didn’t do anything, shobu was already hanging, i was trying to save him, inspector says so what were u doing in clg, inspector says don’t stop keep hitting him, raj shouts in pain n says to himself that i cant tell i was there to steal papers, if i do koyal will get involved so i have to keep shut.
Maddy says koyal this is all i saw i don’t know how shobu came there n here are papers raj asked me to gave u, its ur take what to do with it now n leaves, raj in pain, he is on floor n tries to drink water from broken pot n says koyal i can face everything till u love me koyal, all i need is ur love koyal.

Precap: koyal says to raj, u brought these papers for me right raj n tears it on his face.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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