Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Maddy gathers all his stuff from cabin, Koyal goes to him n says maddy don’t do all this, maddy says Koyal this is ur cabin now, Koyal says I can’t take ur position I don’t deserve all this I am resigning, why are they doing this to us, n how dare they demote u when u are so deserving. Maddy says Koyal relax take a sit, see Koyal if u think I am deserving I am very happy but look at brighter side u are being promoted ur talent is being taken forward I mean u ladies have an inborn talent in u and they are boss they recognise talent n u shd be happy n not think abt it n I am very very happy for u Koyal, n if u think I am feeling bad u are wrong n if I deserve things I will get them n today it’s celebration time cmon smile.

Vidya says Amma why are

u following these madden trends, Leela says Vidya I always did what I thought right, Vidya says so all u care is abt maddy I mean me n surya are unmarried, Leela says so do u like someone tell me, me n appa will go n talk to them, Vidya says Amma relax, I want a grand wedding, u have always invested in maddy n now it’s return time n he will have to return it for his akka.

Koyal goes to meet baba, baba says yes new manager come in, Koyal says sir why did u do this, I Came for my husband, I am not even eligible n it will be bad for company, baba says why do u think so it’s my n my sons company n we know what we do n we promote them who are talented I mean ur dedication to talk to awara for ur husband that proves ur dedication for work n abt ur husband if he works hard he will be promoted too n please go join ur new duty.

Vidya bangs tanis door n says please come out of washroom n makes lot of noise, she gets a call n says oh hi I spoke to Amma n may be u will have to come meet them in mean while tani comes out n gosh rushes in, Vidya says paru aunty plz tell gosh uncle he always irritates me, u all have made this house n Dharamshala, paru says let me go call him out, paru bangs door n says come out, gosh says I can’t hear u, Vidya says u guys have made it a zoo, tani says Vidya mind ur tongue, paru says tani enough don’t talk to her in this tone, gosh comes out n Vidya goes In Bathroom n sees gosh hearing aid n flushes it.

Baba tells raj Koyal gave me a visit. Raj says baba I love her n I know what she must be there for, baba says if u love her a lot go meet her, raj says not now I have to wait for right time, yesterday She wanted to see me but for her husband n now I have started created differences in them n soon u will see how they separate, u know baba whole world took me as a useless n maddy as the deserving even Koyal n now when maddy is being demoted see how will he react n Koyal will know maddy is fake, n now the fire of hatred will burn.

Raj sees Koyal n maddy walking together, maddy says Koyal u will be best manager I am so proud of u n keeps hand over her shoulder, Koyal says maddy these bosses will learn soon that u are the most deserving, raj sees this n says I thought this will separate them but n walks in, in anger n says even today maddy won, i won’t leave him, this is the beginning I will ruin Maddys life n in such way that Koyal wouldn’t even spit on him.

Maddy sees Koyal upset n says here is my laptop for u, Koyal says no maddy I know nothing abt it, maddy says I will teach u because I can’t see anyone pointing at u,come with me, maddy takes Koyal out n both sit out n says Koyal I didn’t want anyone see us with laptop n ask us thousand of questions n anyways why are t u letting me tell everyone abt ur promotion, Koyal says maddy things have changed, maddy says ok we will tell when u are comfortable n I like ur spirit now come lets start, maddy starts teaching Koyal, maddy looks at Koyal taking interest n smiles, raj n babas car passing bye, raj sees them happy n says the more I see them happy the more the urge to separate them will grow, baba says raj don’t trocher ur self, raj says no baba, this maddy has always let me down n now u see slowly money n promotion will bring differences ended in them.

Pre cap:Koyal goes in a lift n gets caught, it’s all dark n raj is beside her, maddy says Koyal don’t worry, Koyal says yes maddy please help.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. worst episode

  2. I think Raj will make Koyal richer than richer by giving her extra bonuses or promotions. And he will make Maddy poorer than poorer by demoting him…. Wow! The fun begins…… And I finally understood what Raj actually wants and why Vidya is here.

    1. I liked the scene when Vidya was waiting to go the washroom and after Tani came out and she was talking on the phone how, Koyal’s father rushed to the washroom . It was quite funny 😛

      1. Yeah fatarajo that scene is funnny

  3. love means not only living with the person but also making them live happily.Raj don’t know that .Maddy is the best

  4. Actually I like Maddy and koels pair up raj who cannot understand his best friends and who is too decisive regarding relationships will never bcom Maddy in koyals eyes bcoz he dosn’t know the value of trust and emotions . I m sure koyal will find out rajs hand in this and save maddy

  5. Raj is too much nowadays. What is Maddy’s fault, he just saved Koyal’s life from Samar so he married her.

  6. You guys are totally correct. Why Raj is doing that. Worst episode.

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