Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 8th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 8th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, koyal says baba raj has gone to meet leela aunty he will do all well, rosy n paru come there n say that he is the one who made this mistake, leela checks factory file n says who is this behind all workers n asking them to sign this petition, paru says to koyal raj is good for nothing, leela comes there n says i am here to give a good news gosh babus job is back, paru says thanku so much u made a big favour, leela says don’t thank me its koyals friend who did it.
Leela tells them what happened in factory:
maddy explains all workers that this mistake can happen with them n they need to help gosh babu n sign a petition to help gosh babu,workers agree to maddy n sign petition, leela sees this n says this raj is behind workers n then sees maddy,

leela says who are u to talk on this, maddy says madam i applied for job here n got selected n this is my worker id and we all workers have signed a petition asking for gosh babus job back, leela accepts the petition.)
Listening to this story, paru says maddy u are a hero, koyal thinks i thought raj helped but its maddy n says thanku maddy, gosh babu says thanku maddy u saved my life, maddy says plz don’t embarrass me, shobu comes injured n all ask whats wrong who hit u, shobu says i was going on my bike n raj came n hit me, rosy says i will not leave this raj now,leela says enough koyal u take care i shall leave now.
Maddy surya n leela come out, surya says maddy i think u are getting too involved in koyals matter, i mean she hasn’t said yes for engagement yet n u do too much for her, she shdnt take u for granted its bad u see, maddy says anna plz she is my friend,leela asks what are u talking abt, maddy says amma sorry in factory i didn’t want to go against u, leela says maddy u did the right think.
Koyal says ma plz don’t involve police in this matter after all raj is ur friends son, paru says rosy is angry too n koyal enough of raj think cant u see ur baba n brother, tani tell koyal its too much now n koyal we have fixed ur engagement get ready for it, koyal says but ma such big decision without asking me, paru says koyal now get off the raj chapter n not a word abt him n leaves.
Koyal says to raj, raj i always try to save u from ma n babas anger but u keep spoiling things, for u all sounds like a joke right, sheena soumya n u just want to keep flirting with these girls right, raj says cmon koyal from where this sheena thing came n i did that for u, koyal says n u saw what that turned out to be n do u know ma has fixed my engagement but u will take this as joke too n leaves.
Paru says to gosh babu that keep acting as ill n koyal will agree to marry maddy, we will use this illness problem, tani hears this n says what are these two upto i will not let this happen.
Raj goes home, rosy says see hero is home, n raj tell us what new problem are u upto,raj says ma koyal is getting engaged, rosy says good for her leave her alone n stop troubling her n her family n leaves in anger, rajs sister says bhai i know who is koyal getting engaged to, its maddy, hearing this raj starts laughing what a joke, this will never happen, paru has no sense.
Maddy thinking abt how to propose koyal, n says koyal i know u want a guy who has u first on his mind n keeps u happy always n today i am gonna propose u. Koyal walking on streets n says god ma n baba why are they behind me n this raj has already spoilt everything, tani says i have to tell koyal who is she gonna get engaged too, n calls koyal n says koyal i called u tell who are u gonna engaged to, koyal says plz di i don’t want to hear abt this bye, koyal calls maddy n says i want to talk to u, maddy says ok n then says good she called me n now i will propose her, maddy makes arrangements to meet koyal.
Raj trying to call koyal but she doesn’t receive his calls, raj says ok i will go check her at her fav place.
Maddy meets koyal n koyal hugs him, koyal says thank god u came, maddy says i know lot of things happened today but all will be fine trust me, koyal takes a cake from his hand n says maddy ma is so behind me n i cant take her anymore, maddy says don’t worry talk to me u will feel good, koyal says i know u are my best friend n i can talk to u on anything n i feel so relieved when i share things with u, koyal turns around, maddy goes on his knees n removes ring for koyal, koyal says maddy u know ma n she gets message from tani di, that ma n baba has arranged ur engagement with ur friend, maddy says koyal i wanted to ask u, koyal thinks best friend n raj comes running n says koyal the joke is ur engagement is been fixed with maddy.
Koyal hearing this gets shocked n sees tani di has sent maddys photo, she turns around n sees maddy with ring proposing her, n says my engagement with u maddy, ring slips from maddys hand n seeing koyals face n says what raj bcoz of u now i have to end this act, look at koyals face n ur parents koyal god they want me to marry u, raj says wow maddy i liked ur act n these arrangements, maddy feels bad n says koyal do u love someone else, koyal says to herself how will i tell u maddy if i haven’t told him yet.

Precap: raj n koyal getting close to eachother.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nice episode

  2. Hate…. raj.. koyal undrstnd maddy feeling.. always ur taking maddy as granted and making fun of him. Stupid koyal

  3. Selfish koyal

  4. In every episode I could just see maddy is getting hurt! Paavam maddy he truely loves her! But she couldn’t understand his love for her! Am not against rajkoyal love but she wud hav at least shared her feelings for raj to maddy! I don’t like maddy like this! Am feeling pity on him! She is just using him in all way!

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