Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, maddy says Koyal I am so happy, Koyal says see I told u n all the best for ur new post, maddy leaves n Koyal goes to have a tea n sees her friends busy getting ready to impress new boss, Koyal says he is here to work n not see u girls, her friends say see u have already married the most eligible cute guy so we are left with awara sir, Koyal says I met awara sirs dad n he is a good man n so guess awara sir must be good man too.

Paru gosh n Leela see expensive gifts coming in house n gets shocked on who got it, Vidya comes n says I bought it n all thanks to gosh uncle, gosh says what, Vidya says see ur son in law will be promoted now n in wedding u gave no gifts n on other hand u stay at ur daughters in laws place n so here is the bill pay it, gosh

says what how will I manage huge bill, Vidya says no worry I have turned it into EMI so pay from ur pension, Leela says Vidya what is this, tani says Vidya why didn’t u ask anyone, Vidya says as if u asked before what u do I mean I heard u were pregnant before wedding, tani says Vidya mind ur tongue, Vidya says cmon tani good that child died before birth or else u n ur family was abt to tie it in my surya Anna’s neck n just keep ur mouth shut, tani gets angry n leaves, Vidya says gosh uncle I hope u will pay these emis in time n if u don’t just watch me.

Koyal walks to maddy n seeing him work smile n gets call from tani n tells what all happened in house n how Vidya treated her n ma baba, Koyal says what from where will baba afford this money, Koyal talking on phone raj comes in car from behind,raj remembers how Samar insulted Amrik during company funds, raj says raj don’t lose ur strength u have to repay all ur n ur family’s insult so keep with the thing, Koyal says tani di I will come home n talk abt it n keeps the call, Koyal is informed awara sir has entered factory promises, Koyal follows him n sees awara going into cabin.

Raj enters cabin n has Amrik insult all over his mind, he starts crying, Koyal hears the sound n feels bad , she knocks n says sir, raj controls himself, Koyal says sir sorry to disturb but hearing ur voice, are u fine sir, do u need help, I mean sir we all have to go through hurdles while climbing steps towards success n hope we have our own people loved ones around us n sir ur loved ones for them be strong, remember those people u love the most it will give u strength,raj walks n stands by the door n hears Koyal, peon informs Koyal she is being called down, Koyal says sir sorry if I crossed lines, I was here to thank u, thanku sir n leaves.

Raj says Koyal u are right, loved ones give strength, baba in factory says it’s a big day for everyone in company, n few are gonna be promoted n few will be given a table they have to follow for a year n prove themselves, envelopes are distributed, baba says here are ur details n our new general manager is hard working n very efficient n the post goes to Koyal, all applaud but maddy n Koyal are surprised, maddy looks at Koyal n smiles but Koyal doesn’t like it, maddy reads his letter which says he has been demoted to accountants position, maddy says oh this was koyals position.

Koyal walks to maddy, maddy says congratulations Koyal, baba says Koyal please step forward, maddy says go Koyal sir is calling, Koyal walks n takes her letter, baba says Koyal comgratulations m we hope u work harder n says all the best everyone n leaves,p.

Everyone congratulate Koyal but she isn’t happy.

Precap: Vidya says Amma I am Maddys sister n he is gonna be promoted n can’t he do this for his sister n so my demands are not legal.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Vidya is a greedy, horrible, evil, jealous and troublemaker woman! To hell with her! Hate her!

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