Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 7th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 7th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, paru says this koyal is no one to us, koyal is adopted child n not my own, listening to this everyone gets shocked n koyal freezes, tani says ma what are u saying, paru says this is the truth, gosh says stop it paru, paru says no i wont n koyals real name is tani n so that adoption paper had tani as name n we shd have told koyal before that we are making a favour on her n see what she gave us, because of her love n stubbornness my son is dead now, leela tries to console paru, koyal says ma i did nothing, tell me all this is lie please ma, i am urs , baba tell me i am ur daughter right, ma please don’t say i am not urs, maddy tell them all this is lie n i didn’t kill shobu, maddy says paru aunty please i beg of u, paru says i say sorry to u all, n i

always treated her as my own child n she killed my son n now i have nothing left for her, surya looks at tani after knowing she isn’t adopted.
Samar bribes inspector n says i am feeling bad abt this case n the truth is this raj took revenge n killed shobu n now if u keep me n my company away from this investigation i will give u 3 times the amount of what given now, inspector says don’t worry sir.
Amrish says raj don’t worry its just a misunderstanding n i will talk to maddy about all this, samar says poor raj now u are caught to deep into it sorry. Raj in jail says koyal trust me i did nothing to shobu, u are my strength n till u have belief on me i can fight with anyone. Paru says koyal i did so much for u, but what u did, u fell in love with raj, that raj who killed my son, koyal says no ma raj did nothing, paru says even now when shobu is dead u are behind raj n i will tell why because rajs baby is in her womb, yes i saw ur pregnancy test in bathroom, i thought u were crying for shobu but u were crying for that raj n his baby n trust me i will not let him come out of jail, koyal says ma no please don’t take me wrong, baba tani di listen to me please, tani doesn’t look at koyal, koyal says maddy u are my friend trust me i did nothing, all this is wrong, paru says atleast now speak the truth, koyal looks at tani n says yes i am pregnant n along with this truth its true that raj didn’t kill shobu, prau says see this shameless girl, she is her mothers daughter, like her mother even she is showing her true colors, yes koyal is my sisters step daughter n then left her to die n then i took care of her n koyal i can never forgive u for killing shobu, koyal says ma listen to me, paru says no i wont, leela says paru don’t lose strength, surya go get water, paru says koyal killed my son, venkat says gosh babu now we shd end this topic here n make arrangement for shobus funeral.
Shobus dead body is taken for funeral rituals, everyone cries inconsolable, leela n tani take paru inside house, koyal remembers shobu telling koyal that tani is meeting someone secretly n says i have to talk to tani di tomorrow.
Next day tani goes to samars house, servant doesn’t allow her in, tani says i am his friend its urgent i need to meet him, servant says no cant allow u n sir left abroad today, plz leave, tani says what how can he leave me alone n go, what will i do now, tani sees samar in balcony n goes back in house n shouts samar come down fast, n goes to samar n says samar i need to talk to u, samar says one minute see u shd leave now, i am busy, tani says samar this is very important i need to talk its abt our future, samar says my future with u, u are an blo*dy employ in my company, ok what u want money, u know tani u are a big fool, tani says why are u behaving like this samar, u said u will marry me, samar says who the hell are u n see i am very busy n have no time for u n raju throw her out, tani starts crying samar plz don’t do this to me.
Gosh n paru together, gosh says paru why did u do this, paru says she isn’t my daughter, my sister made a mistake in love n is following her mothers foot steps, n see because of her love my shobu is no more now and i wont be quite i will not leave raj, he killed my son, i will make every single effort to keep him in jail n will never let him be happy, he will have to repay for killing my shobu.

Precap: koyal in jail says raj u brought these papers to secure our future but all i see in it is my brothers blood n tears the papers on rajs face.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. There’s a limit to everything!

  2. This serial is getting bad,

  3. What kind of a mother is this paro… She is a chural… When she will know that her real daughter is the cause of this distress it will be so much fun. N this taani to hide her mistake she has let the blame fall on koyal

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