Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 6th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 6th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, koyals family with shobus dead body at hospital and mourning in pain, koyal comes there, tani hugs her n starts crying, leela venkat n surya trying to console them, raj is taken to police station, rosy n amrish try to stop the but they take him away, rosy rushes behind the jeep to stop raj, maddy sees this, rosy goes to maddy n says maddy u always do things right, do something now, my raj didn’t do anything, please do something, koyal comes out n sees raj going in jeep n runs behind the jeep n says raj please stop, n holds rajs hand n says please don’t leave me n go raj, raj leaves her hand n jeep goes, koyal starts crying, maddy feels bad seeing koyal in pain.
koyal goes home n walks to shobus room, she puts on the lights and looks around n

looks at his pictures she picks his shirt n hugs it n looks at a picture of her tani n shobu n remembers shobu saying di look this picture of ours is superb, she imagines shobu saying di u always bully me n one day when i will leave n go away then u will know my worth, koyal shouts no shobu don’t leave me bhai, she walks to his cupboard n looks at shobus stuff n misses him, koyal imagines shobu saying di stay away from my cupboard no one is allowed to touch my stuff, koyal says i will touch try stop me n then realises it was her imagination n shobu isn’t near her n starts crying, she opens a box n finds shobus saved money n remembers shobu always fighting for money n koyal giving him money to cheer him up n ask u want money for girls n tickling shobu n shobu laughing heartily, koyal cries n says shobu come back bhai, koyal keeps the box in cupboard n closes the cupboard n leaves his room,
tani walks behind koyal n try to talk to her but koyal goes in washroom n locks herself n starts crying, tani says koyal don’t do this come out koyal, paru comes home, tani rushes to her n says ma koyal has locked herself please talk to her, paru goes n knocks door n says koyal open the door, koyal opens the door n hugs her n starts crying n says ma i don’t know what all is happening, tani says koyal u have to be strong, paru says tani take koyal to my room, tani takes koyal along with her, paru goes in washroom n starts crying, she washes her face n looks at the dustbin n says what is this oh my god
amrish in jail requesting not to put raj in jail, raj says yes sir plz listen to me i did nothing, but police put him behind bars, amrish says sir please don’t, police say come here with lawyer this is a murder case please leave, amrish says raj don’t worry tell me what happened i will help u trust me, raj tells amrish what happened n he was trying to save shobu n didn’t kill him
shobus dead body is brought home, tani says i cant see this, leela says tani u have to take care of ma n baba be strong, venkat says tani yes don’t lose calm, tani rushes to shobus body n says shobu wake up see tani di is here, surya goes to tani n says tani don’t do this ur elder sister u have to take care of everyone, be strong tani, koyal sees shobu n rushes to him n says shobu i will never fight with u do whatever u say plz don’t leave me shobu, paru holds koyals hand n stops her from touching shobu
koyal says ma shobu,paru says stay away from my son, maddy says aunty, paru says i told u this girl will show her true colors, gosh says paru keep quite we have lost a son don’t, paru says yes let the truth be out, koyal says ma shobu, tani says yes ma, paru says no don’t take my sons name koyal, i curse the day i brought this girl in my house, leela says paru don’t say anything that u have to regret later, paru says no leela ji i will speak today, this koyal is no one to me, i lied to everyone for this girl n she killed my son, tani isn’t adopted, koyal is, all get shocked, koyal freezes

precap: samar bribes inspector n ask him to do as samar says.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Faltu serial hai

  2. Very bad..

  3. This serial was very good in the beginning but it is becoming bad now.

  4. Please change koyal. I don’t like the acting of koyal.what a rubbish acting.

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