Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 5th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 5th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, gosh upset over koyal for not going Mumbai, leela mam comes to meet koyal n gosh babu says god she is here n i have given resignation now what to do.
Gosh babu goes factory n says to leela that i want my job back, leela says ok give him his job back.
Rosy tells ma that she shd talk to maddys parents abt koyal n she has seen love for koyal in maddys eyes unlike my raj, raj comes what are u discussing abt me, rosy says shutup, raj says paru plz let me meet my friend, ma says ok go.
Raj goes to meet koyal, koyal says how did ma allowed u, raj says my charm no one gets away from it, koyal says very funny n raj how long shd i act as if my leg is broken n how did u manage doctor, raj says i impressed the doctor, koyal says yes tanushree right,

raj says how did u know, koyal says i know everything like how did u give ur sister cheap phone n used the money to make savings for her future, raj says u shd be writer n not actor.
Ma tells rosy that raj troubles me so much, rosy says i don’t blame u, maddy comes n says hi aunty can i meet koyal, ma says yes go, raj n koyal talking, koyal shouts due to uncomfort, maddy says koyal are u fine, koyal says the plaster its itchy, maddy says i will get u ointment n goes to meet doctor, koyal says raj i don’t like to fool maddy he cares for me so much, raj says tell him na he is our friend he will keep the secrete.
Maddy goes to see doctor n says doctor koyal still has itchiness, doctor says poor u, didn’t raj n koyal tell u that the plaster is fake, maddy feels bad n goes to koyal getting wet in rains, koyal says oh maddy look at u whats wrong with u n ur eyes looks like u have cried n did u get ointment, maddy says why koyal why did u lie to me, koyal says u are wet let me get u towel, maddy says koyal answer me first why did u do this, u two fooled me along with everyone, u made me feel so bad, looks like i am no more ur friend, koyal says no maddy, i cant live without u n raj n so i did this, maddy says koyal everytime u tell me abt every single thing but such big thing, looks like i am no more ur friend, raj says cmon maddy don’t cry like a girl, maddy says if my tears n friendship towards u two sound like girl then it may be so n leaves.
Maddy getting wet in rain n sitting alone n says am i expecting a lot from koyal doesn’t she feel anything like i do, maddy has childhood flashes where koyal always rushed to him, n says koyal i never thought u will behave like a stranger to me, a man comes asking to help him for food, maddy helps him with money n says i am poor then u are i have no loved one.
Koyal says raj its raining heavily n maddy is out n he isn’t picking any calls, raj says he loves u, koyal says shutup raj he is friend to me n he always is there for me, raj says n what is love if maddy is friend, koyal says love is when u do something without any reason for someone special, raj says n who is this someone special to u, koyal says why shd i tell u, raj says for me that special someone is u, koyal gets surprised n looks at raj n smiles n says me, raj says like maddy for u, u are for me, n i know my koyal will do anything for me, koyal says n love, raj says why will i tell u,koyal says even i wont.
Ma n rosy go factory, n meets leela n says see tani n suraj are so happy n maddy is so good boy n i want to talk abt maddy n koyal,leela says so sorry no personal talks here come home we will talk abt it n since u are here take this gosh babus salary slip, ma keeps it on desk, gosh babu takes it slowly n hides, ma starts searching for it, leela says don’t worry i will make u a new one.
Koyal n raj upto some idea, door bell rings, koyal gives raj umbrella n says go out may be its ma, raj says ok ok,koyal opens the door n sees its ma, ma says koyal plz make tea for me, koyal says ma maddy is upset over me, ma says i will talk to him, koyal says maddy is my best friend n i like him so much n cant see him upset, ma says now i will surely talk to him, koyal says then call him he isn’t talking to me, ma says i will call him factory n calls maddy n says maddy i left my purse in factory will u plz get it for me, maddy says ok aunty, koyal says thanku ma, ma says how will u go with this feet, koyal says i will manage,after all its maddy, ma says ok go.
Koyal opens window when ma leaves n calls raj n says ma agreed, raj says good i know this will work n now see how our plan works.

Precap: Koyal working out with raj, raj sees koyal tired n helps her with towel by wiping sweat on her head n koyal keeps looking at him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Who is the hero of the show?

    1. Seems its raj… Not sure though

  2. Same doubt here… Who is the hero..??

  3. I like Maddy very much koyal2

  4. who z d main heroooo??
    …….confused. …..
    butt I want maddy to b d heroooo…

  5. i guess so the hero would be maddy..as i hav watched many serials from tat experience maddy will be a hero

  6. Whoever is..bt i like maddy

  7. Heard maddy as hero… and raj wil love koyal, whr koyal likes maddy…. maddy likes koyal.. love triangle..

  8. Tough to get someone like Maddy…I like him…wish Koyal falls for Maddy in the end…

  9. shifa(shakira)

    who is the hero

  10. I too want maddy 2 b d hero….luv u maddy….

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