Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 5th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 5th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, raj running away, hides seeing police, police realise someone is hiding n go to check, raj sneaks from there n police see no one, raj runs from there. doctor tells maddy that koyal is unwell due to shock n he can take shobus body as all formalities are done, gosh hears this n takes paru with him to shobus dead body, paru says no shobu isn’t dead he must be home he must be hungry, gosh says come lets see shobu, paru says tani tell ur baba its not our shobu, paru sees shobus dead body n says why is he here, shobu get up come lets go home, gosh says paru shobu is no more, paru starts crying, tani cant see it n goes away.
raj rushes to koyal n says koyal wake up see ur raj is here, koyal wakes up n says shobu, raj says he will be fine i will take

care of him don’t worry, nothing will happen to shobu, koyal hugs raj n starts crying, raj says shobu is fine koyal don’t worry, all are lying i will go talk to doctor u take care n abt to leave, maddy says stop raj its true shobu is no more, raj says have u lost it, u mad shobu is alright, koyal starts crying, raj goes near koyal, koyal hugs him n starts crying, raj says koyal don’t do this to urself, raj says to maddy, maddy if shobu is no more who will tell that i didn’t do anything to shobu, i didn’t push him i was trying to save him, i have to run away, maddy says no raj u cant run, truth will come front don’t run it will spoil things, raj says no maddy i have no option i have to run no one will trust me.
koyal says maddy what are u talking abt, raj says maddy u are my best friend n i trust u n i know u wont give me wrong advice, so tell me shd i surrender, maddy says raj u have no option, koyal says what is it raj, raj says everyone things i pushed shobu but trust me i didn’t, n maddy listening to u i am gonna surrender, koyal says what is this happening, raj says don’t worry koyal all will be fine, i will make everything fine, koyal says raj u shobu how will u manage, raj says koyal just don’t lose hope, koyal says don’t leave me raj, raj says koyal don’t make me weak plz stand by me n don’t panic n take care of everyone, n i trust u koyal n i know u will take care of everyone, koyal says yes i will,
raj says maddy i trust u more than i trust myself so leaving koyal plz take care of her, maddy says raj i will don’t worry, koyal says raj why are u behaving like going away forever, raj says koyal relax all will be fine, n i didn’t do anything to shobu, ur raj cant do anything like this, koyal says raj plz don’t leave me n go i need u, raj says maddy is here he will take care of u, raj says maddy i am going police station n i cant see anyone blaming koyal because of me, koyal says raj don’t go plz don’t leave me, raj leaves koyals hand n goes out, koyal starts crying raj plz don’t leave plz, maddy goes behind raj, samar sees them n calls police station to inform abt raj.
ward boy tells maddy that shobus family is not in state to sign plz sign on behalf of them, maddy says ok n leaves, rosy goes to raj n says what all is happening raj, n where were u when all this was happening, raj says i was here n how is paru, rosy says we have to go home with shobus body now, samar says police shd be here soon n sees police entering n walking to raj, rosy says come raj, police say stop arrest him, rosy says what are u doing, why are u arresting him, amrish says yes why are u doing this, police says he murdered n was running away, raj says i didn’t murder anyone, police say we have warrant abt u killing shobu, everyone get shocked, amrish says no something must be wrong, police say we have proof raj pushed shobu for revenge, paru goes to raj n starts hitting him n says why did u kill my son, rosy tries to control paru but she doesn’t listen.
Paru says raj u always spoiled my children lives, u destroyed my family, i will curse u, u will never be happy, god knows what my daughter saw in u, rosy says raj what is all this, raj says ma listen, paru says why will anyone listen u killed my son, gosh says raj u will have to repay for this, paru says dont ever show ur face raj get out, koyal says ma don’t do this listen to me, paru says koyal cant u see he killed ur brother n if u take his side i will think i lost a daughter too, gosh takes paru along with him, police arrest raj n take him away, koyal rushes behind raj, amrish n rosy try to stop them, maddy comes there n stops koyal, koyal says maddy do something, koyal loses n starts crying, n says my shobu n now raj too, maddy says koyal calm down.

Precap: raj says to amrish that i did nothing, we have to find a way to prove me innocent.
Samar says to police u have to make sure that this boy is proved guilty n there is no more investigation further.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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