Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 4th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 4th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, seeing raj as awara Samar gets shocked n says but u were dead, raj says only my name was dead but not me, Samar thinks I hope he didn’t learn the truth abt murder, raj says Samar sign these papers n remember u never met me n if u speak a word even I will reveal ur true face, so quick sign these papers, Samar signs the paper, baba says good leave now, Samar says let me change, he says no u will leave right away, Samar leaves, raj says these things i will end them my way now, raj n baba have a drink to celebrate over samar, Rajs friend says that night in jail.

Past: inspector praises raj over his bravery on saving jail mates, raj says I know who broke fire, inspector says good raj if u tell us abt it I will speak abt closing ur case, raj

says yes n I also want u to save this man he helped us too.

Baba says u saved me n from that day we never looked back, raj says i called them my friends but they betrayed me but baba I will tell u I will free Koyal from maddy, baba says yes my son u will win, raj says but not so soon , u know why, Jamshedpur factory is a family, all have company cottages n now I am this factory owner so all these cottages belong to me n there is one house whoes door I want open for me.

Koyal comes looking for phone, maddy gives her new phone n says this is urs I will manage with old one, take it as our anniversary gift now go please get me food I am hungry, Leela sees new phone n asks who bought this phone,Koyal says Amma I bought it, Leela says Koyal u know we are dealing with financial issues but u, maddy says Amma, Leela says no maddy Koyal has made a mistake, maddy says Amma wait Anna do u have to speak abt it, Koyal says no maddy stop, Amma sorry, Leela says no Koyal sorry isn’t enough, maddy says Amma truth is, Koyal says maddy come down come with me on a walk come.

Raj visits his old house where he lived with his family, he looks at a frame n takes a walk around the house n sits on a chair n says I was so desperate to visit this place n now I am in peace n I hope this lasts, raj hears some noise n peeps n sees Koyal n maddy.

Koyal says maddy why did u get me here, maddy says because it’s peaceful here n why didn’t u tell about Anna, Koyal says see maddy Anna realised his mistake n lets give him a chance n think abt Amma she would have broken if learned abt Anna , maddy says but Koyal I don’t like anyone talking abt u, listening to this raj gets angry.

Rajs tears fall on Koyal, Koyal says this, maddy says u are crying again, Koyal says no maddy, maddy says u aren’t feeling good right lets go home. Vidya visits Maddys house, n asks Amma why are u closing doors, Leela says these dogs trouble us so much n u know right it’s a bad sign, Vidya says Amma give them some food they will go n goes out n gives food to dogs, Leela says Vidya don’t, Vidya says Amma I gave hot food to these dogs n see now they will never return.

Vidya says Amma this is how u need to handle things, Leela says but Vidya, Vidya says Amma u are free from this problem relax now , Leela says let me get u coffee, Vidya says so how is my Koyal bhabhi, tell me everything abt her, how much dowry she got, Leela says Vidya what’s wrong with u, how many times I told u never speak like this, relations are what matters more than money, Vidya says Amma u n ur principles n u have clearly stated now u aren’t fond of Koyal n so now u see how I treat my new bhabhi.

Pre cap: baba announces in factory he has fired few members, maddy checks his envelope, Koyal says how’s this possible.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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