Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 3rd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 3rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, police entre the clg campus, maddy says raj u will kill me too along with u, samar says to shobu now who will save u police is here too, koyal walking on roads crying n says my own mother doesn’t love me, she hates raj so much that she tried to risk my life, koyal comes near clg n sees rajs bike n wonders what he must be doing here, koyal meets sanju n asks her does she know where raj is, sanju says i didn’t meet him since morning n koyal i wanted to talk abt shobu n raj bhai both keep fighting please do something n try talk to raj bhai, i know he is protective brother n i had made clear too abt shobu but he didn’t listen to me n koyal the truth is me n shobu, koyal says no yar sanju don’t do this its not easy, u have no idea how dramatic all

this is n now u are young n u shd concentrate on studies but still i will talk to raj, sanju says thanks koyal n leaves, koyal says shobu n love n that to sanju god, koyal sees police entering clg campus,
samar n shobu get into fight again, raj trying to hide from police, police start searching the clg, maddy rushes to hide too, he tires to look for raj too, shobu tires to run but samar hits him n says u tried blackmailing me, i thought it was raj but its u, i will fire ur dad too like i fired rajs dad, shobu says what u fired amrish uncle for this, samar says yes i did, shobu says i will reveal ur truth in front of everyone, does ur wife know abt tani di, i will tell everyone that u fool employees daughters n use them, samar hits shobu, shobu tries to msg but samar stamps on his hand, tani says to paru how could u do this to koyal ma, u crossed all ur limits, didn’t u think that u are spoiling her future, n what will koyal think when she will get to know this n don’t u know koyal loves raj a lot, paru says yes yes i did this but for her betterment n do u think this was easy for me, i knew koyal will pass some day but if she marrys raj i wouldn’t be able to see that, i cant see koyal spoiling her life behind raj n for her todays happiness i cant let her marry raj, tani says ma did u ever think that what koyal must be going through, paru says what will i do i was doing for koyal, i love her, i am her mother,
koyal entering clg police stop her n ask her where are u going, koyal says library, police says inside we are behind a guy who was here to steal papers, go away, koyal thinks i hope its not raj, no it must not be raj, raj please don’t do this, koyal leaves, raj rushes to terrace, maddy also rushes there, maddy sees raj n calls him n says its me maddy n are those papers in ur hand, raj says maddy i will handle it u go away, maddy hurts his toe n raj runs away, samar troubling shobu, shobu says i will tell everyone the truth do what u want, samar says u n ur sister i will destroy all ur lives, samar n shobu get into fight again, raj tries to open terrace door, listening to this voice samar thinks i guess its police n i have to kill this shobu or else he will reveal my secrete,
samar pushes shobu off the terrace n runs away n hides, raj reaches terrace n finds a way to run away, samar says what is raj doing here n hides, shobu shouts help me, raj sees its shobu hanging on rod, shobu says raj please save me, raj says shobu give me ur hand, raj trying to pull shobu up, koyal walking around n says please raj don’t take any risky step, maddy reaches terrace too n seeing raj he rushes to him n shobus hand slips n he falls down n koyal is standing nearby that, maddy sees that n gets shocked n looks at raj, koyal gets surprised seeing a body near her she slowly walks to it n sees face n gets shocked to see its shobu, maddy looks at raj suspiciously , police reach the terrace n see raj n maddy, police see shobu down, koyal looks up n sees raj n maddy, n says raj maddy help me, raj n maddy rush down, police says we will see other thinks later first call ambulance,
raj n maddy go to shobu, koyal says raj he fell down, see if he is fone, maddy see, maddy says wait i will see, maddy checks shobu n says he is alive we need ot take him hospital, samar hiding says how is he alive n if he survives, i will have to do something, i cant let them happen, koyal says my brother save him, raj says lets take him hospital, police says we have called ambulance it must be stuck in traffic, samar comes there n asks whats wrong

precap: samar says i saw raj taking shobu on terrace n then pushing him down

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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