Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

he episode begins with, gosh says maddy I am not culprit, Leela madam asked for fish so I gave it, maddy says baba I know u aren’t at fault but for once use hearing machine n then no one will ever dare to scold u, gosh says no all will make fun of me, maddy says baba when u can wear spectacles why can’t u wear hearing machine, ok I will get u a new ear piece n no one can see it it’s a new technology , gosh says done.

Maddy goes to Koyal n says baba agreed for hearing machine n I will go n buy a new one, Koyal says no maddy u need a new phone now, maddy says no Koyal we have landline n will manage but baba needs hearing aid, Koyal says how u do it always think abt others, maddy says I did this for myself I can’t take these wars anymore, Koyal says

maddy u use my phone, maddy says u are miss vvip in house u use it I will manage n Koyal I think u shd call awara n thank him, Koyal says but will it sound weird, maddy says no just call n say thanku see here’s number on his card, Koyal says ok.

Koyal calls awara residence n says I am Koyal I need to talk to mr awara n thank him for invitation, his manager says ok one minute let me talk to sir n says sir some Koyal is on call n wants to talk to u, raj in tears take the call, Koyal says hello, I hope I didn’t disturb u, I called u to thank u n we are ur neighbours do call us if in need n thanku, good night. Raj starts crying, Rajs friend says tears make us weak, raj says u are right, n Kumar keep this Burji in fridge.

Koyal says maddy he is so weird said nothing on call, maddy says he is a big man n so must be busy, u said thanku so done, Koyal says but if could speak to hi. I would talk to him abt u for new job, maddy says I have a job n we will manage don’t worry, trust my hard work n leaves, Koyal says no maddy u will not always sacrifice n I will get u a new phone.

Koyal goes to mobile shoppe n Kumar comes to same shop n thinks why does awara sir wants me to follow her, Koyal abt to leave detector starts ringing n guard finds a mobile unpurchased piece in koyals bag, Koyal says no sir I didn’t steal any piece, manager starts arguing with Koyal, he is informed someone in car out wants to meet u, it’s raj, raj asks him to do as he say n says I own this complex now n dare u talk to that lady In this tone, he says ok sir.

Manager goes to Koyal n says sorry mam, it’s a misunderstanding here a piece from us as sorry, Koyal says sorry but I can’t accept it but here is my whole salary keep it n will buy this phone n takes the piece n leaves.

Maddy says Koyal why did u buy such expensive piece n why did u spend ur whole salary n I had a call from mobile shoppe n they informed me abt what happened but Koyal I know u will never take such step tell me who did it,Koyal remembers that it was surya Anna at shop doing so, maddy says Koyal I know it was surya Anna right. Koyal gets surprised on how maddy knows it was Anna, maddy says Anna told me that he thought he will buy a new phone but it was expensive n so he decided to rob it n while leaving he saw u n thought no one will blame u n so he did so, but Koyal why didn’t u tell when u saw it, Koyal says maddy surya Anna has realised his mistake so it’s fine lets leave it here, maddy says ok n don’t worry we will manage n remember I may get a promotion soon, Koyal says good lets hope for best.

Samar with a girl in bed, someone knocks, Samar opens door it’s Rajs friend, he says what is happening, Samar says my house I can do anything, he says not anymore ,come down I will explain, Samar says what all is this, he says sign these papers n from now this company is ours, awara says this is not ur it was ur dads n what abt ur wife does she know abt u n ur night stands, Samar says who the hell are u n what proofs u have abt my night stands, awara throws pictures at him nays remember these girls n I have a video too n if I leak it ur life will be destroyed, Samar says who the hell are u, awara comes in light n says its me awara, Samar says raj.

Pre cap: raj says now it’s my time n I will rule n change things.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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