Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 30th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 30th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, after 1 year, Koyal watering plants, Leela n venkat looks at her n says it’s unbelievable it’s been year since we lost our son , Koyal gets busy with households stuff, maddy says Koyal wait put on a bindi u look very good in it, Koyal says maddy I have done ur accounts it’s in ur drawer, maddy says u are a super women, Leela venkat n paru gosh join them for tea, maddy says baba I got u something here is new sweater for u, gosh says thanks so much, Koyal n maddy get busy again, gosh says these two work so much n look at maddy he made us stay with u all maddy is our son n not son in law.

Koyal goes to kitchen, paru goes behind her n maddy n says wait maddy put sindoor in koyals forehead,maddy says ok n do so, venkat says maddy

is now fully koyals we lost our son n laughs. Everyone starts having breakfast , maddy n Koyal go get ready, paru says these kids are so busy in work they have forgotten their anniversary.

Maddy n Koyal go to a function, a man greets Koyal n says I wish to maddy sir n I supply raw material n see u are junior manager how about a under table settlement, Koyal says what, he says take this money n give me full tender, Koyal takes money, maddy says Koyal what are u doing, I don’t believe in bribe let me call police, man says sorry sir, Koyal says maddy please n both start laughing. Koyal says take here is ur money n sorry we have learnt business from our Amma appa n this doesn’t fall in our principles n don’t ever take such step n focus on hard work, man says sorry n leaves.koyal says maddy if I would take bribe, maddy says u would never I know u very well ,Koyal says lets go market it would be sale today come lets go.

On their way back from market Koyal n maddy see a expensive house inauguration, they admire it n go home, Koyal looks at calendar n remembers it’s their anniversary today, she smiles n then remembers raj , maddy gets fresh n sees Koyal lost in thoughts n asks what is it., Koyal says yes let me give u tea, maddy says I don’t want tea lets make something else, both cook paneer burji together, maddy says raj loved it so much, he used to rush to us for burji n yes would have only with toast n would eat it n says A1 Koyal, n says u miss him right Koyal, Koyal walks away.

Koyal says maddy happy anniversary, maddy says one year went so fast, everyone come from behind n wish them n give blessings, tani gets cake, both blow candles n cut cake, maddy n Koyal give each other cake, tani says one picture now n maddy Koyal is ur own wife u can hug her n all laugh.

Maddy n Koyal click picture together, Leela says Koyal thanks for all the love n happiness u got into house with u,God bless u, gosh says n here is a gift from all of us. Surya comes home n wishes happy anniversary n says Amma remember the new bungalow inauguration I got it’s catering contract, maddy says congrats Anna , the owner must be very rich, surya says yes if I impress the owner I will have rich contact with me, all wish surya luck.

Koyal hurts herself trying save vase, maddy rushes to her n says Koyal be careful. Door bel rings n a man gets invitation of the new house specially for Koyal. Koyal says no I don’t know who it is, the man says mam it’s special invitation for u.

Pre cap: Koyal draping saree, maddy sees her struggling n says let me help u, he closes his eyes n helps Koyal

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. May be the rich man is raj…

  2. hey I thought Maddy died

  3. Ruksana Ismail

    Wow wat a nyc episode man ????

  4. Is raj dead???

  5. Remake of Meri ashiqui tumse

  6. Shit…!! Triangle love becomes saas bahu drama… The theme is Kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyaan…but now there is no darmiyaan…

  7. Nipuna Weerasekara

    Yup There is no Dharmiyaan!!! I think Romi has got cut from the serial!!! Poor one he has some shitty luck!!! Yup maddy got some luck… In MATSeHi Sharman Died to become the perfect husband Maddy…!!!

  8. story is going on dharkan movie track guys do you all agree or not because it is the raj who sent the invitation to koyal for new house.

  9. Haha repeat of MATSH as somebody said,just like Ishaani got invitation after the leap and RV returned,now Raj will return as a tycoon,however loved Koyal and Maddy today,when Koyal goes to Raj seeing him n recalling her love for him,she may realise the worth of Maddy,personally,not a fan of Asha Negi bt loved her today, look wise lead cast is average,hope they will compensate for it with their acting and storyline, wish to Mayal together..

  10. Hair dresser please comb Maddy’s hair properly,middle class life,no problem bt pay a little attention to his attire and hair…

  11. Definitely reminding Dhadkan track,agree with u Mr.Khan.

  12. Story is very confusing…in the previous episode a police inspector declared that they saved only one boy out of two,.. So, is raj was dead…??

  13. I just love maddy…mr perfect… I wish maddy n koel together

  14. Wish to see Maddy and Koyal together.

  15. Same story line of meri ashiqui

  16. U people are very mean and least appreciative no values if you have so much prob then plz stop watching tmd is improving keep it up

  17. Everybody has the freedom to express their opinion, positive or negative,kindly have a heart to appreciate that too and who doesn’t have values?

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