Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vidya says this is right time to find out connection between gosh family n the baby n Amma is not home too, Vidya starts acting n starts crying, paru asks why are u crying, gosh says she must be feeling bad abt leaving this house, Vidya says no I am worried abt the little baby, Rajs baby is suffering from cancer n will die soon, gosh says some way to save baby, Vidya says only one bone marrow transplant from mother but the baby is adopted so no chance to save.

Leela n venkat meet Samar, venkat says Samar u look so stressed take rest, Samar says sure, Leela says here is ur Shagun n plz handover vidyas lehenga too, Samar says its in other room come, Samar goes with Leela n venkat, maddy waits n Neel comes there n maddy replaces sherwani, maddy goes to Samar n says plz

try ur sherwani, Samar says ok n goes out n says where’s sherwani, Neel comes n says u will not wear sherwani because u will die, Samar says plz don’t do this go away n shouts n closes eye, Neel keeps sherwani back n hides, hearing samars voice Leela venkat n maddy come out, Samar says sherwani n here was that boy, venkat says there’s no one n ur sherwani is right here, maddy says looks like u are too stressed, Samar says all what happened is recorded in cctv come I will show u.

Koyal comes home n calls everyone n sees there’s no one home n says this is good time I will cook something for maddy n surprise him, Samar shows cctv footage, maddy gets tensed n says what will I do now, Samar plays tape n finds out the footage is missing, Neel tells Rudra abt cctv footage, maddy joins them, Rudra asks what did u answer him did he get all our plan, maddy says no footage is missing, tani says I deleted the footage, maddy says u how n why, tani says I saw Neel n then followed him n got to know abt ur plan n maddy u shd have told me n Samar he shd be punished he first used me n killed my brother too, maddy says thanku di n u n Neel go now.

Rudra says tani is a good girl n maddy I have to share a secret, Rajs baby is tanis, gosh n paru gave baby in orphanage n Raj adopted the baby, maddy says oh god Raj poor thing has been through so much but still cared abt our status in society.

Maddy reaches home n sees a table decorated n Koyal all dressed up, Koyal says maddy this is all for u, maddy says Koyal but, Koyal says maddy toady only I will talk, maddy u know it’s said a man is pleased through food n so I cooked ur favourite South Indian dishes n maddy u are everything for me n I can’t imagine my life without u n abt our office issues plz let them be in office because it doesn’t Matter to me because U are my happiness, night walks with u, ice cream sharing , late night talks this is me n u, n I want it to be with me whole life, maddy walks to bed n goes to sleep.

Koyal says maddy at least have food, maddy says no I am not hungry u eat, maddy slowly looks at Koyal, Koyal blows off candles n feels bad looks at maddy but maddy turns back again, Koyal walks to him, puts blanket over him, maddy cats as if asleep but is feeling bad, Koyal takes off her jewellery, maddy thinks Koyal I was waiting for this day n now when I can see love for me in ur eyes, I have to doubt on my relation n my decisions I am sorry Koyal.

Maddy in tears looks at Koyal sleeping beside him, Koyal thinks maddy I know u always searched for a loved one in me n I took my time n today when I want to tell u my heart why are u doing so, maddy thinks Koyal now it’s my time I need time I have to look at every aspect before taking a step forward , Koyal thinks maddy now u n me are one n now I will do every single thing that will make u happy n u deserve this happiness, maddy puts blanket over Koyal seeing her asleep n is feeling bad for her.

Pre cap:Koyal says maddy u gave me this pendant right I am so happy, maddy says stop acting Koyal u very well know I can’t afford this I am a clerk, Raj gave u this n so u wore it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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