Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, raj enters the cabin n starts searching for the papers, samar hears some voice n sneaks into principles cabin n sees raj, n thinks instead of taking money from terrace what is he doing here i have to watch what this blackmailer is upto now, raj sees someone at window unaware its samar n hides n then slowly tries to see who it is, but samar hides n raj sees no one n raj says raj concentrate find papers, samar says this blackmailer is upto exam papers n now i will teach him such big lesson that he will never mess with samar, samar leaves.
paru n gosh fighting abt the medicine thing n koyal hears paru saying she did this so that koyal fails n raj n her relation breaks, koyal says ma what is this, paru says what koyal, koyal says u all lied to me,

baba how did u do this to me, u wanted me n raj to separate so desperately that u did this to me, such step that would even kill me, am i not ur daughter, why did u do this ma, paru says no koyal we are sorry, koyal says i will not go exams then will fail n then will not marry raj n u two will be very happy n then will go away far away from u all, because my ma n baba hate the boy their daughter loves n so can do anything to separate her from her love, why ma what wrong did i do, i could have ran away with raj but i waited for ur permission but for what i did this so that i have to see this day, paru n gosh say koyal forgive us, koyal says u accepted raj in front of everyone i thought u want me to be happy n so agreed but u are liars u never wanted me to marry him, why ma, u know i cant live without raj n not without my family too but ma see what u did, please ma don’t do this to me, u gave me 8 tablets why didn’t u give me whole bottle n killed me, kill me now,kill me, gosh n paru says sorry again, koyal says u don’t want me to marry raj right ok i wont but will marry no one ever, rosy hears this n says to herself paru u hate my son so much that u risked ur daughters life for that hatred.
Raj searching papers, samar calls police station n says i have an information that a student is stealing papers n cuts the call, shobu hiding in a room, samar goes to same room to hide until police arrive,, shobu sees samar n is thinking why is samar here n not kept money yet, samar looking out, till then shobu sneaks out of window, samar hears the noise, maddy rushing to college to stop raj, shobu puts off all the lights, maddy reaches clg n says why is it so dark n no watchman, something is really fishy .
paru says rosy what could i do, rosy says paru i know u don’t like my son but the truth is ur daughter loves my son why did u risk her life, when u didn’t want raj n koyal together why did u agree to relation, paru says i had to looking at koyal, koyal says this is all my fault because i dared to love, n so all are fighting n so an end to this is i will leave n go away.
Raj still searching papers, he finds a key n opens the cupboard n finds paper, maddy reaches clg n looking for raj n says raj was in principles office n didn’t lock the cabin let me lock it n goes in to see if raj is there, but raj hides behind the door, maddy says i think raj must eb in admisinstartion department for papers i will go see there n raj i will not let u do this, maddy leaves, raj says i guess it was guard i will wait for sometime n then leave
Samar waiting for police, maddy rushes to first floor, samar goes on terrace n keeps money n says police will catch raj with papers n money n he will be caught, samar hides, shobu comes there n picks the money envelope, n says sanju now u will be happy n that will make me happy n see the game the guy who troubled ur family n my sister, he will pay for ur new house, samar comes from behind n takes hold of shobu, shobu tries to escape, both shobu n samar get in fight, shobu says leave me its me tanis brother, samar says u are the one behind all this i wont leave u will kill u, police come into campus, raj, maddy ,shobu ,samar all get tensed.

Precap: koyal in clg, police ask her what is she doing, here, she says i am here for library,police says we have caught a guy stealing papers. 

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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