Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 2nd January 2016 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 2nd January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Samar says only Neel left now n I will kill that poor guy too,n now since u two are dying let me tell u the whole story idiots, so it started when Shobu came to know abt my affairs n started blackmailing me n then I killed Shobu n poor Raj got caught in the scene, my good luck I suppose n now me the genius is winner again, tani enters n says ur bad Samar, Rudra wakes n says yes Samar we are alive, tani says I changed the sweet box, maddy says yes now ur whole story is recorded, maddy shows recording to everyone n tells everyone samars whole story n how Rudra n he caught Samar n says Raj is innocent.

Paru starts hitting Samar, Koyal n gosh control her, Raj says Samar before u get arrested why did u spoil my life answer me, police take hold of Samar n take him away, paru

starts crying n says I am sorry Raj, Raj walks to Rudra n hugs him n is in tears, Rudra says Raj forget the hatred now n now a free life.

Leela says thanks to maddy he saved Vidyas life too, maddy says yes Amma, now we have to be good to Raj n accept him back, Raj at door, Raj says paru forget the past now, paru says sorry Raj I am ashamed of what I did, I insulted u ever single time plz forgive me, Raj says let’s forget the past n now it’s time again we get back together n as promised I will fulfill shobus place plz allow me, paru n gosh hug Raj, Raj says I have one thing n I have to return it plz wait.

Raj walks out, Koyal follows him n stops him n says sorry Raj n gets on her knees n says plz forgive me , I am a worst friend , I didn’t give u a chance to explain, Raj says it’s ok Koyal, Koyal when u believed I killed Shobu I broke ,u called me a killer but how could u believe Koyal I killed Shobu , I tried hard to tell u but u didn’t listen n left me alone like others, Koyal says Raj I am sorry I can’t even imagine how this year n that phase would have been n how u survived, Raj says Koyal love gave me strength n now will u listen to one thing go in go to maddy.

Raj with baby walks to tani n gives her baby n says tani di promise me u will not lose calm n understand paru, tani says what are u saying, ok I promise, Raj says do u know why u love n have so much attachment with this baby, because the baby is urs tani do, everyone gets shocked, tani hugs the baby n starts crying, Koyal says Raj thanku for everything, u cleared all the mess Raj, u have a big heart.

Raj walks to maddy n says we are still not finished maddy n walks away. Maddy walks to Koyal n says Koyal u now know why my behaviour was so rude past days, Koyal says maddy sorry but now all is fine so why are u so tensed, maddy says all is not finished Koyal, samars true faced also put light on one fact that Raj still loves u n u loved him too, now u know he is innocent , u always listen to me right, Rajs evidence by me spoilt his as well as ur life, u always loved him but had to marry me n all ur dreams of being with Raj broke n so I am breaking us Koyal n now don’t think anything n go to ur Raj, go Koyal go.

Koyal slaps maddy, Koyal say show dare u think of breaking us, we are together by heart we are married, I am ur wife, I take it that we got married in bad circumstances but I like all this , I agree I took time n now when I love u, n u want to break us, I want u maddy just u, maddy says this is wrong Koyal, Raj comes n says good u slapped him or else I would have, this story is urs, this story will have happy ending with maddy n Koyal, what maddy why do u always punish urself, u two love each other n deserve each other, Koyal says I love u maddy, maddy says sorry, Raj says oh cmon maddy, maddy says I love u too Koyal, n hugs her.

Raj says enough now, I have one condition, Maddy asks what is it, Raj says Burji Pav, Koyal maddy Raj have Burji n enjoy themselves, paru seeing everyone happy gets emotional, everyone are smiling and very happy.

A girl enters n ask for address, Raj walks to her with baby n asks are u new year go here, she says yes, Raj says this is a very beautiful places people here are very loving n caring, shall I help u n walks with her, Koyal says maddy Raj is back to his real charm what will we do, maddy goes very close to Koyal, Koyal says control, maddy says how abt Cartoon Network , Koyal starts laughing…….friends forever…..!!!!!

Pre cap: end of the show.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. What a bakwaas ending!! I wanted raj nd koyal together….! Raj’s love nd suffering was all fun,joke or Wat?

  2. Wow… I loved it…. I always wanted Maddy n koyal…. N now I am so happy…. ?

  3. Ranaji(narendran)

    Ended backwas show I am happy. Becoz it replaced badtameez dil

  4. Got to watch the last episode so much happened in only 30 min episode OMG Samar truth, Tani’s baby, Komad reunites , Raj-Koyal-Maddy friendship woah that’s a lot, They should have showed all this in this week and then today what happens like their friendship only anyways, it was not a bad ending. I think this show needed more time to do well the makers did a big mistake by impatiently replacing the leads , I wish they didn’t replaced the leads
    Hey Ranaji how many shows do u watch currently?

  5. This was the bakwaas show I have ever sèen

  6. I hate d ending. Koyal and Raj loved each other very much. Maddy- Koyal mrg was so stupid. And now ds…

  7. Worst serial ever. At least in other serials there used to be a happy ending. What have u done with raj. In the whole serial he only suffered n at the end he became lonely. I hate the character of koyal n paro the most. Raj loved ur character. Except u whole serial was crap

  8. I felt really bad for raj what a horrible ending you have outdone your self Ekta Kapoor I really find this serial bakwaas and its ending this ending was horrible I’m a silent reader but today I had to comment that I hate this ending waste of time

    1. Fatarajo(PHFFAN)

      I also felt bad for raj, I like koyal-maddy slightly more as maddy was the one who fell in love with koyal first even though raj-koyal loved one another , raj realized his love once loyal said she loves him

  9. Bakwas total Bakwas a request to Ekta pls have a proper treatment you’ve a serious problem :/

  10. happy for uniting maddy nd koyal…but..
    bakhwas endingg…dey could hv shown some mercy on rajj…..atleast dey cn unite raj wid his family (where z his dad, mom, sister)…..disappointed…

  11. laiba ishfaq

    IS IT REALLY EKTA S SHOW ???????????????????????????????????????????

  12. happy to see mady koyel. happyyyy

  13. Realyyy ek dam bkvaas ending..mujhe smjh nhi aa rha h akhir writers ko ho kya gya sbhi serials me yhi chla h yr….i hate this madyy…koyal or raj ko unite krna chahiye tha…huhhh

  14. Will it again air on

  15. Superb ending…

  16. nice ending

  17. simply too much that messed up – m in favor of MK pair

    anyway as disappointing as bd simply they only mess up over lapping – love , hatred & friendship – a utter nonsense

  18. At last this ended! Looking forward for the next show

  19. Bakwaas ending…kya yaar shuru hui thi raj n koyal ki love story end hui Maddy n koyal ki story….I don’t understand writers aisi story likte hi kyun pehle Hume ek couple se pyar karwaathe hai n suddenly heroine kisi aur ko mil jathi hai…pehle swalaksh ko alag kar diya swaragini me phir dhruv aur thapki ko n raj aur koyal also…luved them sooo much….bakwaas tha I mean raj had to suffer so much he lost his family,his love n friends also just because of that blo*dy Samar n so called good boy Maddy….hate them….raj koyal made for each other luv u….

  20. Ending very poor. Love story was between raj and koyal. raj suffeted thru out the serial but maddy gets rhe cake.
    How very stupid ending.
    The show started off well and should have stayed with original leads. Should have ended with raj and koyal.
    Bakwaas endung

  21. Faltu story….aachaa hua khatam hui nautanki….???

  22. Shraddha Sharma

    Finally end ho ho gya… accha hua…
    Show ka concept suru se hi pasand nhi tha.. it was just a copy of hum dil de chukke sanam… or end bhi ussi tarha hua jahan koyal ne maddy ko chunna …..

  23. I m really happy with the ending
    Because in starting I wish that koyal and maddy pairing
    I’m very happy

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