Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 2nd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 2nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, it’s announced that awara doesn’t wish to meet anyone, hearing abt his philosophy Koyal n maddy think abt raj, maddy says Koyal, Koyal says maddy I will go washroom n join u soon, Koyal walks to washroom, awara is keeping an eye on Koyal, Koyal goes in washroom n hears a voice saying there are 7 million people but I like u, Koyal follows the voice n says it’s his voice how it can be, she opens a door n walks in n finds a tape recorder playing the voice note, Koyal puts it off n says party is going down stairs n this voice note what is it, Koyal turns around n awara comes there, Koyal leaves n awara follows her, lights go off, Koyal says oh know I hope I don’t miss my way, lights come on, Koyal gets irritated n goes down, maddy

says where were u, Koyal says I lost my way, maddy says this place is really weird come lets go home.

Awara is keeping an eye n Koyal, he signs a man to do something, tani looks at cars n says look such luxurious car, a security guard asks them to follow him, maddy asks where are we going, he says sir please everyone take a sit, maddy says this isn’t our car, guard says boss has ordered me to drop u all home, Sneha says wow n goes n sits in car, Koyal says are u sure it’s for us, guard says yes, Koyal says ok please thank him on our behalf n all sit in car.

Koyal thinks this all looked so much like a film but why all this n why were we called here, n says maddy we shdnt have come here, who this awara must be, maddy says I was thinking abt same thing,awara looks at them going, waiter asks sir what will u have for dinner, awara says a toast n paneer Burji, waiter says sure sir n leaves.

Koyal thinks raj u aren’t here, I haven’t forgiven u yet but this Burji is for u n keeps a plate on chair n leaves. Awara comes there n walks to the same chair n picks up the paneer Burji plate n eats it. Awara is none other than raj, he sees maddy n Koyal walking in n takes the Burji along with him.

Paru n Leela discuss abt party, paru says tani said it was very lavish party, gosh gives Leela fish instead of banana, paru says oh ur hearing problem, Leela gets upset abt it, paru says gosh wear ur machine, gosh says u all do it purposely trying to fool me n trouble me, venkat says no gosh babu u really have a hearing problem.

Gosh says venkat babu why is all making noise, paru says god somebody take this man away, gosh says because of ur noise i will go deaf, everyone starts arguing, Koyal hears voice n says see they started again, maddy says lets go n stop this war, maddy n Koyal go there n try to resolve their problem, maddy takes paru n gosh side n Koyal takes Leela n Venkats side, gosh says enough, n breaks a vase by mistake. Leela scolds him, maddy says relax guys stop fighting, n try understand we have to give everyone space.

Gosh says maddy sorry because me all started fighting n I don’t know when I hit it n it fell down, maddy says baba u call me ur son right then why sorry cmon relax, maddy sees there is no Burji n chair n says where did it go.

Waiter says to raj sir why are u eating Burji we have best cuisine for u.raj u dare u touch it, Rajs friend says calm down let him eat, it’s his favourite n after a long time he is having it n may become happy, raj is in tears while eating Burji.

Pre cap; raj is eating Burji n is informed that he has a thanku call from someone called Koyal.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Ruksana Ismail

    NYC episode lyk DA part wen dey wer fighting??

  2. finally he came back of koyal life mey… Maddy acting was good n happy to seeing agian asha I mean koyal… serial was nice I m enjoy n music was superb☺

  3. Todays episode was nice…i like the part when raj ate paneer burji and the darmiyaan’s song plays…awesome scene

  4. Kk episode but im not get intrest in watching same drama in all typical serial

  5. Same series of meri ashiqui tum se hi

  6. U r ryt neha..am also fed up with d same repeating drama

  7. Feeling like this is a going to be a collage of MATSH,Dhadkan,Pavithra Rishta n other serials from Balaji’s, stopped watching. Ekta M’am nothing new in this,sorry to say.

  8. Miss Vibhav Roy….. he was awesome as Raj. Original RAYAL so much better….young, fresh, authentic, romantic with great chemistry. The show that had the promise of love, friendship, passion, joy, masti is now about a loveless marriage, hatred, revenge and all the negatives of a regular soap opera. Original theme and cast of KTHTMD so much better.

  9. a bad bad serial kindly stop it ekta….end it somehow so that any other director can make sumthng new…n thnkgod is pyar ko kya nam du ek jashn has started worthy to watch

  10. hmmm… getting interesting… I mean the plot.. I see the serial now only for the plot.. if Vaibhav Roy and Shritama Mukherjee would have been here,it would b more better…. the serial would have got more TRPs than it usually gets… stupid Ekta should understand that it takes time for a serial to get good TRPs… the plot was dull before,the cast was good..now the plot is good,the cast is bad..

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