Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, gosh babu with friend on tennis court,he decides to give treat to his friends with jucie n return ask them to give money cunningly, n says after paying this bill i will have only 90 rs in my wallet, n have such a big family cant afford, his friends give him 1000 rs, he takes it n says no i cant, his friends says cmon take it, he keeps it in pocket n says bill on me n sees the bill its to expensive he adds paper in his juice n calls manager n says what is this paper in my drink, manager says sorry sir the bill is on hotel.
Ma asks tani why is her phone bill so much, tani says koyal used net so its so expensive, koyal comes n starts sneezing, ma says why are u wet n notes,did maddy give u, he must have written for u right, koyal says yes ma he did,

ma says koyal u must have used this phone to talk to maddy right, koyal says no ma i meet him everyday, let me make coffee for myself i have to study, tani says to study or talk to raj, ma says koyal dare u meet that rascal, koyal says plz ma he is the most special person in my life plz stop being rude to raj, ma says koyal don’t get emotional in this age u fall in love many times but later ur mind change, koyal says no ma i love raj n will never change my mind, gosh babu comes, ma says see look phone bill 7000(ma increases rate purposely to get extra money), gosh decides not to tell ma abt 8000 bonus but listening abt bill he gets shocked n hides money in cupboard, ma sees this n takes that money n says now i will pay bill n buy new clothes for girls.
Ma says koyal stop meeting raj now, he is useless, koyal says ma i will earn i will take care of him n i love him n love doesn’t see money, ma says do u know that raj loves u back, koyal says i don’t care i love him thats enough, koyal says enough ma this is the true n i trust on my love n i will not step back, koyal gets angry n leaves, its raining out heavily.
A girl calls maddy n says come with me at factory function, maddy says no i cant come with u, she says oh u must be going with koyal ok bye see u in function bye. Koyal reaches maddys home n says see here i am to make u ready let me chose, this black is good but will it fit, maddy asks fit to whom, koyal says raj u know big director will be there n so i want him to look good, maddy says yes u shd take one more option he will feel good, koyal says good n what are u wearing, maddy says i have to study i wont come,koyal says so boring n leaves.
Raj sitting with girls, koyal goes to him with clothes, girls leave, koyal says raj look in my eyes, its love for u, my heart , beats for u, u are mine, only mine, i love u, n says start practising these lines quick, raj says koyal u were so realistic, u are my only support yar, koyal says look suit for u, raj says where did u get it from, koyal says maddy he gave u the his new suit, raj says he gave it to u, he loves u, koyal says shutup we are just friends, n with whom are u going ball, raj says the most popular girl of city, koyal says so did u ask her, raj says no i havent plz give me revtis number, koyal feels bad n leaves,raj says koyal number get it ok bye.
Koyal says am i not beautiful why does raj like revti, n turns n sees maddy, maddy says koyal see u forgot this raj will need this, koyal says i am not going with him but want to go with u but u are busy, maddy says i have 2 hrs will u come with me, koyal says on one condition we have to look best than raj n revti, maddy asks who is revti, koyal says doesn’t matter we have to look good thats it, deal, maddy says deal, koyal says ok tell what will u wear, maddy says whatever i may but since u are with me i will look the best, koyal says so sweet maddy.
Koyal says tani di plz make me ready that i look the best, light goes off, koyal gets candle, koyal blows candle seeing an insect gona burn in it, tani lights it back n says this love always takes u to fire, koyal says every love isn’t the same.
Koyal gets ready on her way to party, raj says come koyal lets go, koyal says where is revti, raj says theres no revti i did this bcoz u would irritate me whole day if i would say i am going with u, koyal leaves with raj, maddy on his way practises the ways to give koyal flower, some friend tell maddy that koyal left with raj u come with us, maddy says no u guys go i have to study bye, maddy feels bad.
Maddy tells his mom on call that he will not come to party he has to study, koyal comes from behind n says why not coming, maddy says u went then, koyal says yes i went with raj.
(koyal to ra on her way to party: raj i cant say u no but maddy he cares for me, i committed him i will come with him, u know raj i wanted to go with u but i always believe respect the person more who cares for u, i care for u but maddy cares for me n he quit his revision for me , raj says u are right come with maddy or else he wont come n its me so i am allowing u to go or else would never allow u n if u would have choice who would u chose, koyal says u, raj says enough i know i am the best bye)
maddy says raj must have felt bad, koyal says but i am coming with u, n u looking very handsome, maddy says u wanted to go with me or raj, koyal says i am with u thats enough.
Koyal narrates i wanted to go with raj i love him but maddy is my friend n he would never go without me thats how our friendship is.

Precap: director enters the function, raj performs in the function.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. amazing serial….giving amazing definitions of frndship & love…..sreetama tumi khub sundor r khub bhalo avinay karo…..from jaynandini-koyal u r amazing in every role

    1. I know jaynandini was a evil character in Dekha ek khwab .When she play the charger of jaynandini that time I didn’t like her but now she is just superb…

  2. again mistake…..it’s GHOSH not GOSH

  3. Wow really I like the show.Every romantic lines are superb .one is silent lover and another one is violent smart lover or the heroine character just amazing,

  4. Err!!! I’m not liking this storyline ???Plz change it ??????

    1. Oops I thought this was the Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi telly update ? sorry guyz

  5. i dont like the way koyal spoke to her mother
    it is ok that she loves raj not mady but the way she spoke war really very rude

  6. good start

  7. Hyyyy riya

    luving this srl yr

  8. Riya this bg tone is from an eng song of andy williams
    i dnt remember the song name
    it is almost like chand chupa badal m
    nd its used in many othr srls

    1. You are right it’s also like Andy William s..

  9. very realistic
    that’s how real luv triangles are
    I am also in a situation like madhvan in this show so just luving to watch the show

    1. Really congratulations to find you in a character,I also like that they of character but this type of character are boring..

  10. background music is similar to
    serial ‘kitni Mohabbat Hai’
    kaise kahe hame kitni mohabbat hai…

  11. woowwwww…
    vry vry vry realistic…
    i m also in situation like koyal but not exactly in that situation..
    i also have a best friend like Manish just like koyal have Madhvan nd a boy Raj whom i luv just lyk koyal luvs Raj..
    bs change itna hai mere lyf me ki Manish is only my best frnd he doesnt luvs me…

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