Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 29th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 29th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, paru sees raj maddy n koyal together, maddy says u guys revise i will leave now, rosy asks paru for extra pillow, n says paru i know u aren’t comfortable and we will soon leave don’t worry, its our hard time, paru says rosy god will help us, rosy says ok gn , raj n koyal together,koyal says raj u know no one would have missed chance to stay with girlfriend n u look staying with maddy, raj says u will stay with me soon n maddy will help us, n now i am hungry give me burji, tani says to paru , ma koyal is unwell how she must be studying u talk to her, paru says tani u go sleep i will talk to her, gosh says to paru u are upset right, paru says yes i am but rosy is my friend so its fine, gosh says why are u sending everyone to sleep, paru says just wait

n watch, u will today see a mother against her daughter n i will make sure that koyal fails tomorrow n for that i will do something, koyal sees raj upset, raj says koyal because of me whole family is in trouble n i doubted u too, all hate me except u, i don’t think i deserve u, koyal think twice abt me u will get more eligible boys then me, leave me koyal, koyal says who gave u the right to tell me whom to marry, n i love u end of discussion n raj i never thought if anyone else except u, u are my world my life, u are my happiness n the day u said yes to me that was the best day of my life n had decided that will never part from u n so stop all this eat
Next day paru says good i have to cook for so many people, koyal comes n says ma don’t worry i am here to help u, paru says oh my sweet daughter come lets go, paru sees rosy in kitchen, n says rosy u here, rosy says u love my parathas so i thought i will cook for u all, koyal says no aunty u don’t have to do this, paru says why not rosy u cook n make two parathas for me, gosh give ur order to rosy she is making delicious parathas, koyal says aunty i will help u, rosy says koyal u are not well go rest, paru says koyal go rest , raj n maddy join them, maddy says koyal all are right u shd rest, paru says this is all because of u working whole time in pandal, maddy says no worries aunty koyal will be fine now, raj give her breakfast n then help her study, n koyal use these notes it will help u in exams
gosh gets a call from jeweller n he says paru good news we are gonna order jewellery on this auspicious day of dassera come, paru says yes come lets discuss the design, amrish says sorry rosy because of me u all are in trouble n i couldn’t make arrangements for deposit, rosy says use my jewellery n don’t worry, raj sees rosy n amrish upset n walk to them n says sorry this is all my fault n now i wont let anyone give a chance to point at u, amrish says no raj, u will not give up ur dreams, raj says i wont give my dreams but before that i will make u guys happy n be a great son, rosy says u are my best son, raj says enough of senti things n we have to study for exams, n have to go to ravan dhavan too, maddy says we have to study we wont go, rosy says maddy is right, maddy says amrish uncle i am sorry i couldn’t help u, amrish says no maddy , because of u my raj has become responsible, raj says maddy come lets go break is over , raj gives koyal n flying kiss n leaves
sanju walks to shobus room n sees he is asleep n wakes him up by splashing water on his face, shobu wakes up, sanju says i got u tea, shobu says its very tasty n so good to see u, sanju says i will leave now, shobu says u can share ur problem come sit, sanju says ma n papa are very upset n they need money for deposit n ma is gonna mortgage jewellery for deposit n i cant help them n starts crying, shobu says aunty will not have to mortgage jewellery n i will get money for u all, sanju says how will u manage money, shobu says i wont do anything wrong trust me, sanju says thanku shobu, shobu holds sanjus hand n asks what will i get in return, sanju says what u want, shobu says those three words, sanju says i love u, shobu hugs her n says i love u too.

koyal taking medicines for fever, paru sees her n says to herself i am sorry koyal but this is necessary.

Precap: raj trying to wake koyal, but koyal is fast asleep.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. How dare mother give sleeping pills to daughter… Day by day this serial turns negative.. I will stop watching it from tomrw..

  2. Oh god wats rong wid paro hw can she giv sleeping pillzz to ha daughter she is sooo aahhh??

  3. Mujhe lakta hain Raj aur Koyal bohaat pyaari jori hain

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