Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, tani says samar don’t do this forget the past i agree amirsh uncle made a mistake but amrish uncle has returned money so please give his job has, samar says tani stop it, its office matter, tani says no samar raj is gonna marry koyal, please, samar says tani raj blackmailed us, tani says but samar this news is gonna come out some or other day n to stop all this i will go n talk to ma baba abt it, samar says tani don’t rush, tani says no samar its high time we tell everyone the truth, samar says tani but marriage, tani says samar how can u say this u said u will marry me but now, samar says tani relax i will talk to ur parents but at right time n abt raj, i cant bear what he has done, he may be anything for u but he messed with samar n i will not tolerate

that, anyone who comes in my way will have to face my anger, tani says even if its me, samar says tani please understand i need time i have factory responsibility n don’t bring that rascal raj n his family between our relation, tani gets angry n leaves, samar says god this girl is so irritating, samar gets call from his wife n he says baby i am missing u on our anniversary love u baby.
Raj well dressed goes to meet samar, samar says u cant come here without appointment, stay out i will call u when i will be free. Raj says god i shd have taken appointment, raj u are a fool now wait till he calls, raj waits for samars call n thinks my dad is in trouble because of me n this is for him, samar calls raj in, raj says hello sir n is abt to sit, samar says u cant sit u have 2 min say what u want n leave, raj says sir i am sorry abt all that happened please give my father his job back n i can do anything in return, samar says ok let me think n see who is at door, raj sees its leela, samar asks leela to come in n raj to close the door, samar says raj go get water, raj gets water, samar n leela discussing abt files, samar keeps insulting raj, leela looks at raj, samar purposely drops the pen n asks raj to pick it up for him, leela says samar sir amrish is very hard working n has always been loyal please rethink on it, samar says i have thought abt it, samar thinks this raj blackmailed me n now see what i do, samar says to teach amrish a lesson he has to vacant the company accommodation by today evening, leela says sir its not in rules, samar says leelaji i make rules n if every employ behaves like amrish company will be in danger, raj says sir please my dad returned money please consider him back, samar says shutup n get lost, leela says raj don’t interrupt come lets go.
Koyal trying to request paru to keep rajs family at their place, paru says if we do so, samar will be angry with baba n i cant take this risk u go study, koyal tries to convince but paru doesn’t listen, koyal says baba amrish uncle u are friends past 30 yrs please help him, please baba, gosh says ok they can stay with us, paru says no they wont, gosh says koyal is right, friendship is very important, koyal thanks gosh n hugs him.
Raj n his family pack their belongings, rosy says i have spent so many days in this house n thought after retirement with respect will leave this house, amrish says sorry rosy because of me we are homeless now, gosh says stop it amrish u all are coming to my place, amrish says please gosh babu if u help me company will be upset with u, paru says rosy come to our place , gosh says get emotional later u all are coming to my place end of discusdion, sanju cmon pack everything n lets go.
Koyal walks to raj n sees he is upset n says come raj lets go home n cheer up n u look good smiling, raj says i am fine, raj says koyal i am not coming, koyal says why raj, raj says koyal, paru doesn’t like me n if she sees me everyday her health will be spoilt n on other hand we are engaged now, n so i cant stay with u n u know i met samar he has some problem with me n so is taking revenge with dad n so listen now i am going to do something for my dad n till then take care of them, koyal says raj shobu is also a reason right, raj says koyal enough lets stop this topic here n now go study, n even i have to study, koyal says but raj where will u stay, raj says i will manage, paru calls koyal, raj says go paru is calling, koyal hugs raj n says i love u raj.
Raj says koyal i love u too, koyal leaves. Koyal studying on a bench n starts coughing n is feeling tired n sleepy, maddy comes there, koyal says maddy, maddy says how do u always know its me, koyal says i know u very well, maddy says u did good by helping amrish uncle, koyal says n u helped me as always without asking any questions, raj joins them, koyal says raj did u study, raj says yes trying hard n thanks to maddy he is helping me a lot, raj gets a call n he leaves, maddy gives koyal paneer burji.

Precap: paru n gosh are upto some plan. Gosh says i will hide this bottle n parus plan will be a success.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Nyc epi bah dint lyk dat part of samar jst hate dat guy he doz nt evn sut in dat possition he iz bleeh

  2. I like Maddy the most…

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