Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 28th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 28th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, Koyal n maddy reach home, Leela n venkat Go in, as Koyal walks towards Maddys house, raj walks into jail, raj has koyals n Maddys wedding on his mind n the fact Koyal rejected him for maddy n shouts Koyal in anger n pain, Koyal stops n says maddy I hear someone calling me, maddy says no Koyal no one called u come lets go in, raj bangs his head over bars, his head starts bleeding n he falls down, maddy makes arrangement of Graha Pravesh n says Amma n appa will take time to take this all thing as it happened so quickly n so let me do the rituals, venkat n Leela see maddy n koyal, maddy asks Koyal to go n rest in room.

Doctor checks raj n says let me give him anaesthesia, raj says no need do it I have bigger pain then this one, raj has koyals

words that he is selfish n whole wedding scene going on n on in his mind.

Koyal in Maddys room, maddy comes in n asks will u have something shall I get u milk, Koyal says no I am fine, Koyal says u must be hungry ,maddy says I am fine but tell me one thing missing raj right, Koyal says I am fine, maddy says Koyal stop being formal we are still friends I am still ur maddy, Koyal says I thank god for giving a friend like u, maddy says Koyal I will never forgive raj n I wish he was here because he is only one who gives u happiness, Koyal says maddy I am with u now n I am happy, it will be difficult to forget raj but I will, but u n me are friends for life n for a friend like u I have more than love for u, maddy says Koyal no worries tau know the fact that I love u so u put friendship in our relation n I will put love.

Maddy says Koyal these jewellery n makeup, Koyal says yes it’s so heavy, maddy says shall I help, Koyal says no I will manage, maddy asks what shall we do now, Koyal says what, maddy says our relation is different so let’s do something we always did in childhood lets watch movies, Koyal n maddy have fun watching movie.maddy says Koyal I want u to give exams again, Koyal says no maddy, maddy says Koyal I will help u, Koyal says oh u book worm, maddy says now my Koyal is back.

Raj in jail, a jail mate flaunts a shairi n says looks like u are heart broken n this is what is killing u my friend, u are accused of murder but u don’t look like one n I guess the one for whom u ran away betrayed u, u know why I am here because I liked my wife, she was someone who I loved the most, but I don’t regret it because she made a mistake n I punished her for betrayal, n I have buried my heart so now I have no pains, everyone in jail is asked to run out as fire breaks in jail, raj comes out of his jail n sees a a person trapped n helps trapped people out.

Maddy n Koyal hear the fire breakout news on tv, maddy says oh god raj is in that jail. Inspector says raj we can’t save that caught person Come out I have no keys, raj says no sir I will save him, Koyal n maddy reach jail, maddy says Koyal I will save raj n rushes in, raj is trying to save the man, he breaks the chain n gets him out, raj then rushes to kitchen , his jailmate tries to stop but raj says no I will go, maddy says raj stop, raj says why are u here I will do what I wish, Koyal comes in looking for raj, raj looks at her n goes to save the people caught in kitchen, maddy says Koyal I can’t let raj do this n rushes behind raj.

Koyal sees bodies taken into ambulance, she asks inspector what happened, he says that two boys who ran in, one is saved n other is dead n are unrecognisable n are taken to hospital n the one saved said Koyal n lost consciousness.

Pre cap; Koyal is shown as a widow.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. NOOOOOO!! maddy better not be dead!! i swear he is the best friend anyone can have, he helped out koyal and raj!!!!

  2. wt the hell…maddy to die no way

  3. seriously???????imean in the first place itself is she being a widow.okk….thts bad but i bet if it goes on like this the show would definitely go off air .plz dont bring in stupid and lame twist and track.

  4. No koyal cant be widow..cz nxt track is that samar,koyal and maddy will work under raj

  5. Maddy ur d best pls don’t be dead ?

  6. It’s btR to die than working under raj…..Lub uuu maddy. ..

  7. nobody is dead…. u see,everyone will return.. this the norm of serials… yeah,maybe Raj will come in a new avatar or new form… Maddy will come too..if no the serial will end…u tell does any serial finish so fast? it’s common sense..

  8. What is this yaar I thought the end game would be maddy now maddy is dead and raj in jail and koyal love is miserable now who will be with koyal raj or maddy any telly website didn’t come with maddy death so we hope that maddy is not dead

  9. This serial is getting worst day by day

  10. Now I get it I guess the story goes like this raj is dead I guess because the police man was saying that the man who was dead was saying koyal koyal so it will be shown raj is dead and koyal realises her mistake maddy and koyal won’t be happy because of raj death but suddenly raj will come as a millionaire and the love triangle starts again I guess the story will be like this as per the recent article

  11. I also feel raj will come back to take his revenge and I will be very happy to see koyal in distress. I hate her.

  12. Kya bakwaas story hai, agar koyal ko serial mei widow hi dikhana tha toh shaadhi kya kyu… Flop ekta Kapoor’s serial… TRP aur down ho jayega

  13. What nonsense is dis…?? Serial goes most worst day by day..

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