Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 27th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, maddy says u two go fast it’s good chance, I will help u with money u two leave go, I will manage, Koyal says wow u two are such good friends giving such fabulous advices n raj u say u love me is this ur love, no it’s ur ego n selfishness u just think abt ur self did u ever think abt me or my family n till when will we keep running n raj the truth is I am married now but why will u care abt that because u just think abt ur self n maddy u my best friend who doesn’t think abt himself but others n maddy what all will u lose for me n raj because of maddy I am here safe n my family is safe my ma always said maddy helps me but raj spoils things n raj today as well u proved ma right , maddy always made my happiness his n u want me to be happy

by running away n disrespect my family, n if I would have to run away I wouldn’t have given u sleeping pills , I am sorry raj but I can’t forgive u n on other hand maddy is ready to forgive me n wants me to go with u n live happily but maddy I am married to u, u did all this to save me n my family n I won’t disrespect our marriage.

Raj says wow maddy u are a very good player, now I know such a big planning first asked me to confess n now marriage good , I thought u are helping me but u did this to achieve Koyal, maddy says no raj, raj says u did this to prove ur self hero n how good character u are, I will kill u maddy how did I trust u, Koyal says raj leave him, raj says ur a player I mean look u achieved it maddy see u have Koyal with u, u trapped me in shobus case, Koyal shouts leave my husband raj, raj moves back n says what, Koyal says yes raj he is my husband I am married to him n will not allow anyone touch him, go away raj.

Everyone in hall waiting for maddy n Koyal to come, gosh says let me go check them, tani says no baba please let them take time, venkat says yes tani is right, everyone hears police siren n get surprised, Amrish is with police n he is saying no Raj will not come please don’t go in, raj says so maddy u called police as well, police take hold of raj, raj says Koyal what u have done I will never forget it, u both betrayed me n keep in mind this is fraud n I will keep hammering this thing in ur minds n goes with police.

Everyone gets shocked to see raj coming with police, paru gets tensed, Amrish n rosy rush behind raj trying to talk to him, maddy n Koyal come down as well, raj looks at them in anger n says one minute please n walks to Koyal n maddy n says Koyal look at my face n keep it in mind this face will remain same but the man behind it will change n will come back to repay things, I loved u Koyal n stayed away from u so that u never have to be in pain but u burned me in my love n the day I will come back, I will rule this world n everyone keep in mind u will see the King raj n u maddy start counting ur days this story wouldn’t end without me because it’s my love story n not urs, u have given me pain maddy n now u will bear its consequences n Koyal try hard n save ur husband but I will make sure I break u two when I return n leaves.

Raj says when I will return I will be a millionaire n u all will respect me,pandit says we shd do the Bidai ritual,raj sits in van n looks at Koyal in anger, Koyal looks at him, koyals Bidai rituals begin, Amrish n rosy are waiting near Rajs van , raj is looking at everything n has time spent with Koyal on his mind, Koyal looks at raj n has her n Rajs pheres in her mind, Koyal n maddy get into the car, rosy says raj these bars won’t stop u n I will not let anything bad happen to u, I will make every single thing to relies u,Amrish says yes raj I will hire the costliest lawyer but free u don’t worry, raj thinks she is going n me too but she is approaching towards new life n me. Towards death.

Pre cap: maddy does the house welcome rituals for Koyal, Leela n venkat stand aside n look in anger.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  3. interesting but old koyal was better than this new koyal

  4. Oh bhagwan ji pls give sum brains to dis stupid ekta kapoor agr use shadi ni krni to wo serial ki luv story kyu khrab krne pr tuli hai….d new cast is useless atleast old cast ki waja se jo thode bhut log dekhte the ab toh woh b gya…aly goni n asha negi make a ridiculous pair n chemistry of maddy n koyal is d ugliest i juzz hate dis serial nw evn reading its written updates seem waste of tym

  5. Pagal ekta get sum brains frm karan johar koi dhang ka serial bnana chahiye…..make d serial on d story of kuch kuch hota hai or kal ho na ho or kbhi khushi kbhi gum dir dekhna hawa m udegi trp sb serials ka record tod dega show family bonding serials sas bahu drama to hr jaga hai

  6. nowww …storyy z going to b interstnggg….
    maddy z better than raj for koyal……..butttt need som tashan n der lovv…need some changes n maddys character. …

  7. Getting a feel of Dhadkan film,haha..lots of drama in store,crap, old cast was better,Maddy is my favourite,he should get a nice pair,this pair is not good.

  8. seems like Maddy married his great grandmother.

  9. WhT a useless story n why did u change them. The previous raj was much better.

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