Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, koyal tells amrsih that she is short of 40000, amrish gets shocked n cuts the call n sees that everyones family members have gathered in office, koyal tries to call him back but arish doesn’t answer.koyal rushes to arrange money some how, samar calls amrish n asks him to get money.raj rosy n paru reach factory, raj says god this place is so depressing, my mood goes off everythime i come here, rosy says stop acting n we are here bco ur father is gonna give bonus to workers n u stay near samar sir today to impress him bco ur father is gonna ask him for ur job in employs cotta when u will pass ur exams, raj says ok ok but where is samar sir, raj looks at samar sir n smiles, samar sir looks at him n says to himself oh u are smiling looking at me blo*dy actor

but i will send u jail, u black mailer.
Amrish walks to rosy n say i need to talk to u, samar goes to them n says hi n says amrish i am waiting since half n hour for the money,amrish says samar sir i need to talk to u in private, samar says these are all our family members don’t be shy, everyone pl come here amrsih a=wants to share something. Shobu sees koyal rushing to her room, koyal goes to her cupboard n says sorry ma i need money i have to mortgage these bangles, shobu goes to koyal n says di what is it why are u tensed, koyal says shobu i need money urgently i need to help someone, shobu thinks sorry di i have money i would give u money but u will ask me so many questions so sorry cant, koyal takes her bangles n goes away, shobu thinks why does koyal need money now.
Samar asks leela why money isn’t here yet, leela says let me talk to amrish n asks him where is money, amrish says money will be here soon but we are short of 40000, leela asks what how, samar says what all is this amrish, all are shocked to hear this, samar asks did u use money for some emergency, raj whispers to rosy what emergency n what money, rosy says even i don’t know what are they talking abt.
Koyal trying to reach factory bt gets no auto, samar asks amrish to speak, amrish says sorry sir i made a mistake, samar says amrish its company money, amrish says sir i used the money because we were gonna use it next year, so i used it for my sons education.samar says but raj doesn’t study we all know it, amrish says acting class, rosy says what is this amrish, amrish says sir i will return money i have money but short of 40000, samar says amrish its company workers money, koyal trying to reach factory through lot of crowd, a worker says amrish ate our bonus, raj attacks him, rosy says raj don’t, samar says everyone quite no one will interrupt
Samar says i have to figure out what has happened n no one will call amrish a thief n says so amrish how did u sue the money, leela says amrish i gave u money with full trust, amrish says what to do i used money to fulfil my sons wish, paru says to gosh see because of this raj amrish has to face so much insult.amrish says i wanted my son to give a chance n thought will return money in an year, samar says but this is like a robbery, amrish says no sir i didn’t it was a loan, samar says why didn’t u ask for money, samar thinks so this rascal raj wants to become actor n so blackmailed me, samar says so amrish to fulfil ur sons wish u robbed money, raj says enough dare u call my dad a robber n he says he will return money so shut ur mouth, rosy tries to stop raj.
Koyal trying to reach factory, sees maddy in his car, maddy stops n goes to her n says koyal what are u doing here n look at urself, koyal says u were out of Jamshedpur for classes, maddy says yes i couldn’t because of bridge collapse, koyal says maddy i need to reach factory any how its very important, maddy says ok koyal don’t worry i will drop u come.
Amrish says samar sir please believe me i have money but i am short of 40000, samar says but where is the remining amount i think u are lying amrish.koyal n maddy rushing to factory, workers start discussing among themselves that amrish ate money, samar says amrish u are teaching ur son all this, like to rob money black mail, koyal comes with maddy n says enough stop all this, amrish says sir see koyal got money, all are surprised.amrish says koyal helped me arrange money n we are short of money, koyal says no uncle we aren’t short here is the full amount, i mortgaged my bangles, paru walks to koyal n says so u were out whole day, raj remembers how he doubted koyal n bugged her, koyal looks at raj, raj goes in tears, samar says koyal why did u do all this for whon for a robber, koyal says sir pl don’t call uncle a theif n he gave u money back so, samar says but he did use company money n its a fraud n leelaji i don’t want him to work here any more u are fired amrish n leelaji distribute this amount.
Raj hugs amrish n walks away, raj walking alone on feeling bad n is thinking abt how koyal stood for his father, he stumbles n falls down n says because of me my father is ashamed n is fired, i couldn’t see my fathers pain, all i could see is how koyal went away from me, i am very useless,i doubted koyal but she saw my fathers pain n was helping him, in fever also she helped my father but i am useless, paru is very right i cant give koyal happiness, i want to be hero but what have i done, i do nothing to become an actor i just forced my father n for my love he took such big step, i did nothing for my father but always troubled him but now enough, i have to do something n prove myself.

Precap: paru says koyal one day ur this raj dream will end n u will see the reality n then u will know how u are what ur baba has done for u, koyal says stop what does that mean.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Koyal you are so stupid
    In my opinion marry maddy you presence was felt by Maddy in preparing meal for durga pooja but not raj
    He can’t see your pain
    And always marry the man who loves you and not the one who you love
    The one love you will always keep you happy:)

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