Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 26th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, Samar puts sindoor in koyals forehead, n raj tries to call Koyal n stop her but doesn’t make it to her, Samar puts mangalsutra in koyals neck, everyone applauds, raj keeps banging door n says don’t Koyal please, paru says Samar Pooja n rituals are over u may now show ur face, Samar removes sehera n all are shocked to see its maddy n not Samar.

Leela says what did Maddy do, raj sees maddy n faints again, samars mom asks where is Samar, maddy says Samar is fine, paru asks maddy what all is this, maddy says I will answer to Koyal, Koyal u know I will never take a wrong step, n Samar sir isn’t right person for u n so I did this to help Koyal, n Amma even I respected Samar sir as u all did but when I learned that he tricked

Koyal into marriage for money n so I thought this isn’t the right way n Samar is wrong match for Koyal, sorry Koyal but I had no other option to save ur life, samars mom says how dare u talk abt my son n if u all had problem I mean when we came to ur place with proposal u agreed then no one dares speak abt Samar, what all is this.

Tani comes n says let me clear things, maddy is correct n gets Samar in hall n says Koyal I am sorry just trust me, ma this man first spoils my life n now Koyal was his next trap, n Koyal u have no idea what all Samar has done n Samar today I will reveal the truth, ma n baba u know what I am through n it’s Samar who did it, Samar is one who promised to marry me n when I told abt pregnancy he threw me out of his house, yes this is the truth Samar is my child’s father, ma Samar threatened me not to tell the truth n then tricked Koyal for ur operation money ma n everyone this is the factories boss Samar sir n this is his true face.

Tani says thank god maddy called me n informed me abt what happened, thanks maddy u saved koyals life, maddy says no di don’t thank me, Koyal actually after operation I went to thank Samar sir n I heard his plans n so I was telling u n paru aunty not to take this step but u didn’t agree n so I called tani di n she told me to stop wedding, tani says Samar u cheated me but I was still ok but this step u tried to have pleasure with my sister too, Samar says shut up u have no status but we have n why did u two sisters come to me because u both wanted rich boy friends, tani slaps Samar,Samar says what proof u have that this child is mine, tani says I have all details u want hotels name, or anything u want, maddy says to samars mom that u know who is lying so please go away with ur son, Samar n his mom leaves.

Gosh says our own boss did this with my daughters, Leela says maddy but u are married to Koyal now, maddy says Amma I tried a lot to stop but couldn’t so I took samars place, I could have created scene but looking at paru aunts health I took this step n so I put off the life n on gun point kidnapped Samar n asked waiter to drop glasses n so everyone got diverted n I took samars place n tied him up n sat in mandap, I thought tani do would come in time but she got late n so I went with the flow n all this i did to save koyals life.

Koyal walking away, maddy says stop Koyal please try u desert and I had no other way please Koyal.koyal goes to her room sees raj n says raj why didn’t u go away, why don’t u understand I am married now please go away, raj says I know u married to that liar maddy, n I am not leaving u, Koyal says raj please go away n if u won’t I will, raj says what will u do, what do u think of ur self, n I will not leave him, maddy enters n says raj u here, raj says come maddy my friend tell me why did u marry Koyal.maddy says I did this to save koyals life, tani di helped me to do so because Samar sir is tani di child’s father, Koyal says raj go away please, raj says enough I will not go any where n maddy were u saving Koyal or trapping her.

Raj holds koyals hand n says u come with me lets run away now paru is fine too, Koyal says but where will we go, raj says find a temple n marry n start a new life n u maddy trying to be hero right, but Koyal loves me, maddy says u are right raj n I married Koyal to save her from Samar n Koyal u two go away I will manage some how.

Pre cap: everyone in hall hear police siren n get confused abt why are they here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Shit man dnt knw wat will happem tmrw i wish dey dnt fynd raj i wnt raj n koyal shud b togeda

  2. Wht vl the new cast do whn u people re producing such d grade story line similar to tere shehar mein…tht ghisapita drama of separating 2 lovers…come on ekta kapoor if u re nt married yet tht dsnt mean u vl not get 2 ppl married who luv each other…n shritama mukherjee n vibhav roy’s chemistry ws amazing than ur dese 2 sas bahu serials stupids

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