Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 25th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 25th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Paru says to gosh, tani is very attached to that baby n he is of the same age as tanis baby n I am so worried abt the truth we hide, gosh says relax its past, paru thinks but now a days our past is something affecting our present God plz keep the secrete.

Samar thinking abt the letter n goes to his room n is with another girl n closes the door, she asks how did u call me, Samar says I just wanna relax n u are very good at it, she says so let’s begin the fun n handcuffs Samar to bed and blindfolds him, Samar says wow u look in mood today, she starts seducing Samar n lights go off, Samar says baby what’s wrong n where are u, Samar removes his blindfold n sees no one n sees a shadow n says baby come to me, shadow approaches Samar, Samar is shocked to see its

Shobu, n gets scared, Shobu says u are gonna get married n this is what u are doing n u will not get rid of me so soon Samar, Samar says I didn’t do anything go away, Samar closes his eyes, the girl comes back n says why are u shouting, Samar says release me quick, n says he was here look, Samar seeing Shobu, but she says I am seeing no one. U are drunk Samar I am going, Samar says plz don’t leave me, she gets angry n leaves,Samar is all scared.

The girl says we are done sir, Samar is sacred, maddy n Rudra come there, maddy says see sir we were right Samar is culprit, Rudra says yes u are right maddy n maddy how did u manage Shobu, maddy says this is Neel shobus look alike n is my friend, Neel says I hope shobus murderer is caught n put behind bars this is my part to my friend Shobu, Rudra says here is ur money, she says no sir anything against Samar he is a bad guy.

Neel says Samar is still not convinced he is sacred n takes it as a mirage, maddy says yes u are right we will plan big next time. Koyal thinking where is maddy n what is he busy now a days with, Raj comes to koyals cabin n says this is Mital our new investor n u will look after his project, Koyal says sir I will loom after it, it wll attend meeting next time, Raj says no issue we will continue in ur cabin after all it’s so colourful n fresh.

Raj Koyal n Mital discuss their project n work, Mital says sir I need to talk to u I personal, Raj says Koyal is my own u can talk in front of her she is like a family to me, Mital says sir u are very eligible bachelor n will u like to accept my sisters wedding proposal, Raj says I am sorry but is ur sister deserving, I mean I like a girl like Koyal is she like her or be like her, I may be very successful but all I care is for Koyal n she is behind all this success n so let’s keep it professional.

Neel n maddy shopping necessities, Samars car comes by, maddy n Neel depart, maddy sees Samar n calls Samar, Neel hides , Samar says oh I am unwell so here, maddy says relax its ur wedding time, Samar say yes sure n leaves, Neel says thank god u saw him, maddy says I heard Samar is going to psychiatric treatment so we have to use this opportunity n scare hell out of Samar.

Tani gets the baby to her place, tani says aunty no one was home ,Raj n Rudra sir both were out so I got her here, n keeps baby on sofa n goes to get food. Vidya drops coffee on baby by mistake, tani rushes n says Vidya go call doctor fast.

Raj says see Koyal I love u so much, even Mital understood , but how abt if I would have said yes to mitals proposal, n he called me most eligible, did u ever think abt this a year back when u left me, Koyal says its Mitals misunderstanding abt u being most eligible.

Koyal walks to Mital n says sir don’t be upset abt this proposal I fact ur sister is saved from this liar, he is good betraying people, u have to meet my husband maddy n then u will learn what eligible is, he makes me so happy, do meet maddy.

Samar meets doctor n says I am very scared I see dead people plz help me n I see the one guy every where plz help me, doctor turns around, Samar is shocked to see Shobu on doctors chair.

Pre cap: Koyal asks maddy what are u upto n what is making u so uneasy, maddy says Koyal one thing, coming days we have to go with lot of changes n revive our mistakes in past.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Hmmmm…. it will have a great ending…

  2. I think shobu and neel is the same person, maybe Shobu was alive? I didn’t watch a few episodes so I m not sure. And I think when Tani gave birth to the baby, her parents gave away the baby to someone else and told her that her baby was born dead.
    And i m still confused what it’s gonna be in the end Rayal or Komad

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