Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, raj looks at the gun, n hides in the truck that delivers food in jail, police check the truck, raj prays God please save me for Sake of my love,the police doesn’t see raj hiding, raj says ma papa I am sorry for taking this step, I did no crime n came in jail n did A crime to come out of it, it’s all for Koyal, she is my life I can’t let her marry Samar.

Samars Barat reaches koyals place, paru welcomes Samar, samar takes her blessings, raj jumps of the truck, samars mom praises the arrangements, samar says no worries ma we will bring punjabi tadka in it, paru according to rituals pulls samars nose, paru says Samar Koyal will join us soon, Samar says all ok aunty but where is tani, paru says she is sick so is at her nanis place

n all this took so soon that she couldn’t join, Samar thinks thank god she isn’t here.

Paru goes to Koyal n says I wish tani was here, u get ready Koyal n come down when I call n leaves, Koyal looks at herself in mirror n hears Rajas voice she turns n find raj dressed in sherwani behind her, Koyal walks to him n is in tears, raj asks her to sit, n helps her put on the jewellery, n puts dupattas over her head, Koyal is in tears, her bangle falls n she realises it was her imagination, she turns around n tries to look for raj n says Koyal ur next step will be end of ur love n start of a new life for ma n baba n their happiness n well being n Koyal think that u never dreamt of raj, Koyal gets ready n sees raj, she thinks it’s her imagination again n says please go away, raj says Koyal it’s really me see turn around, Koyal touches him n gets shocked, raj says see I completed my promise I am here n now we will marry come lets go come, Koyal says leave my hand I am coming no where with u, I don’t love u anymore u mean nothing to me,get that straight.

Raj says Koyal look at me n say again, how can u say u not love me, u can’t marry Samar why are u punishing our love,Koyal says all is over n all because of u, police is behind u n Samar is my would be husband, raj says Koyal I am ur love n where is ur trust on ur love come with me Koyal u can love no one other than me, Koyal says raj u broke my trust n u made me week but now I want me to be strong n go away I don’t wish to see u go away n about o leave, raj says Koyal stop or else n removes gun.

Paru n samars mom together, paru says once Pooja is done I will call Koyal n thinks I hope she is ready,samars mom asks is Koyal ready, paru says I will check u ask Samar to be in mandap, paru sees Leela n venkat n asks where is maddy , Leela says he will not come , n even I am confused what all is this happening, n so I don’t know why maddy is here, paru goes to check arrangements, Leela says venkat maddy has lost confidence, Samar says raj is In jail n maddy isn’t here no tension now.

Koyal says oh so u want to kill me, go ahead kill me, raj says Koyal I will kill but not u myself, Koyal says raj stop this acting don’t do this, raj says no Koyal if I don’t get u I will kill myself, Koyal says ok raj I agree, I can never win over u, I will do as u say just give me this gun, raj hands the gun to Koyal,Koyal says raj I have lost many things n not anymore n hugs raj,raj sits down n says Koyal what all is happening, all was so good, our love friendship but now I am here with a Gun but u don’t worry I will make everything right u just be there by me.

Raj says Koyal come lets go or police will be here, Koyal says raj, ma baba will die, raj says Koyal I didn’t kill Shobu,its all Samar who did it, Koyal says wait I will get some water, raj drinks water n says Koyal come with me, Koyal says raj u want me to leave everything n come with u but how raj, we have to be practical let me pack a little, raj smiles n says ok I will help u, raj says Koyal ma n baba will do everything ok.

Pre cap : raj holds koyals hand n says first promise n takes pheres around a lamp.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Arrrrrrrrrrr why did they change koyal and raj !!!!!!!!
    And is raj taking koyal to get married
    But NOOOOOOOO. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They changed koyal
    The track would have been excellent if they hadn’t changed koyal
    Hate u ekta
    Koyal+ Raj !!!

  2. older raj and koyal were excelent you r so bad ikta

  3. older koyal and raj were perfect…for raj aly gony is ok..can manage…but for koyal y have they taken asha negi…i mean come on ekta grow up…now i feel like koyal is raj’s big sister…..i mean come on ekta are u kidding…aly with asha…i mean no offense i like asha …but for aly gony she s too old ekta…come on ekta how can u do this yaar…in all yo stories no matter what ever twists take place the couple is super and they match well…thu ne yeh sahi nahi selctkiya ekta ji…bohot heart beoken hai fans mei…

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