Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 23rd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, koyal says maddy raj shd know nothing abt this, what will i tell him now, where i was, maddy says no worries tell him u were at my place for studies,koyal says i don’t know what to do, i will just say yes to whatever u say, but raj shd know nothing abt this,raj comes from behind n says but i am here now, koyal says raj i am actually, raj says yes koyal tell me i am listening, or is it that i interrupted u two, maddy says no raj u are taking us wrong koyal was with me bcoz she needed some books, ra says enough maddy whole Jamshedpur knows that u can do anything for koyal n even lie for her, koyal says raj u, raj says enough koyal, i was at fatimas house n she told me u weren’t at her house, why are u lying koyal tell me, u are finding reasons to go

away from me, who are u meeting, tell me look at me, i left pooja n was waiting for u but u,look what i find u missed the pooja n u are with maddy, what are u hiding tell me.
Koyal says raj, everything shdnt be said n i may do anything,be with anyone why do u always keep asking me, raj says correct very correct who i am , what shd i ask u, i had pooja at my place ,my mom was waiting foru, but didn’t arrive, atleast for ma u shd have come, why are u behaving so weird , i even asked dad, why koyal, do u too feel that i am useless like paru or u got someone else, better than me, tell me clearly that u don’t want me anymore,koyal slaps raj.
Koyal says how dare u think like this raj, u always think all are like u, u are insulting maddy, how dare u, what do u think of urself, u never understand what relations are, bcoz u don’t respect n trust urself n so u think all will do as u do,koyal says u want answer right,and it is i will answer u agt nothing, with who i was n what i was doing, u have to trust me, u want to marry me then marry n if not then don’t, but first learn to trust.koyal walks away, maddy says raj u relax i will talk to koyal.
Maddy stops koyal n says what are u doing why don’t u tell him truth, koyal says i cant n thinks raj will think that amrish uncle is in trouble bcoz of him, bcoz of his acting class, i cant let anyone blame raj again n says no maddy i cant, maddy says but why koyal look at him he is so upset , he cant live without u, what must be he thinking abt u, koyal says let him think whatever maddy,he may be thinking i am bad, so is he, but our love is good, i know he didn’t meant what he said n i still love him a lot, n i trust our love, maddy says yes koyal but why not tell him, koyal says no i wont n even u will n did u see what he said how dare he say that i don’t love him n who else will be more important than him in my life n when all will be fine i will not leave him, for talking such nonsense abt our love, raj gets angry n walks away.
Maddy gets koyal home,koyal is very upset n tired, maddy says koyal we are home, n always remember i am there for u, don’t feel bad abt rajs words n act normal in house, koyal says no maddy i am hurt, maddy says koyal look at urself u need to take care of urself, u are tired after working hard, n u are wet too,u take care or else will fall sick, koyal says maddy u always take care of me n raj always hurts me, maddy says come lets go in, uncle aunty must be worried,maddy takes koyal in, paru asks where were u koyal n maddy u mst have searched for her right n koyal what are u doing, baba is searching for u , shobu is searching too but u don’t care, baba gave u freedom doesn’t mean u take it wrong n keep roaming with that useless raj,look at urself, maddy says aunty, paru says , what, koyal says ma we were at durga pooja pandal, maddy says yes aunty n koyal was looking for u , koyal faints maddy gets her in,paru n addy help her lie on bed, paru says maddy why is so sick, is she stressed has anything happened,maddy says no aunty she just got a little wet,u take care of her, i will get doctor, paru checks that koyal has high fever.
Raj getting drunk n thinking abt how koyal insulted him, n feeling bad n says paru u were right, koyal doesn’t love me anymore, she never treated me this way but now she slapped me, koyal is running away from me n i wish to become actor there are thousands like me, raj orders for one more drink, waiter says sir this is last order u shd leave now, raj says do u know who i am,i am an hero, but i will take this bottle with me bcoz it loves me as i am n demands nothing, waiter says sir full bottle, raj says yes i paid for full so will take it, n starts drinking again.
Maddy waiting at koyals place n is worried abt her, paru says maddy u where here whole nigh here, maddy says actually aunty i wasn’t feeling sleepy, paru says i know how would u sleep when koyal isn’t well, ok go freshen up i will get u tea, maddy says ok aunty, koyal sleep talks saying i want to go to pandal, work n arrange the money n wakes up n her head starts aching, n says i have to go work, she gets off her bed n says i have to do it, maddy sees koyal awake n out of her bed n walks to her n says koyal u aren’t well tell me what u want, paru comes n says koyal go sleep, koyal says i am fine maddy i will manage n what are u doing here, maddy says koyal u rest plz, koyal says u go study i don’t want u to score bad bcoz of me n if u don’t study who will help me, u go study, maddy say su forget abt me u rest first,paru says yes maddy koyal is right u go home n study first go get some rest u were here whole night for koyal, go home, maddy says ok but plz take care of her n i will come with u to doctor for blood taste,paru says yes i am there for her, maddy says koyal u plz rest ok don’t go any where, koyal says promise.maddy leaves.
Koayl sees maddy go n starts getting ready, paru says koyal where are u going, don’t u understand not to go any where, koyal says no ma i have to go, go study n work on project so going at fatimas place, paru says i can see everything koyal tell me what are u hiding from me, koyal says ma plz let me go, paru says god this girl never listens.
Tani comes out with samar, samar says tani its late i will drop u, tani says if someone sees us together, it will create problems, samar says tani i don’t care abt all this, n god has brought us together,n all this is not wrong between us n i am all urs n u are mine, tani says amar but when will u meet ma baba, samar says next week promise n now smile, tani hugs samar.raj comes in the same corridor where tani n samar are,tani sees raj looking at her n raj, samar says are tani relax why are u so tensed, i will talk to ur parents, tani says samar and points at raj,samar n tani get tensed seeing raj.

Precap: samar at factory announces a good news n says the news is leela n amrish has decided to give u bonus from company welfare fund.amrish gets tensed n says god where is koyal why hasn’t she reached yet with money.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. ridiculous story line where a would be sasur is depending on a young girl who is still studying to fetch money for him. he has no one else in the entire world to seek help from? he is such a loser.

  2. Maddy is soo sweet he really loves her more tyan raj

  3. I just wanted love not break ups

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