Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 23rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 23rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rudra asks Raj what do u think will maddy come, Raj says he will come, maddy enters party, Raj says see here he is go welcome him, Rudra walks to maddy n says welcome, maddy says nice arrangement sir, Rudra says yes it is n don’t be formal enjoy ur self come have a drink, maddy says sir I don’t drink, Rudra says I insist n forcefully gives maddy n drink, Raj smiles looking at all this, Rudra says one more for ur relief from case n gives one more drink to Maddy,Rudra says come sit.

Koyal cooking in kitchen, paru comes n asks did tani tell u abt her new job, Koyal cuts her finger, paru says oh Koyal where is ur mind go put a bandage. Rudra makes sure that maddy is full drunk, maddy says no sir not anymore my head it’s so heavy, Rudra walks to Raj n says

he is drunk, Raj says no make him so drink that he has no sense n starts revealing the truth, Samar comes drunk n says Raj come lets go get drunk, Raj ignores n leaves, Rudra takes Samar to same table maddy is sitting.

Koyal is worried abt maddy not back yet n her n Maddys photo frames falls n cracks, Koyal says why are these small negative signs. Rudra says maddy did u ever think Samar will be back in ur life, maddy says no sir but this bastard is back, Samar says even I didn’t think abt it but life it always give surprises, I mean look at Raj he is so successful but few years back he was blackmailing me,Raj had my secretes n today I have Rajs, Rudra says these are old stories forget them, Samar says but one secrete no one knows that night in college Raj was there for papers but I n Samar goes unconscious, maddy says sir even I will leave.

Maddy abt to fall Koyal holds him n says maddy u are drunk, Koyal makes him sit aside, Raj walks to them, Koyal says what’s wrong with u Raj, why are u back don’t u understand I don’t like u, I am with maddy now, Raj says u can never forget me n I very well know all this is fake, u love Raj, Koyal say so used to love u, but u couldn’t love nor be a good friend, Raj says I went jail because of maddy n ran away for u, koyal says Raj u will nev understand n the more u will trouble maddy the more I will go close to maddy, n Koyal will always be with her maddy, Raj says we will see n soon u will know his true face n leaves.

Koyal takes maddy home, paru says to gosh this tani is not home yet it’s so late, gosh says tani is not a kid let her work don’t trouble her calm down, paru says can’t she give a call n today I will talk yo her, tani enters, paru says what is this whe were u, tani says ma i was busy, paru says tell me what are u doing, tani thinks I can’t tell ma that I work at Rajs place n says ma I work as nanny, so I have to be with the child whole time n he is so cute n he may be as old as my child whom I lost, n I think God gave me a chance to be with my child n am u shd meet the child he is so cute n sorry ma n leaves.

Paru is in tears. Maddy says Koyal I am sorry, Koyal says no maddy don’t this is all Rajs fault , Rudra sees them no ays maddy u shdnt done this n Koyal ur family is very conservative n so I think u two shd spend night here b go next morning after all it’s wedding time too, Koyal says thanku sir, Raj looks at Koyal, Koyal closes the rooms door.

Next day, Koyal wakes up n hears baby cry, tani walking to bab n goes in his room, Koyal sneaks in room n sees tani n gets surprised. Rudra meets Raj n asks why did u drink so much, Raj says baba why are us growing love to maddy, Rudra says Raj actually I saw truth in Maddys eye, have met all kinds of criminal n so can read an criminals eye but maddy his eye spoke only one thing n that’s truth n I am afraid we aren’t behind a wrong person, Raj says even I use to think so but he is an very good actor he waits for the right time n then hits the rod, don’t get fooled baba.

Koyal says tani do what all is this, how can u work for Raj, now he will take all of us as his servants n this child is Rajs , Raj is shobus murderer, tani says Koyal I didn’t know this was Rajs child before applying b when I ,et this baby I couldn’t stop myself n whole day I do nothing n how long will I stay home n why is it that u n maddy alone will look after whole house n look at this child even ur hatred will go away.
Pre cap: maddy says sir give me one chance n I will find the whole truth but plz sir share this with no one, Rudra says promise I won’t n this reveal ur true side maddy.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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