Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 22nd October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, koyal says raj how dare u shout at me, just bcoz we gonna marry, raj says no bcoz i love u, n so have right to ask u where u are n can feel secured abt u, koyal says not married yet n u being possessive, raj says oh, remember u shared every single thing with me n always bugged me then why this koyal, koyal says raj exams are approaching go study n leaves, paru says raj u know, till u weren’t near her, she wanted u,she dreamt of u n now when u are with her, she isn’t finding it that exciting n now she is facing the reality n realising that may be she is making a mistake, i am her mother n so can understand her, she is now in the phase thinking that whether she is making a mistake by choosing u, yes raj u saw the real koyal today n now soon she will

reject u so go home.
Koyal in her room crying n says sorry raj, u have full right over me, but i am helpless raj, i cant tell u, how happy i am to see love for me in ur eyes but i have to ignore it raj, sorry,but just few more days n once i manage two lakh all will be fine.
Raj on his way home, thinking abt parus words n how koyal behaved with him n is feeling bad too. Amrish tensed, koyal walks to him, amrish asks her how is she, koyal says i am fine, n here are 30 thousand advance n remaing after i complete the contract, amrish says no koyal i cant take money from u, koyal says uncle u call me ur daughter then plz take it, amrish says i know u love raj a lot n he is very lucky to have u, koyal says uncle but plz don’t tell raj, amrish says n what will i tell him when he asks abt u, koyal says tell him i will meet him after dashmi, rosy comes n says did u tell koyal, amrish says what, rosy says koyal we have pooja at home n do come n i want u to be with raj during the pooja n bcoz of u raj has become very responsible, koyal says aunty i will come on time, i shd leave now n leaves.
Shobu sees sanju upset n asks whats wrong, sanju says no i am fine, shobu says i have two sisters so i understand girl problems tell me, sanju says all my friends have the new smartphone, n now they tease me abt not having one, their boy friends gift them expensive gifts n i don’t have a boy friend so, shobu thinks i think sanju is giving me a hint n says sanju may be u will get a surprise on dashmi n today u are looking very pretty, sanju says thanku.
Rosy wakes raj n says koyal is gonna be here for pooja, raj says really thanku ma,rosy says so get ready soon go. Sanju sees raj dressed n praises him, raj says papa i need help, amrish says speak, raj says i don’t understand these girls i mean see koyal when i wasn’t caring for koyal she used to be all round me n now when i am with her, she is ignoring me, amrish says i don’t know abt other girls but koyal is very special never let her go away n never hurt her n leaves.raj says yes dad she is special, koyal come soon ur raj is waiting for u.
Koyal busy in arrangements, it starts raining, everyone starts rushing here n there n trying to save the food, koyal tries to hold the pandal columns which are falling due to heavy storms. Raj sees rain n says god rains now, how must koyal be coming, raj is waiting for koyal. Koyal is struggling to save the food prepared, maddy is being informed that pooja pandal fell, maddy says ok ok i am coming right away.

raj trying to call koyal but she doesn’t receive call n gets angry, amrish says relax she must be stuck in rain, raj says but why isn’t she receiving calls,maddy reaches the venue n says koyal are u fine, u go home i will manage, koyal says no maddy u help these workers or else all my food n hard work will go waste, rosy says raj see its raining heavily, so lets begin with pooja, i think koyal wouldn’t be able to make it to pooja, raj says ok, let her come i will talk to her.
Maddy sees koyal gets hurt n says koyal ur hurt u rest, koyal says no maddy, i have to save my food, maddy says koyal u will fall sick go home, koyal says no maddy i cant. Pooja beings at rajs place, raj asks a friend for Fatima koyals friends address, maddy trying to convince koyal to go home but she doesn’t listen n says no maddy all my hard work will go waste, maddy says i will manage koyal u go home.
Raj reaches fatimas house n asks where is koyal, Fatima says i haven’t met her at all, raj says she was with u last night, Fatima says no raj u must have misunderstood, raj says why did koyal lie.

Precap: koyal says plz maddy let this be between us n raj shd know nothing abt this, raj comes from behind n says sorry but i am here now.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. I don knw y I like to c Maddy n Koyal together.

  3. Plzzzz don’t make this more complicated… Let raj n koyal spend some good time

  4. No i want koyal n maddy

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