Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 21st October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 21st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, raj sees books n says what i have to study them all, maddy says yes raj u have to work very hard, don’t forget u have to pass with first division, raj says ok.
Koyal busy in factory pooja food preparation, worker says people have started coming, we have to be quick. Maddy says raj cmon concentrate; raj says what yar maddy, maddy says raj u have to do this for koyal cmon study, maddy n raj study together. Koyal is being informed that afternoon task is done n now she has to start with the evening preparations, koyal says ok n starts working on it.
A worker says koyal di u have done this so nicely, i am sure u are doing this for ur loved ones, koyal says yes after all its my family so. Raj says man this is so difficult, maddy says yes its not

easy, u have to work hard but now lets take a break come we will go to durga pooja, u will freshen up, raj says u are right, but koyal will be there n she will bug me with questions, maddy says she wont, seeing ur face she will get to know u have worked very hard.
Maddy n raj reach durga pooja, raj trying to look for koyal, raj is very sleepy due to studying whole night, leela sees raj n maddy together n says venkat look at raj, sleeping during pooja,venkat says so true god knows why maddy stays with him, maddy says raj what if u get to know questions, raj says wow coming on my track, maddy says no raj, we will research on old papers n study those questions,raj says but what if this idea fails, maddy says we have to take this risk raj.koyal comes to pooja, the head scolds koyal for not completing order on time, koyal leaves saying she will take care of it, maddy says to head u shd be little calm with the new caterer she is new after all, maddy says come raj lets go see who the new caterer is.
Koyal busy with preparations, maddy n raj reach the kitchen area n asks a man who is ur incharge, the man points at koyal, koyal is facing back to them, they walk to koyal n say madam u have done a good job keep it up, koyal realises its maddy n raj n hides her face, maddy says madam thanku for helping factory, koyal cuts her finger, raj says may be she is busy lets go.
Koyal sees her finger bleeding, maddy rushes to her n says quite first let me put a bandage, n what are u doing here, koyal says i cant tell u, maddy says ok don’t, but u did this all alone, koyal says yes, maddy says so this is so important that u didn’t even study, koyal says yes, maddy says come i will help u, anyways u have hurt ur finger,tell me, koyal says u are very sweet maddy, maddy says i know amma says this too.
Raj reaches home n is missing koyal, n is very tired, he looks at his books n says koyal i will study hard for u n starts studying, raj thinks of how koyal behaved last night, sanju sees raj lost n asks what are u doing concentrate, raj says plz yar, stop giving lectures, sanju says bahi u have to concentrate, raj says don’t worry sir maddy has given me good tips n let me tell u he studies so much and this koyal is irritating me, sanju says why will she irritate u, she loves u, raj says she is, u know koyal always followed me but i always kept distance but now we are together n she hasn’t seen me or even texted to me since yesterday, paru comes panicked n ask where is koyal, raj says paru calm down i haven’t seen her since yesterday, paru says don’t act i know u brought her here, paru gets a call from shobu saying koyal is home, raj hearing this rushes to koyals home.
Raj reaches koyals home n asks where were u since morning, paru comes n says koyal go in right now, raj says dare u leave first answer me, where were u, its 12.30, koyal says not a big deal i was studying so got late, raj says u have any sense u came all alone this late u shd have called me, paru walks to gosh n says talk to raj, see how is raj talking to koyal, gosh says i wont he will send me hospital, koyal says raj plz i wasn’t alone n why are u shouting just because we are getting married, raj says no because i love u.

Precap:its raining heavily, maddy n koyal trying hard to save the preparation stuff.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Luv the episode. I think maddy n koyal will get married due 2 some circumstances. And then again maddy will help koyal 2 go near raj. Bt i m not sure. May b my predictions become true.

  2. Loved Maddy-Koyal scene today…Maddy is a replica of Ranveer….I personally wish to c Koyal falling in love with Maddy.

  3. Wish to c Koyal and Maddy together.

  4. Yes Aparna,even I thot so,Raj may go away on marriage and Paro will make Maddy marry Koyal,then Maddy may again sacrifice to bring Koyal and Raj together but by that time Koyal may understand what true and unconditional love means…I wish to see Maddy n Koyal together, Ekta ji please don’t make Maddy suffer like Ranveer of MATSH,let Koyal fall for Maddy soon…bring somebody else for Raj.

  5. Maddy is such a sweet guy.Make Koyal n Maddy a pair.

  6. I am not at all happy with today’s episode…I know Maddy is helping koyal but why are u bringing in distance n creating misunderstanding between raj n loyal … Just hate this

  7. want to see maddy and koyel get married soon and koyal to start loving maddy.

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