Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 21st November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 21st November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with samar telling his lawyer that look at destiny’s game koyal herself came to me n pleaded for money n i kept a condition infront of her that you marry me then only i ll give money. And see she said yes. Maddy hears all of this. Lawyer says do you think she will marry? He says her father, sister and sister’s family everyone works in my office n so she has to marry me by hook or by crook. Maddy thinks koyal cant do this. She cant marry samar. At hospital, the doctor tells them that paro has gained conscious so you can meet her. They go to meet her. Ghosh cries n tells her to get well soon. He says see what have you done to yourself. If you will not be there what will happen to me. He says that i wont fight with you n wont say anything to you, you

just get well soon. He says your daughter koyal has arranged the money for your operation. Paro gets happy n is about to say something but koyal says that you dont say anything you take rest. Doctor says that she has to be kept here for somedays as proper care n medication has to be taken for her. Paro says i dont want to be here take me home cause being here i ll be reminded of shubho. Koyal says yes doctor she is saying right n so we ll take her home and i will myself take care of her. Koyal talks to doctor. He says that her heart is very weak now so make sure that no stress is given to her or she can get a serious heart attack n we cant save her then. She says yes i will take care of it.
Koyal n ghosh come home with paro in the ambulance. Samar comes in his car n ghosh sees it n goes to him to thank him. Samar says no need to say thanks after all you are my employee n we always think for our employee’s betterment. Koyal gets tensed seeing him. Samar comes to paro n says that how are you. She says i am fine n thanks him for helping them. He says dont thank me why this formality now after all we will be in relations now. He says oh i think koyal didnt tell you. Paro is clueless n looks at koyal. Koyal is tensed. He says my mother has come wait i ll get her n we will talk everything inside. He gets his mother n introduces them to her n they go in. He says very bad is happening with you first shubho’s death then your health. He says i am feeling bad for you n says its good that shubho’s killer got punishment. He says i am feeling very bad for you. Then He says my mother has come here from leaving her work especially to meet you. He says let me come straight to the point n says i want to marry koyal n says we both like each other. He says thats why i got my mom also here n she says i got shagun also. He says you have put all good qualities n manners also in her. His mom says that i wanted such a girl only for my samar so lets make this relation. Paro looks at koyal tensed and for answers. Maddy comes n hears all this n drops the something from his hand. He says to paro that dont do this. Paro says that you came please you n koyal take me inside i want to talk to koyal. She asks samar to wait a bit as they need to think. Paro asks whats all this koyal? She doesnt answer. Maddy says wait i ll tell n closes the door. He says that samar has blackmailed koyal that uf she ll marry him he will give money for operation n so she agreed. Paro looks at koyal being emotional. He says aunty you stop this all please samar is not nice n i ll help you give him all the money but you dont let this marriage happen. Paro says take me out. She comes out. Sanar asks so what have you decided? She gets up n goes to the temple in her house. Maddy thinks now he will get good answer. Paro comes n gives him god’s silver coin. She says i wont call you sir from today i ll call you jamai/son in law, son. Maddy gets shocked n is about to say something but koyal holds his hand signing him to be mum. Koyal looks at paro being a bit shocked. Ghosh samar n his mom get happy. His mom says that i am happy n says they got to get them married tomorrow itself. Ghosh says so early? We need time to do arrangements n also taani is not in town. She says i understand but pandit has removed tomorrow’s muhrat(date) for marriage n then its after a year n we cant wait so much. Paro says ok not a problem. They congratulate n samar says to koyal from tomorrow you will be welcomed in my world n goes. Maddy goes to paro says why did you do like this? He is not nice n says that koyal’s life will get destroyed dont do this. She says even your parents kept a condition n even he did that. She says its not wrong n says all parents do this only. She says you saw what her love did. The one she chose killed my son n has destroyed us. She says samar is rich n handsome n every parent would want to make his/her daughter marry him. She takes stress n talks more but health gets a bit bad seeing this Koyal says ma I will do as u say, I will marry Samar sir, maddy gets shocked. She says dont question my maa question me. She says i ll do as you say.

Precap:- Koyal is crying n tells maddy that in this situation i need my best friend please dont leave me here n support me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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