Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Koyal is feeling bad about how paru treated her n about Maddys confession that raj killed Shobu, it starts raining, Koyal says I have to save ma come what may n goes to meet Samar, Samar is drinking n sees Koyal at his door n calls her in, seeing Koyal all wet he falls for her.

Koyal says sir my mother is hospitalised I need money for her operation please help me, I know u help ur employs please help us my father worked for factory very loyally please help us, Samar says don’t worry koyal I will help u, koyal says thanks sir, Samar says don’t thank, u have to do something in return n that is marry me, will u,Koyal says sir what are u saying why u want to marry me, Samar says why not look at ur self ur so pretty, intelligent n I like theses qualities in girls,

Koyal says sir why joking please help us,my mother needs help, Samar says I am not joking Koyal n don’t forget I am the owner of factory n when u will say yes u will have no money matters so say yes,Koyal says sir please,Samar says Koyal dont forget ur brother is no more too n ur family needs help n ur ma will be very happy to know that u are marrying me, Koyal gets call from hospital that parus health is sinking, Koyal says I will be there soon,Samar says Koyal it’s a very good opportunity tell me yes or no,Koyal says no n about to leave, Samar says Koyal ur mom she is sinking n she will die soon n I am trying to help u, think properly, girls die to marry me n this is very good proposal for both of us, so tell yes or no, Koyal thinks about paru n says yes sir I will marry u please help my mother,I need money,Samar says Raju get money n gives Koyal money,Koyal takes it n says thanks sir n leaves, Samar smiles n starts drinking again

Raj in jail, guard asks him to have food, raj says no I am not hungry, people in jail say his friends betrayed him n his girlfriend ditched him too poor guy, n that Girl friend looks like she used him,raj says how dare u don’t talk about Koyal, n don’t show me sympathy n dare u take koyals name I will kill u.

In hospital n maddy and gosh are waiting for Koyal, Koyal arrives with money n says doctor save my ma, maddy says I will go do all formalities, gosh asks how did u manage money, Koyal says Samar sir gave,gosh says thank god, Koyal thinks baba in return I agreed to marry him

Koyal sits down,maddy goes near her n says Koyal operation has started aunty will be fine, Koyal rests her head on Maddys shoulder n says all Will be fine right maddy,maddy says yes Koyal all will be fine, we together will make all fine, Koyal thinks I dont know maddy whether I took right decision, operation ends, doctor says Patient is fine, all relax,maddy n gosh say all thanks to Samar sir, maddy says I will go meet Samar sir personally n thank him.

Samar says to lawyer, police has erased my name n thanks to u that u managed n now no one will point at me n now I have helped gosh family, n now Koyal will marry me,lawyer says how that will help u, Samar says see marrying Koyal is my master plan, maddy reaches samaras place, Samar says raj is in jail n Shobu dead all because of me n when I helped Koyal I will be there Angel n about tani she will keep her mouth close seeing her family condition n Koyal is adopted so will do anything to help family, maddy comes there n hears Samar saying I said Koyal I will help u if u marry me,n she said yes, maddy is surprised .

Pre cap: maddy is with paru,Koyal says ma I will do as u say, I will marry Samar sir, maddy gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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