Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 1st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, koyal tells raj that director wants to cast her n not raj, raj gets upset hearing this, koyal about to talk to raj, everyone comes n starts congratulating her, gosh says koyal u made us so proud today i am so happy, ma says everyone shd know that my koyal is so great n now u shd take care of urself u will be heroine now, gosh n ma pull koyal n take her in car along with them, koyal feels bad n says to herself why did that director chose me now bcoz of me rajs dreams broke.
Gosh sleeping n dreaming of meeting amitabh bachan n he praising koyal on her acting talent on other hand ma dreaming of meeting Katrina n praising her beauty n Katrina says koyal is a better actor than me n u are so beautiful than koyal, a director says to ma u are my next heroine,

n in sleep ma gets excited n pushes gosh.
Rajs mother throws all his belongings out, raj says ma what are u doing this calm down, his dad says filmy family what to do, raj says my dreams broke n u are breaking my belongings too, his mother says enough of this acting thing raj now, u have no future in it , his dad comes in middle n says leave him alone, his ma says don’t forget u are his step dad, his dad feels bad n leaves, raj says ma plz what are u doing this, his mother says i know he has done more than ur own dad has done so saying plz stop behaving like this, raj says enough i am going n will never return, his ma says yes go n never return.
Maddy gets his dad home he is full drunk, his mother(leela mam) takes him in n says stop acting, i told u i will pay extra charge n here i am ur wife n not head so enough of office things but let me tell u, u made very well arrangements, maddy sees them together n imagines him n koyal in that place.
Raj with his dad, makes drink for him, n says u felt bad right, his dad removes ears plug n says this is the right way to get away of ur mothers foolish talks u shd use it too, raj says oh u are so good, his dad says raj these ladies will keep talking n talking, raj says but i didn’t like she calling u step dad, dad says let her call but we know we are the best, but what happened today that director didn’t do right, now how will gals, raj says no worries sympathy will help me.
Koyal cooking, ma wakes up n asks what are u cooking, koyal says paneer burji, ma says but u don’t like it did u make it for raj, why don’t u understand koyal he got rejected in front of whole city i keep telling u, u have no future with him n remember u are gonna be star now, bell rings, ma says must be raj let me take his lessons, ma opens door n sees its maddy, ma says oh maddy come come, see koyal made burji come i will make u tea n leaves n pulls koyal with her n says i am so happy to see maddy n u know i dreamt of Katrina, koyal says ma enough, ma says let me give ur baba water, koyal says maddy late night u here, maddy says koyal i know u didn’t eat anything so got u samosas, koyal says so sweet n even raj must have not eaten anything, maddy says i called him but, raj comes n says oh i am so hungry n u two eating samosas, koyal says what u here are u fine, raj says i will make a 100 corer film good that director chose her, koyal says plz i am not that bad, raj says where is ur ma, she is a bigger star then u where is she must be dreaming of stardom, ma comes from behind, raj says i tell u paru will make a budhapa debut , koyal n maddy try to stop him but he keeps on going on and on.
Ma says raj the day i will become star, raj says oh hi how are u, u looking so good n samosas, paru i cant eat it but u made it so i will eat, ma says ok don’t eat maddy u eat, koyal go get toast n raj as ur ma threw u out of house even i am gonna throw u out n pushes him out, koyal tries to stop but ma doesn’t hear.
Ma says to raj , raj u are back here to spoil koyals life, u have ruined ur future n i will not let my daughters future ruin, i bear u just bcoz ur ma is my friend, koyal has already spoilt lot of time behind u n now not anymore plz leave her alone n go away, koyal comes n says ma maddy wants toast, ma goes in n pulls koyal in.
Maddy says aunty i shd leave now, ma says ohk n koyal go leave him, koyal says ma he hasn’t finish burji let me pack for him, ma says yes good, n goes in, koyal gives him tiffin, maddy leaves, ma says u made burji for raj, koyal says yes, ma says this all will not do now, u will be star now, koyal says ma he hasn’t eaten anything since morning but u will never understand, n ignores her ma n leaves.
Maddy goes to raj n says u must have felt bad, raj says what, n removes ear plugs n says paru was talking but i heard nothing dads idea its great, maddy says must be hungry right here is burji for u koyal sent it, koyal seeing raj eat from window, raj says it felts so good to see someone cares for u, maddy says n its also so good to care for someone.

Precap: koyal says to raj, enough raj i never say anything doesn’t mean i don’t get hurt plz how can u say i don’t have talent in me, let me tell u, whatever i do i excel in it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. the show is going to be a hit serial

  3. Nice show…shritama’s smile is just mesmerising!! Love u shree!!

  4. yeah,koyal & raj superb jodi.Royal =raj+koyal

  5. At what time is this soapie being showed in south africa.

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