Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with raj in the jail and the prisoners troubling him. They tell raj not to raise his voice or make noise here or they will bash him up. He sits in a corner and cries. Paro comes n says how are you feeling raj. He says paro n is trying to get up but he is not able to get up due to injuries. she says nice that u are injured. he gets up n goes to paro n says paro don’t say this. she says you have killed shubho and not only shubho but you have also killed me, ghosh babu, taani and koyal. he says no i haven’t killed. she says its good you are in jail now koyal will be far from you, you being in jail will keep my koyal far from you. she says you should get more punished, you should be punished for all crimes. he says paro dont hate me so much the day

you will come to know that i haven’t killed shubho that you wont be able to face me. she shouts at him more and then her health starts deteriorating and she collapses on the floor. raj shouts in the police station and calls the police and shouts that help someone and take paro to the hospital. the police come and take paro to the hospital. raj says take care of her she is koyal’s mother. he goes to his place to sit but he is stopped by the prisoners and they hit him badly and are about to stab him and there koyal wakes from sleep and shouts raj. maddy comes and asks her what happened and she says that i saw a dream about raj. she says he has gone to jail but taken me also with him there. he says that i am sorry and says it all happened because of me i couldn’t handle my friendship with both of you and i lost both of you. they both hug and cry. ghosh comes inside being scared and cries and tells them that paro is in hospital. they both rush with him to the hospital. the doctor tells them that paro got a heart attack and immediate surgery has to be done or they might loose her. he tells them to arrange money for the surgery. maddy says that dont worry we will save paro and says i will arrange the money. koyal and ghosh cry and he says i cant loose paro now after shubho. he says that we will save paro at any cost. maddy goes home and asks leela where is the diary and she gives him the diary. she asks what happened he says that paro got heart attack and needs to treated as soon as possible. he calls someone and tellls that i want to break my FD and its urgent so please break it at any cost and let me know. leela says but that FD is for your future studies. his dad also says the same thing. maddy says now paro’s life is more important than my studies. he goes. leela says its no use to explain him. koyal and ghosh arrange some money. maddy, leela and his father come at home and maddy says to ghosh that they he has arranged 5 lakhs. koyal says we will need more money how to arrange. leela says tell taani also she will also try something. koyal say she’ll try and manage it and she doesnt want to disturb taani more as she is not in a state to take tension. leela says that ask for help from samar. he will help in arranging funds as their family helps. koyal says ok i ll ask him. she tells ghosh and maddy to go to hospital and she will meet samar. rosy meets raj and says see what your friends have done they betrayed you. she says that dont think from heart. see what your heart has done. raj says dont hate them so much and please dont say bad about koyal.

Precap: koyal(new replacement asha negi) pleads to samar and says that i need money. he says i ll help you but for that you’ll have to marry me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Good koyal should marry Samar n then know the truth about raj. I will be so happy to see her in pain. I hate koyal.

  2. I loved the earlier Koyal…. I hate the new one…. Raj should b proved innocent fast…. Can’t wait for it…. Samar should b proved as the criminal… The truth should b out soon…. Love this serial…

  3. want shritama as koyal..plzz..if asha wants she can play as tani..

    1. I’ve heard raj Is Romi

  4. Shritama (old koyal) come back… Asha negi’s acting was not suited as koyal..

  5. why did they change the lead cast???

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