Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 18th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with, raj sees koyal inside n looks at her but koyal ignores him n sits beside paru, judge arrives n the case begins, samar enters the court n sits behind gosh, rajs lawyer asks permission n asks raj to tell the truth, raj says koyal i didn’t kill shobu its true i was on terrace when shobu fell but i didn’t kill him trust me, raj looks up n sees its only koyal in court n no one n calls koyal but koyal doesn’t look at him, raj walks to koyal n says i don’t care what the world says all what matters to me is u, i love u the most in this world n i swear on u that i didn’t kill shobu, trust me koyal, trust ur raj koyal n goes on his knees n says koyal once look at me , u know me the way no one knows, tell me koyal do u feel that i could ever do this, koyal

u have to trust ur raj, i cant see u in pain koyal, don’t cry koyal, koyal looks at raj, judge says enough raj, raj realises it was his imagination, judge says raj don’t get emotional we have heard ur side,
the opposition lawyer says we have witness, leela goes n calls maddy , maddy says amma i have to lie, leela says maddy u promised u wont lie, maddy says amma what to do with this truth, look at koyal she is in pain n it was so dark that night, it may be that raj was saving shobu, it may be i was wrong, leela says maddy we all look at u as our inspiration u always have stood for what is right n if u lie will u be able to live with it, maddy says amma all i care abt is koyal i cant see koyal being hurt because of me, maddy enters the court, paru looks at him n joins her hand, maddy walks in n stands in witness box, maddy swears on geeta that he wont lie, raj looks at maddy with a hope, maddy says before i swear on geeta i would say that raj n koyal are best of my friends raj n koyal love each other a lot, shobu was koyals brother n here we have our families we all belong to different states but are one by heart n what happened that night is , when i reached college following raj, he went on terrace n i saw shobu wasn’t killed by raj, paru gets shocked, amrik n rosy smile, maddy says raj cant kill shobu he loves koyal, this is all i want to say, paru says maddy why are u doing this, gosh n leela try control paru, judge says mrs gosh calm down, paru says my child how will he get peace, maddy looks paru broken, judge abt to announce that due to lack of evidence, maddy say sorry to interrupt but i told half truth, judge says go ahead, maddy says when i went terrace, i heard some one asking for help n saying raj don’t leave my hand raj please, n when i rushed to raj, i saw raj left shobus hand,
samar smiles listening to this, maddy says this is what i saw, judge says are u sure, maddy says yes sir this is all happened, raj says maddy why are u doing this, u saw i was saving shobu, maddy says sorry raj i told what i saw i cant lie for the sake of u n koyal, raj rushes to maddy n says maddy my whole life will ruin, maddy i was saving shobu why are u doing this, i was saving ,maddy please, all try to stop raj, koyal gets in middle too but raj pushes her, raj says sorry koyal i wasn’t gonna hurt u, judge asks police to take raj away, raj says this samar was there too, maddy please don’t do this, my whole life is at risk
koyal says maddy are u speaking the truth, maddy says koyal i tried to lie because of u but i couldn’t seeing paru aunty in this state, paru looks at koyal n says ur love see what he did to u, he also killed ur brother, why don’t u admit he is useless n killer, koyal runs away, paru says thanku maddy u gave justice to my son thanku so much, gosh takes paru along with him, raj is taken to police van n is beaten, amrik rosy try to talk to raj, raj sees koyal n rushes to her n says koyal look in my eyes do u believe i can do this, paru interrupts n says today my son got justice n u killer, u will rot in jail, raj is beaten, paru says my son look u got justice today, see the person who snatched u from ur ma baba, he is being punished, samar smiles looking at all this.
Raj is pushed into police van, raj looks at maddy n says to himself why did u do this maddy u spoiled my life maddy , raj remembers how maddy was always there for koyal n abt his n koyal engagement n all also that maddy told raj to surrender n it was maddy who told he killed shobu, koyal breaks down n maddy is beside her, koyal looks at raj, maddy looks at raj going n amrik n rosy crying for raj, raj is put behind the bars, he remembers time spent with koyal,raj remembers how koyal proposed him n spoke her heart out to him, raj goes in tears

Precap: rosy says raj ur friends betrayed u, think by brains, raj says i wish i could ma.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Please change the story line. It’s very depressing. Please end it or change the story line

  2. The two persons whom u trusted the most has cheated on you. Y u make stories like this where alwaz the good one suffers

  3. Problem is not with the lead actors,I think,the story line seems to be a collage of multiple familiar stories including MATSH..actually don’t know if Aly Goni n Asha Negi can increase the trp,should have given some more time to former cast

  4. Before this show started the commercial said this is a show of happiness. But this show is sad

  5. This show should change it story line

  6. Hey why main cast of the show has been changed?

  7. This show is definitely going to be off air soon. I guarantee it.

  8. Where is 19th November 2015 written update?

  9. y did u chng 2 lead actors…if u wnt get d trp rate thn chnge d story nt actors. i like dem both! i dnt thnk thse 2 new people cn mke trp hgh.. chnge d stry lne and get back d old actrs..and chnge ur wrters

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