Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 18th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Vidya walks to Leela n says Amma have water, Leela takes it n says it’s so hot what’s wrong with u, Vidya says Amma this is a shock for u, u had problem with me being rude to koyals family, Leela says it was all so fast n I will talk to maddy n Koyal, Vidya says Amma Koyal has been planning this since a year she knew raj is awara, see from an year, she married maddy n got her family in here n now raj is here n this is raj n koyals plan to kick maddy out of this house.

Rudra asks raj to eat something, raj says I am good, n let me be hungry it will rose my power towards revenge with maddy, Koyal n maddy , I mean did u see in koyals eye she had fire against me n that is because of Maddys fakeness but i will show her his true face n so now on ,there will be a

new incident daily but what’s not in my hands is koyals pain n tears but I have to let her go through it for her happiness.

Maddy trying to call Koyal, Leela comes n says maddy how dare u lie to me, this is not my maddy n u n Koyal have been fooling us since a year n this is all because of Koyal, n what kind of relation is this, u always stood by her but see what she did, maddy says amma calm down it wasn’t Koyal alone it was our mutual decision n this was because we wanted to n not just Koyal, Leela says maddy I have seen Koyal falling for raj n raj is here to take revenge n so I suggest u to resign, maddy says Amma don’t lose hope n u always taught me to be strong n I am correct n my love is true so trust me.

Rudra pays lawyer n says just go by what I say, lawyer says Koyal wants me to fight for her husband n ur son is prime witness u pay me to be with Koyal what all is this, Rudra says u don’t have to think much just do what u are asked to n yes don’t charge Koyal for this case.

Paru says to tani, maddy loves Koyal a lot n now we know both of them haven’t moved on,tani says ma even I didn’t know abt all this, paru says my shobus killer is out free n now he will harm maddy n raj will take every single step to separate maddy n Koyal n what will happen now, both my daughters are in pain n I don’t know what to do.

Tani checks door n sees its Samar, tani says how dare u come here, Vidya says he doesn’t need ur permission, Vidya goes n stands by Samar, tani says Vidya this man, Vidya says shut up tani, Samar is my love, Leela comes n says what, Vidya says Amma u asked me abt my choice, so he is my choice, maddy says akka this man is characterless, tani says yes Vidya this man has been with so many girls, Vidya says before u say anything he is my love so dare u all speak abt him n Amma treat him good, venkat says Vidya all aren’t lying this man is lose character, Vidya says plz I don’t care n I am gonna marry Samar n that’s final.

Rudra sees raj all dressed up n asks where are u going, raj says baba I am going to Maddys place n I have to go give the fire some more air, Rudra says as u wish, raj says n yes I am missing Burji, Rudra says what’s ur plan, raj says baba I very well know what I have to do, I didn’t save maddy for good reason but to make sure he has all his next days in trouble.

Vidya says forget the past n treat Samar properly n with respect n people who are against it can leave this house, maddy says akka u crossed all ur limits, Vidya says I crossed no it’s ur wife Koyal n Koyal how was ur meeting with raj I mean u must be used to these kind of meetings, I mean u spent night with raj, maddy says Koyal come with me, Vidya says I am not done, ur wife was in pool with raj, maddy says akka enough not a single word against Koyal, Vidya says see Koyal u always took maddy for granted but see his trust, maddy says akka plz, Vidya says Amma look at ur son, this Koyal is with her past lover n today I will ask my questions so Koyal tell me do you still love raj.

Maddy says Amma plz ask akka to be quite, Vidya says u keep quite maddy n let me talk to her n Koyal u are useless person get out of my house n pushes Koyal out, raj catch her n says see Koyal I told u I will never let u fall, n I just made an entry n these people pushed u out, Vidya says see we have our lover boy, ran says Vidya if u can hold koyals hand mind me I can cut urs so dare u touch her again.

Pre cap: maddy says raj I never ran away n I always stood for right n will stand now as well do whatever u wish to, raj says lets see n leaves, maddy leaves koyals hand n walks in.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Plz change koyal….

  2. Asha is a good actress.. But her new role as koyal is intolerable. Old koyal was far better…

  3. This show is a flop. Starplus has ended the best of shows and replaced with these flop shows. I mean literally how can Raj who didn’t even study be rich in a year this is to dramatic and fake.

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