Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 17th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Kuch Toh Hai Tere Mere Darmiyaan 17th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with tani talking to her bf samar that if the engagement wouldnt have broken then he wpuld have done something. But raj managed everything n he created such a big issue that surya broke the engagement. She says she is thankful to raj n finally raj n koyal are going to marry. Koyal n raj talk on the phone whole night n raj sleeps. Raj’s dad takes the phone n says that he slept n says that he has heard that people say in love people’s sleep goes but his son is sleeping. He says bye to koyal n keeps the phone. Koyal gets up n tani teases her n laughs. Koyal says how can she be so normal after what all happened in past. Tani says she has learnt to move on n says she’ll get her true love n when she gets she’ll tell her first. Tani says now

sleep let me study. Raj’s dad asks rosy to give him breakfast n asks where is raj. She says he went to study at maddy’s house. He gets shocked but says he dint get shocked. Raj goes to maddy n tells him to help him in studies n get him passed or if he doesnt come first he cant marry koyal. He cant let it happen so he wants him to help in studies. Maddy says he will help.
Raj says he is sorry he didnt know that he loves koyal. Maddy says its ok n asks him promise that he will keep koyal happy or else he will hit him. Raj says he will hit his friends future husband n does acting that I ll go. Maddy gets him n says lets study. Koyal’s brother says to paro that he wants money n asks her to give 500 she says no then he says 300 she says no n says now i want to know where do use this money n asks him to tell. Rosy comes n koyal’s brother says good morning to her n asks how is she n etc. Paro gives him 200 Rs n he says love u maa n goes. Rosy says she has got rajma n rice n asks her to taste the food n says her kids are very well-mannered. Paro says they are but her raj is very mannerless. Rosy says no now he is changing n says that he has gone to stdy at maddy’s house. Koyal hears this n says ohh thats why he is not receiving my call. Rosy tells koyal she got rajma n rice for her so taste it. She goes. Koyal says see maa raj is changing. Paro says but maddy is only helping her n says that she rejected maddy n he felt bad so she should find a girl for him on friendsbook. She says good idea n gets the laptop n selevts priti shah a girl for maddy with paro. Paro goes. Koyal thinks once raj is done studying she’ll tell him. Koyal goes n talks to maddy about it. He says no n says he cant decide n love someone as his heart doesnt have brain n why is she doing this. She says because she cant see him sad. He says ok he’ll meet n says that he sais yes for her so that sge doesnt get sad. She says ok n says meet at 7 pm. Sanju n koyal’s brother are sitting at coffee shop n are about to eat food but they see raj n hide. Raj takes coffee for koyal n goes. Sanju says she shouldnt have come only n becsuse of him she bunked her lect n stops. He says for him she bunked her lecture n she shies. Koyal shows the photo to raj but he keeps looking at her n romances. He then says that did she ask maddy about it. She says yes n they romance. Koyal gets maddy to the garden and says priti might be coming. He says he hasn’t ever talked to any girl except her. She gets a bit awkard but says he has try to talk to some other girl. Priti comes running n koyal says see she is so eager to meet u that she is coming running. She comes running n koyal looks at her worridely. They see her in a bad state n ask what happened who did this. She says he is a big flirt n everyday he is with a new girl. She says its raj. They both get shocked.

Precap:- Raj wants to talk to koyal in police statuon but Paro says that he cant n says she breaks their engagement. Koyal n raj get shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. I fell sorry for maddy

  2. i think it is paro’s plan to trap raj

  3. I love maddy. He is so innocent and cute. Hope at the end maddy and koel will unite.

  4. koyal does not deserve maddy
    a new girl should fall for maddy and raj should love her and then a cross

  5. How can you say that nina maady is tge best maddy can get better girl than koyal but he loves her so i want them to unite

  6. This paro is so bad. I am sure she is behind all these. What kind of a mother is she… She is trying to ruin her own daughter’s happiness. Before she tried to do that with taani n now koyal. This paro should be exposed n koyal should stop taking to such a low person.

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